Saturday, April 30, 2011

When Fathers give away their little girls

Each time I see a father giving away his daughter to another man to be his lawfully wedded I just feel like crying infinitely.

Fathers ,,, those amazing men who give everything , above all: They give love and the main manly figure in a girls life.

Fathers who tend to believe that they are the one and only men in their daughters life , and keep believing that even meanwhile they are walking their ¨forever little girls¨ to the altar.

To all fathers , and specially my great own father: Dont ever mind , your share of my love is never to be proportioned with anybody , and as all other love relations are things that happen in life , you Dad is a fixed fact , a fixed factor ,,, a factor that defines me and makes me proud in each and every moment.

To Najeh Masadeh who always fears that far away day , I send all my love :)

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