Friday, July 29, 2011

Is it Possible that we are wrong?

Is it possible that we are wrong? Is it possible that us thinking that Bashar Al asad is red handed killing his own people , and that he is a slaughterer?

Is it possible?

I dont want to say that ''the other opinion does not exist'' because it exists, but here I am not talking about opinions , I am talking about the Truth!! Who has the Truth?

May God Save Syria and the People of Syria ,,, May God choose the best for them Ya Rab

It has been 4 years

Spanish has been in my life for 4 years ,,,

Enshalla more years to come :)

How Odd is your Online Life?

By watching this video I went on thinking about my own online life. It is not that I add people that I dont know , but its about sharing too much information with the people I know.
Today for example I found out that I posted about how good the food was in one of my uncle´s food , and how this status made other people -who were not invited- feel offended for not being invited!!

Really , how much does people need to know? How money times was I thinking about the face somebody puts when he/she reads what I posted about a particular thing. I confess that I have used facebook to make people know things or notice things for all kinds of motives.

The video got me thinking , and I dont want to be this impulsive pathetic person.

My Facebook Statuses , friend list and privacy options are under assessment :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Gadget

This an eternal quote of Barny Stenson ,,, I think about it everyday ,,, And I feel AWSEOMEEEEE

When she Grow's Up ....

This is for my niece for the days to come...

I dont usually like children. They have to earn my love , its never enough to be young and cute. But you are different. It is not because we are related , and it is not because you are a living picture of me when I was your age , but because you are strong and smart.

Few days from now you will complete your first year. When you are old enough to talk to me I will tell you that you always stuck your hand grabbing the things you wanted. And guess what? In spite of your little hands you took all what you wanted.

Stick to that wild girl inside , because that is the thing that will give you life in its best course.

Love you ,,, and cant wait for you to grow up and talk to me.

Your Aunt

Monday, July 25, 2011

New York Celebrates the gay ''I Do''s{E99F52BD-B89D-4D80-A5BB-BCD1566AE98A}

Today I read this article and It got me thinking ,,,,

More a thousand gay couples in New York city asked for a wedding date in their city municipality since gay marriage was legalized two weeks ago.

Think about mathematically speaking: a thousand couples , 2000 persons , those who are ready now , and those who believe that love can be signed on a piece of paper ,,,, This is a LOT of people, right?!

Vocab of the day: Anhedonic

an·he·do·ni·a (nh-dn-)
The absence of pleasure or the ability to experience it.

Some people in my life are just Ahedonic , and its fine with me. You can be whatever you want. I am not anyone's mother -that if mothers were entitled to have an opinion upon their children's life after a specific age- but it fills me with grief.

Why? Just answer me , Why? When God has given us all those gifts ,,, Gift of Health , of Family , of Love , of wealth and the most important of all: God has given us accomplishments -work, studies , etc- that give us a reason to wake up every morning.

So why, Just why , do people need to be that ahedonic? Why?

Ps: I love saying the word , it sounds so sophisticated.

New Gadget

I just added this as I was revising an old episode of ''How I met your Mother''. Tedd got a London Phone Booth for the living room and I was like ''I want one toooooooooooooooooo!!''.

This has always been a great symbol of London ,,,, and for some vague reason it has a great place in my heart!!

I wish I can make a phone call in one of these booths , on a rainy day and that the love of my life would be at the other end of the line telling me something that makes me cry out of happiness. (A Lot of MBC4?)

My Russian Song

This song is my Russian Song of the Phase.
I listen to it all the time and it takes my places , inside my head of course.
There is a continuation for the story of this song but I´d rather not write it down. Writing specific things makes it so sad to go back to reading them later on.
This , might turn into the best thing in my entire life , it might be a false alarm and it might be the thing that will make cry each night for a long long time ,,,, but as far as I want to think now I will just sing along and say: You are my last love ,,, Poslodni lobov :))))

Тебе моя последняя любовь 
    Ложу в конверт, 
    Чуть пожелтевший снимок 
    Наивный взгляд  
   Приподнятая бровь 
    И губ незацелованных изгибы 
    Храни его на письменном столе
     Где ноты неоконченных мелодий  
   Скажи всегда ревнующей жене
     Её причёска,вот уж год не в моде
          И давность фото явно подтвердит 
    Загадка глаз как у Марины Влади  
   Что этой девочки давно потерян след
     А фото так, из юности привет 
    Храни его на письменном столе  
   Где ноты неоконченных мелодий  
   Скажи всегда ревнующей жене  
   Её причёска, вот уж год не в моде
          Храни его на письменном столе
     Где ноты неоконченных мелодий  
   Скажи всегда ревнующей жене 
    Её причёска, вот уж год не в моде 

The Reason Why I Lost All Respect to Iker Casillas.

In the video above Casillas says: Barcelona is a trend , and all trends eventually go out of fashion.

Do I need to say more? It is not only that he sounds bitter and jealous but also he is inconsiderate to his nation. He is the Capitan of the Spanish National Team , a team that consists of players from both teams Barcelona and Real Madrid. If everybody in the world gets into this war of non-sense he must be the last to join.

I used to think of him as the face or the icon that represents my love to Spain. In some way I feel represented by this country and I was proud and happy when Spain won the World Cup , everyone in the world will always remember Iker Casillas holding the Cup for the whole world to see , why did he have to replace that respectful image with this childish comment? shame on him!!!

I miss You!!!!

So we happened to have a modification on our Internet connection and now we can watch YouTube without getting elder as we wait , I went back to my habit of ''Watching Barcelona Videos Before Bed''.

I saw this video -the content is not the topic- and I felt terribly nostalgic to the Spanish Football Traditions I had there. I miss going to the bar every Sunday, drink two cups of coffee , a cup of orange juice and eat two white sugared donuts and watch the game with all my senses.

Those long lasting 90 minutes , during which I think about NOTHING else but football. Ok, I might have thought sometimes about the meaning of a Spanish vocabulary but nothing else ...

I miss all of that so bad ,,, I miss Football ,,, I need Football ,,, Now Now Now

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fousey Tube: The Great coincidences of YouTube

This guy made my Day!! I was laughing all day -no exaggeration- I was really smiling to myself each time I thought of him!!

His name is Yousef Erakat , he is an American Palestinian who has the heck of a YouTube Channel ''Fousey Tube".

After watching and rewatching the videos over and over I felt so good about the cultural example he is presenting. People -anyone who sees the video- connects with him on a human level. People tend to like those who make them laugh , and that being a Palestinian is way too smart.

Jews have got the worlds compassion by presenting their stories in a smart way that made people sympathise with them , and see them as ''normal people'' rather than a ''mythical character''.

This is the face that Palestine needs to have. A country of normal people , who -while not being bombarded or held under curfews- are normal people , who eat , talk laugh , yell at each other and smother their children with love ,,, heheheeheh

Love you a LOT Yousef ,,, Keep it up :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Atlantis Comes Back Home ...

Today Atlantis came back to Earth putting an end to the era of ''Space Exploring''.
This has really troubled me!! Its weird how I feel about it ...

Its just so sad to know that we are no more looking for the far far horizons. There are no more steps on the moon (God!! This is sooo depressing!!).

I know I have said it many times , that the money wasted on space expeditions would rather be spent on poor humans on Earth ,,,, but now , on some way , to some level I regret it!!

What's happening to the world? Really?

New Gadget

I always thought about posting about the things I add or remove from the blog's margin , but I always forget.

So here you go .... The tag says: Smoking is bad , but being a Real Madrid fan is even Worse :p

Thursday, July 21, 2011

God! Ca he be any cuter?

This is a very simple Spanish joke. I just keep rewinding the video to look at the guy!! He is so cute! It has been so long since I last found a guy cute. (At least we now know that am not gay hehehehe)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mascardes: A good movie , a long story short

Tonight I went with my friends to Jordanian Film Commission in Jabal Amman.

I have a lot on my mind but am not sure that I want to say it all. Going to watch this movie was a spur of the moment thingy , Rasha called and as I was in the University she came and picked me up.

See how simple is that? but still its a daily dream. I wanna be comfortable for once of my life. I wanna be guilt free without having to be 7000 kilometres away.

The movie was fine ,,, who cares anyway? Its never about the movie for me , its about getting to where the screen is placed.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Syria ... a new bleeding wound in our heart of shame

كيف نتحاور ولا أرضية مشتركة تجمعني بكم؟ أرضكم رخام ومرمر، وأرضي مليسة وزعتر. أنتم "بييركاردان وغوتشي"، وأنا قطن حلبي من الدرجة الممتازة. أنتم زجاجات المياه المعدنية وصحن بتيفور، وأنا الفيجة وسلة خبز الطابون. أنتم سلاف فواخرجي ودريد لحام، وأنا سفيرة النوايا الحسنة. أنتم التكييف المركزي، وأنا الشمس والسماء. أنتم الخطابات الكذابة، وأنا الممانعة. أنتم الميكرفونات الحساسة، وأنا الحناجر المقتلعة

حنان كامل الشيخ

Three songs that just sums it up

Those Three songs say all the things that I feel like saying right now. I am not saying anything because words scare me ... they are statements that we leave for the ''future us'' and thats a big scary thing.

Vamos a Dejarlo asi - Miguel Poveda (Lets leave it the way it is)

Un Día Llegará - Josh Groban (Someday , it will get here)

Da5ilik ya Emmi ,,, Fairooz ...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today he came back , and we are back to the game of each of us looking at the other when the other is not looking... I dont really know what I wanna say to finish this sentence so I am gonna leave it this way.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Those simple moments

Today I wanted to cross the street. I crossed the first lane , and stopped in the little pavement that separates the two lanes and stared at the fading lines of the zebra crossing. It took me back to Spain , where those lines were so sacred and where me -being a pedestrian- gave me the priority to pass ... an Idea took me to another , and out of no where I heard a car horn. The guy inside the car waved to me , he was like: ''Do you want to cross?'' so I remembered what I was doing there in the first place and so I crossed.

He let me pass , I dont know him , but I am so thankful .... Thankful for the great amount of pleasure that a civilized gesture leaves in the heart.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Waiting and Hoping

Today I went to the interview.
It was great. It felt amazing and just. They might not hire me because they are looking for a full time employee , not me who still has a university year ahead of her. But Still it was Just.

I am satisfied , happy and pleased to know that an overweight ,Hijabi girl who does not shake hands with men gets a just opportunity to be judged based on her abilities.

The guy who interviewed me was so pleased with my level and he highly recommended me to the financial manager. He said: Are you from Granada? and my heart was dancing inside my chest when he said that heheheh.

I will be waiting for a reply from them to see if we can work out the university thing. I dont know , I loved the place and the people were fine -professionally speaking- so Esnhalla God will choose the best for me , but I hope they call back positively. :)))))))))))))))))

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I am made to work , Yes I AM!

I have just a call for a work interview tomorrow at 12.
My heart is racing as if I have just got a call from the love of my life -as if I have one lool - but I notice that my entire organism is racing and that I am deeply happy and daydreaming.

I am a person who is made to work. I once wondered about that , If I was meant to be Dady's girl and just spend my time doing soft stuff as reading and writing.

But am not , I exist to work , to know a hundred new people a day , to say 12 thousand words a day and get in and out of trouble. Its this way or else I am depressed.

Ya Rabb :)

ما أريدك

ما أريدك

ما أريدك!

ما أريدك؟


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh God ...

I am down ,,,

I hate being down but this is exactly what happens to me when I stop having contact with the outer world. A thing that has not happened ever since I graduated high school.

For the first time in years am staying at home. Not working , not studying not even taking a course of any type. I lost contact with the world and I know how that works ,,, I tend to lose my social skills that the next time I need to wave for the bus , it would take an enormous effort to do it!!

I am down down down down ... and I hate July

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

الأسيرة الاردنية أحلام التميمي

رب وامعتصماه انطلقت *** ملء أفواه الصبايا اليتّم
لامست أسماعهم لكنها *** لم تلامس نخوة المعتصم

You are Loved

To my Dearest Friend,,,

Today you were there , with a box of crayons , a sharpener and two pairs of eyes that love you.
A man who chose you among all other women , and a friend who chose you among all other friends.

Be Satisfied, Because you are Loved.

Takwa :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Something to Think About

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not
appreciate your neutrality.”

Bishop Desmond Tutu

Monday, July 4, 2011

Noticing the things that has always been there

Today was weird. I went out to the university in an hour that I have never went out in. I have never went out to the university at 6,30 pm. I was the only one in the bus who wanted to get off in the university's gate.

It felt so weird, one more thing to be added to my weird feeling of being the last one of my friends in the university. I felt as if the whole world stopped going there.

The bus was full of men, there were only to women who were severely ugly , with a very untidy little girl wearing the most hideous dress ever that showed her diaper and fat legs. The baby was sleeping in the most disgusting way ever that it did not look nice and tender , as sleeping children normally appear.

In spite of that the entire passengers were looking at the two ugly women. I swear to God's name that I felt they were wolves , with there eyes glowing in the dark while they stared at the two women.

The Bus was no more friendly. The men were no more ''young men'' heading to class , they were a true picture of the society , that in that moment looked like its gonna sexually explode.

Later on I went to a work interview , then went to Adel for my evening coffee , drank it inside the university and looked at the world for a while.

Then took another bus home , and to my side there sat a girl who was literally throwing herself on the control! and he was more than happy to go along her ugly , disgusting and irritating bullshit just to listen to her speak (I dont know whats so interesting about slutty girls discourse , but who am I to tell such a major world secret).

When I passed by our neighborhoods super market Ammu Abu Ramzi's shop , all the men were sitting infront of the barber shop on chairs and staring at the street. For a moment I felt like the whole world is their house and they are looking at me as if they were waiting for me to leave.

I feel sometimes - a lot of times- that the world belongs to the men and that we women , form some kind of an urgent situation that is going to end some day , and they are just waiting for us to go back to the kitchen so things will go back to normal.

When I went home , Mama asked me about the job interview and she asked me: How is the ambient there? Is it clean? and I raged at her. I was like:Stop asking me those questions , what do you think? I am gonna accept a job in a place that did not feel right? do you think am that dumb? Stop asking me these questions. And she was like: am your mother , I must ask , I have the right to ask.

I said: Mama , I dont want to live this way ,,, I dont. I went to my room and started crying!!! I went in a very very long monologue telling my self stuff like: I want a better world, I want -only want- that one my daughter will be able to walk down the street and feel that she is a person , a person who can smile and be smiled at .I want to be able to believe a man who says to me "I love you" ,,, I want to have friends of both genders and not feel tricked into the big trap of men.

I want to be me and still be free. I dont want to tolerate any part of my existence for those wolves , its my world too ... I know how pity I sound , but I just wish to feel once more the thing that I once felt in Spain regarding my Hijab. There I felt that I only wear Hijab just because God asked me to. Here I feel that if I dont wear it then those dogs will find pleasure in my meat.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

About Saudi Women Driving

I dont know if my words are gonna be any help , but I wish one Saudi woman would read this and feel that she is supported and not alone in this struggle.

The problem with the mere thought of Saudi women driving ,is that it forms a social change. ''Social Changes" are no joke , they are not easy and they need time , courage ,persistence and continuity.

The first woman who went to school or out to work was described as a slut, impolite and a threat to society. But time brought justice to those pioneer women.

Your struggle -dear sisters- reminded me of an anecdote. When I was in Granada-Spain I bought a bike and had it parked for more than 12 days. Each time I thought about taking it out to the street I got a panic attack , thinking of how people are gonna look at a Hijabi girl on a bike in a european city. I was worried that I might fall or simply not know how to balance myself on it.

But the moment I got out, and moved smoothly in the streets I experienced a type of happiness that no one would ever know but those who have experienced it.

I know that there is no comparison between my anecdote and your struggle , but I can imagine how brave you are to just shut all those voices inside your head and just drive , just like you do in Syria , Lebanon , Jordan and everywhere else.

I just have one advice: Do not waste your time explaining yourself. You are way much advanced than those who oppose you. I am not saying that as an insult , I am stating a fact: Your minds see a thing that they cant see now, so do it for them and: Ignore them. When the days come they will understand you , and by then you will be one step closer to being the free respectful example you are willing to be.

Friday, July 1, 2011

I hate July!!!!

I hate July!! Its hot , its sticky , full of weddings , traffic , there is a lot of time wasted with very very far members of the family ,,, and Did I mention its hot?

I truly believe that this month brings bad luck , children are not supposed to be born in it and wedding anniversaries should be avoided in it!!

A Good Cartoon and a good Comment

نفسي وامنية حياتي افهم عقليات هالشعب الاردني ...... وربي انو احنا اختراع عظيم !!!! اي والله احنا حلم وردي لكل السراقين !!!! يعني ينهبونا ويسرقونا ويلعنوا خامسنا ويطفشونا ويهتوا علينا ويستعبدونا ولسا ندافع عنهم !!!!! يـــــــــــــــــــا بشر سايق عليكوا الله تفهموا اللي يعارض حكومه او مسؤول فاسد مش معناته ضد الوطن بالعكس هو يحب الوطن

م. علي العيطان الهقيش

This just covers it !! Things suck , and so help me God next time am going

to the street just like everybody else!!