Monday, November 12, 2012

My Imaginary Extra Excited Audience in Amman Amphitheater

My classmates Doaa , Manal and I wento today shopping for winter shoes and clothes. As we left El Tilliani street I suggested we go to the Roman Theater.

I just love it there, the presence of this huge historical figure amidst of all the earthy things that surround is just relieving. I dont know how to explain it, but the Roman Theater just says: You can be unique and alone, no worries.

I stood in the center. The theater is designed in a way that concentrates the sound waves in that spot, the echo is just amazing and suspiciously clear. So I stood there and I started singing. I sang a couple of songs of Fairuz. Doaa was sitting on the stairs and she applauded as each song ended.

An English tourist stood there listening and then she said "Such a Lovely Voice".

I just loved her remark, it reminded me of the days when I used to believe in the other. When the other was a kind person who only comes from a different background. I just hate how experience ruined this for me and brought me to think that the other is someone who cant even imagine the details of my existence, and thinks of me as a belly dancer printed on a post card.

What brought that up!! It was a lovely evening, and to add more spice to it, after I left the Theater's guard went to Manal and said  to her: your friend must become a singer, Haram if she wastes that potential. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I love you Blogger ,, You are the BEST

There is an Arab proverb that goes like this: "You will never know how nice I were until you experience others".

I would love to say this , may it be read to whoever it concerns , Thank you Blogger for being you. Thank you for being my first blogging experience. Thank you for being simple!!

Wordpress is obligatory for us in the institute and it is so freaking complicated! I know I know it looks similar to  blogger , but no , it is not user friendly , it is moody and it Right to Left templates are sooooo ugly.

I love you Blogger ,,, Never Give up on me

Saturday, November 10, 2012

How I feel This Exact Moment

No matter how old and mature I become , knowing that I mean less to those who mean much to me will always hurt me.

Yet , it hurts even more , when you know , somewhere deep in your heart that you dont mean less to them , but their love is mixed with a severe amount of carelessness and a sense of vanity.

So you have them but you dont ,,, and maybe you love , but you actually dont.

At Least Not Everybody Has Gone Full Retarded :)

This is a relief!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cheaters Must Be Sterilized .. Here, I said it!

Today I was attending students doing an exam in the university. It was a big exam with hundreds of students in every session. I had to seat them , check their identities and keep going around to make sure they dont cheat.

I dont know if it just me, or it is actually outrageous that university adults need someone to watch on them as they do an exam? How do they live with themselves as I come and pull the computer cases to the front , in a movement that says it clearly "I saw you looking at your partners screen , you tried to cheat and I am giving you a chance''.

Yet not only do I need to warn them , once or twice , I even take away their university IDs and tell them they are suspended from the exam and yet they dont shiver.

They dont feel the least amount of shame in front of  a room full of people. They dont feel guilty for raising the average on EVERYBODY. They know no shame ,,,,

Each time I do this job I just feel that this world is going to the ruins. Because in the time that cheating is considered a ''controversial'' topic where opinions are welcomed , then I think I dont want to live in this planet anymore!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Eric's Comment on Gay Marriage

I have a very nice American gay friend. He wrote this on Facebook telling his readers about question 6 that would legalize gay marriage in Maryland constitution. I loved what he wrote, it is way too far from the discourse that other homosexuals use to express their thoughts describing everybody else as Homophobes: 

Question 6 today is an amendment to the Maryland constitution that will offer equality to all
citizens of Maryland in their rights to marriage and to recognition as a couple in the eyes of the state.

I know that some of you have strong religious beliefs that do not align well with homosexuality or gay marriage; but I ask that you think not solely of your religion, but also of the rights of all people and the principles on which this country was founded. People always talk about the fact that America was founded on Christian principles; but it is important to remember that before those Christian principles, America was founded on freedom of religion. Our ancestors left England in order to exercise their religious beliefs free from persecution. Now, we live in a nation where we find diversity in religion however, we see people voting for laws that are founded on religious belief. How is it that we were founded on freedom of religion (and therefore the freedom to not practice one) but now we are taking religious beliefs and attempting to legislate them onto others who do not agree.

For those of you who's response to that is that an Amendment like Question 6 legislate, immorality (or a lack of religious belief) on those who belief that homosexuality is a sin, this is my response. Question 6 still protects your rights. This amendment allows religious institutions to deny requests of homosexual couples to have a marriage ceremony performed there. This amendment gives homosexual couples the right to wed and receive the legal benefits therein while also protecting your rights to exercise your faith. So, how is it hurting people?

And as far as using the term 'marriage' is concerned, I understand your concern. Even for me, the term 'marriage' carries a lot of religious connotations. However, at the same time, marriage is simply a word and nothing more. Does it matter what we call it or if we distinguish (in terminology) between a heterosexual marriage and a gay marriage? 1. By distinguishing between the 2 (even in terminology), we perpetuate an innate difference between the two which could lead to discriminated treatment between the two when our ultimate goal is equality between all people. 2. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" ... Words are simply words. They change with time, so does it matter what we name it, as long as everyone is allowed the same rights and are treated equally in the eyes of the law?

In conclusion, I ask that you vote FOR Question 6, not simply because it will benefit me in the future, but mostly because it would be a vote for equal treatment of people, regardless of their creed, beliefs, or whom they choose to love.
Now this is a comment that a friend left under the text that my friend wrote. I really loved the comment, it said what I felt and thought , but I could not express. It is simple , short and right to the point: 

 I voted against it, but I understand your concerns and desires. I'll always stand for the God defined principles of marriage and family. I love and sympathize with my gay and lesbian friends and relatives, but I must stand true to my principles at the ballot box. hugs!

Sometimes wile trying to be considerate and nice to people, one might forget that his principles being his\her principles are a good enough reason to stand by them. You cant make people believe in what you believe but you just need not go through a lot of  rhetoric to prove it.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tv-Show Less!!

I first started watching "How I met Your Mother" when I was in Spain in 2009. I reached the end of the released episodes so I left the show and did not get back to watching it until there was a whole lot of new episodes.

Last week I finished the released episodes AGAIN and I was hanging there for a couple of days wondering: what shall I watch now?

So I went back in time and started watching a really old show, "Seinfeld" that was released in 1998 (the years I was born) and I really enjoyed it but I felt something that I have not felt in a long time while watching a show in English.

It is too American for me! Actually it is too New-Yorkian , because sometimes I find the audience of Jerry's show laughing , or the recorded laughter sound being played and I cant tell what is the funny part. It must be something that only people of that specific culture can understand.

And being as swamped with work as I am now, I have no nerves to sit and watch a show an research words and terms. I want something easy , and that would make me laugh. So now what?

I usually go on a website called watchseries. So today I noticed on its top ten shows a new show called Raising Hope. I watched the pilot episode and it is not bad. Maybe I will go on with it in both English and Spanish.

Ps: I still hope that I never discovered online streaming. It gives me much , but in exchange with a good portion of my life.