Monday, August 31, 2009

Haiku-chan no Collection of August 2009- part 2

More pictures from August ...

Neseem Circle - Irbid

Ela3'war Bus station - Irbid

Borders of Irbid

In our Farm ..

The Catholic Church in ElHusson ... I love this church , its so beatiful especially at night

Non-automatic countdown

27 Days to go to Granada

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

レビル ③ の パルチ おむしろかった です :)

Our graduation was wonderfullllllllllllllllllll!!!! I enjoyed everything .. first we arrived Abeerusan and I to the japanese embassy and Tamarasan have had (or had have?!!) saved us seats in the second row.

A similiar picture will be posted in Layalena next month!!! The photographer just came to us , took the picture and asked us about our names , wrote them down and went. I think I hate him based on how much I hate the magazine , but what the hell!! They are having my picture in it ;)
Afterwards the cermony started and we watched a presentation done by a guy called Ashraf Hammoudeh (as I remember) . He talked to us about the two weeks program in which he went to Japan. The presentation was so nice , fast , funny and energetic. The guy told us that they only chose one person to go in the program and he is just worth it. The type of outstanding people whom o one can forget. God bless him , If only he had a better camera!! looool

The presentation

Afterwards we had a tiny break to get ready for Iftar. God!! The presentation was so good that I forgot that I was fasting :) ... Iftar was so cool ... I came with the idea in my mind that I am going to accept ay food offered to me as long as it is Halal , I will try all flavours and all funny tastes. The surprise was that I REALLY liked everything ... Kekuchi sensei offered me a cup of mizui soup , I tried it and it was sooo good!!!

Finally , I did it before I died : I ate cheesecake :)..
And this is my empty dish ... yum yum yum

A student sang a Karoke song , with music and lyrics and everything !!! It was nice .. I want to sing karakoe sometime :)

Those cameras gave me a hard time, everytime I pass by them I feel like am gonna knock them.. I guess I have COS (Cameras obsession syndrome) I am going to write about my canon dream soon enshalla ..

Watashi , Kickuchi Sensei , Abeerusan

Reberu san : Omedetou Gozaimasu
Afterwards we said sayounara to everyone and we left. Abeerusan and I went for a walk in share3 el wakalt was quiet and breezy add to this that I love walking and talking with Abeerusan.

This fanoos feels like Ramadan ... Kol 3am o el kol be 5er :)

Non-automatic countdown

29 days left to go to Granada

Friday, August 28, 2009

Non-automatic countdown

30 days left to go to Granada

في مدخل الحمراء ... نزار قباني

في مدخل " الحمراء " كان لقاؤنا..
ما أطيب اللقيا بلا ميعاد
عينان سوداوان.. في حجريهما
تتوالد الأبعاد من أبعاد
هل أنت إسبانية؟ .. ساءلتها
قالت: وفي غرناطة ميلادي
غرناطة! وصحت قرون سبعة
في تينك العينين.. بعد رقاد
وأمية .. راياتها مرفوعة
وجيادها موصولة بجياد
ما أغرب التاريخ.. كيف أعادني
لحفيدة سمراء.. من أحفادي
وجه دمشقي .. رأيت خلاله
أجفان بلقيس .. وجيد سعاد
ورأيت منزلنا القديم .. وحجرة
كانت بها أمي تمد وسادي
والياسمينة، رصعت بنجومها
والبركة الذهبية الإنشاد
ودمشق .. أين تكون؟ قلت : ترينها
في شعرك المنساب نهر سواد
في وجهك العربي، في الثغر الذي
ما زال مختزنا شموس بلادي
في طيب " جنات العريف " ومائها
في الفل ، في الريحان، في الكباد
سارت معي .. والشعر يلهث خلفها
كسنابل تركت بغير حصاد
يتألق القرط الطويل بجيدها
مثل الشموع بليلة الميلاد
ومشيت مثل الطفل خلف دليلتي
وورائي التاريخ .. كوم رماد
الزخرفات أكاد أسمع نبضها
والزركشات على السقوف تنادي
قالت : هنا الحمراء .. زهو جدودنا
فأقرأ على جدرانها أمجادي
أمجادها!! ومسحت جرحا نازفا
ومسحت جرحا ثانيا بفؤادي
يا ليت وارثتي الجميلة أدركت
أن الذين عنتهم أجدادي
عانقت فيها عندما ودعتها
رجلا يسمى " طارق بن زياد "

نزار قباني

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Haiku-chan no Collection of August 2009- part 1

I did not get the chance to post each picture seperately , but those are the pictures I liked the most in the crop of August. I cant believe that the crop of September will truely and actually contain pictures of Spain!!!!.... enjoy

View of Bag3a from Jorda Street .

First sunset in Ramdan

My dress alone in my closet after I packed my other clothes for Spain.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A walk to remember: I can feel it but I cant see it

Yesternight I watched "A Walk To Remember" before I went to bed ... Its one of the movies that remind me of my way of thinking in previous times ..

That was my exact idea about love when I was 15 ... in spite of that I enjoyed watching it a lot .. I loved the character of Mandy Moore , when a person believes in God in a way that makes him/her the person who takes the iniciative even with those whom he does not like .. you just take the inicitaive because you are strong being connected to the higher power .

I miss that about myself , Mom keeps telling me that a person should stick to the good behaviour regardless of how others do react ...

My best part when she tells him : How can you see places like this and live moments like these and not belief?.. Its like the wind , you cant see it but you can feel it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I am not going to sing this one

Nice song I found accidentely while youtubing .... travellig feels so good for me , is it going to feel bad when it happens?

Demtri Martin Clarification

First I was drowed by the russian name but then i loved the video .. this is what I call ¨Thinking outside the box¨

Gilmore Girls: I am gonna miss you all

Yesterday I finished watching the last episode of season 7 of Gilmore Girls , Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd I feel stupidly sad .. this happens to me everytime I finish watching a long series , I feel like I lost a bunch of friends ,, I am gonna miss them a lot ...

I am gonna miss Taylor Doose

Kirk in the living picture festival

Sookie and Jakcson


Jess Mariano

And my dearest dearest Luke Danes

Rory Gilmore

another picture of her in the first episodes

And the superstar of all times , the great deep funny woderful Lorelai Gilmore

My mom always makes fun of me when I enter the mourning period after my favorite shows , she says that I will get over it -whuch is true after a while- but I really cherish the opportunity that a TV show gives me , the opportunity to live another life with another set of friends and town details .. I get the chance to go through roads diverging into two and see how it turns out without doing it myself. ... i am gonna miss it .. I really will

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last Coffee : Adel and I

Today I went to the Uni to enjoy my last cup coffee. I think its officially the last one because Ramadan is too close , and after Eid I will have 3 days only before I go to Spain ... soooo it was something. It was the last goodbye to my favorite coffee Kiosk and my dearest cooffe guy Adel .. he was the best all the time , the friend with whom I share the friendship with the least words possible .. still I am going to miss him a ,ot ,, miss the smell ,, the test of my morning coffe ... all the details of my magical mornings in Jordan University ...

I sat down on a sidewalk close to my faculty and it just hit me : I am not going to do this again until the first day of March .. its weird you know,,, I have been doing this for 2 years and a half now each and every morning .. Adel gives me my order of Coffee , light on sugar , well boiled , no foam , 2 brownies happens automatically : I pick a chair (most likely one fixed chair for every semister) I read in a novel util I am done with the coffee , I write while eating the brownie ...

One big sigh before the mature Idea: We lose old routines so we can get new ones , new ones that come with new types of pleasure and nice moments.
And Adel : Thanks for being my Luke Danes :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

65 Yoppppppppis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I passed Japanese exam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A little time ago I received the sacred message telling me that I passed with the grade of 65 ... ooooooooooooof .... what a relief , I actually started studying for the make up test :)


Just Wondering...

I liked this song for a moment before the idea hit me: Ever since Shereen got married she started singing songs that praises love and having "someone" in a persons life. When she was single she was ranting all the time and advicing people to avoid love because its a soul cruncher...

For me , I am wondering: what has really changed in me that makes me listen to the song , swing my head with the music but not give the damnest attention to the words assuming they are stupid?....

iPhone case for 1000$!!!!

When I first saw the news I thought they were new 3G iPhones m but when I read I found out that they were only iPhone CASES that cost 1000$ !!! I am thinking , if I get one day to cut the emotional cord that ties me to my Sonyericsson 850i I might get an iPhone , maybe by then those cases would have lost there fame and 1000$ label ...

read here:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I wish it would snow now

They have been long long 4 days and the feeling of darkness inside me has expanded in a way that I am lost in it. Who ever knew that this entire absurd situation would leave such a vast feeling of emptiness? who ever thought that I "miss indifferent" would ever notice that someone is missing ...

The funny part that I am "Irritated"!!! Why? its no ones fault ... ahhhhh ... i am feed up , mad and irritated ... and I just wish that It would snow ...

I was done watching an episode from Gilmore Girls - season seven- and it ended with this cute song .. I was in tears .. I know I am stupid enough to worry about the lives of those whom I watch onTV but still : they are my friends I have no choice but to care!!!

I wish it snows .. my heart will be rinsed and white

Not too old to be fooled

This is a song I love from the musical Annie of the year 1982 when I needed 7 more years to be born.. I am using it to animate myself to feel enthusiastic about going tomorrow to the spanish embassy to request the visa .... Its weird you know , if someone told me a year ago that I was to reach this night and still be that cool about it then I would not have believed him ...

Anyway ... I am sure down down there at some point of my soul I am enthusiastic, after all its Spain!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I got my drivers license!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow....who would have ever believed this!!!! I got I got it I got it!!!! This icture shows Dad and I drowning in pride showing off with the driving license that we fought for hardly and thoroughly ...lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I am sad

I am sad ... Iam so sad .. I am disappointed , my heart is broken and I wanna kick someone... I wanted to go to Moscow .. its not a simple eagerness to go to somewhere new , but its a long long deep relation back in my childhood that makes going to Moscow a lot like going home!!!!

I wanna go home ...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Im amazed

I am amazed with how bad I did in my japanese exam!!! I keep getting worse everytime ... God how bad was it!!!! The more I study the more i get distracted and lose track of ideas .. at least the Kanji stuck!!

My heart was heavy today ... things are ending and I am leaving , kikcuhi sensei and the sensei are leaving too , JJLC is getting a new set of senseis and things seem horrible to me from this angel... GAaaaaaah .. I am not going to think about it , Aberrusan: anata ga suki desu あなた が すき です

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Birthday :)

In a day like this one many moons ago I came to the world. Everything was fresh and new that I was amazed for a long time. 20 years after that I realize that God's gift to me at all times was that I kept that look and the world is so so so amazing in my eyes for many years to go ... Happy Birthday Takwa-san ... I really love your company :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last Moments

These are my last 3 hours as a "something-teen" ... In 3 hours I will be Twenty!!! God thats worse than 39!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ahmad Makki: Brilliant as always

Exactly on Time :)

Alf Mabrook : Enjoyable Crap

Romeo took us -aunt maymona and I - to Mecca mall to see Ahmad Helmis latest movie "Alf Mabrook". They picked me from zara expo at something to 9 (not a lot of something) so we arrived late to Mecca mall and the entire population of Jordan was there.

We wait desperately for the elevator and when it comes (after ten minutes almost) a guy and his family push themselves before us and get into the elevator , we enter after them but the elevator does not move because of the overload. The guy says: Overload so Romeo says: Oh yeah overload .. and the rude guy gives romeo the look that says "you are fat , this is why the elevator is not moving" so romeo says with a smile: "tfaddal" and he points with his hand toward the door .. it was a bit awkward but when the guy turned red infront of his women he collected his scattered dignity and went out. I was happy .. for the dignity of fat people and especially for romeo , he is overcoming his problems I guess.

We arrived late , they gave us three seats in the VERY FIRST LINE ... I hurt my neck and the ةmovie -sadly- is a copy from Groundhog day. I hate it when an arabian production is jaust a translation of an old idea .. having Ahmad Helmi is awesome anyway because he is so talented that he deserves better production.

Good Crap though :)

I am not going!!!

I arrived to the embassy. Mays was there , we were so thrilled , everyone in the room felt that we were going to heaven ... the guy searches the papers searches and even more searches but the name ¨Takwa¨is not there ..... I call the wonderful dumb girl who works in the international relationship office knows nothing and says like a hero: takwa you leave now and I will call Moscow ....

Am I disappointed? It took me a long time to realize that I was!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Tomorrow I am dressed in Red :)

Tomorrow I am wearing my red scarf for my interview in the Russian embassy ... I am meeting the communists baby :)

Crazy Ramdan schedule of Ramdan in Moscow :)

اليومرمضان ميلاديالفجرالشروق
الظهر العصرالمغربالعشاء
السبت122/83:326:121:33 5:298:5211:21
الأحد223/83:406:161:33 5:268:4711:13
الإثنين324/83:446:181:32 5:258:4411:09
الثلاثاء425/83:486:201:32 5:238:4211:05
الأربعاء526/83:516:221:32 5:228:3911:01
الخميس627/83:556:241:32 5:208:3710:57
الجمعة728/83:586:261:31 5:198:3410:53
السبت829/83:586:261:31 5:198:3410:53
الأحد930/84:026:281:31 5:178:3210:49
الإثنين1031/84:096:321:30 5:148:2710:42
الثلاثاء111/94:126:341:30 5:138:2410:38
الأربعاء122/94:156:361:30 5:118:2210:34
الخميس133/94:186:381:29 5:098:1910:31
الجمعة144/94:216:401:29 5:088:1610:27
السبت155/94:246:411:29 5:068:1410:24
الأحد166/94:246:411:29 5:068:1410:24
الإثنين177/94:306:451:28 5:038:0910:17
الثلاثاء188/94:336:471:28 5:018:0610:13
الأربعاء199/94:366:491:27 4:598:0310:10
الخميس2010/94:396:511:27 4:578:0110:06
الجمعة2111/94:416:531:27 4:567:5810:03
السبت2212/94:446:551:26 4:547:5510:00
الأحد2313/94:446:551:26 4:547:5510:00
الإثنين2414/94:496:591:26 4:507:509:53
الثلاثاء2515/94:527:011:25 4:487:489:50
الأربعاء2616/94:557:031:25 4:477:459:47
الخميس2717/94:577:051:25 4:457:429:44
الجمعة2818/95:007:061:24 4:437:409:40
السبت2919/95:027:081:24 4:417:379:37

I woke up this morning

When I woke up this morning I felt that I was holding 3 huge stones on my back. The first one: the trip to university administration to get the final word about erasmus scholarship. Second One: the driving test. Third one: having to go to my permenant job as a translator in Zara expo and talk to strangers about marvel cutting machines (what the hell!!). All what I was thinking about is 10 o/clock at night when I go back home and sleep and forget that all the things that were meant to happen have already happened.

Now its 4 o'clock I have already knew that I did not get the scholarship and I failed the exam. After 15 minutes I will be leaving to Zara expo and it does not feel that bad after all. I can still feel the cold sword going deep in my lungs when I think about it , but I tell myself: its 4 JDs per hour , 4 jds that might give me nice time around Moscow and Spain. If only I can learn to enjot things while living them and not after wards when I remember them.