Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Haiku Chan :)

Happy Birthday Haiku Chan ,,, It has been a year!!!
I love you a lot and I am thankful to God for the beautiful places we had the chance to see and capture this year ,,, I hope that in this new year we would go to even more wonderful places and take some marvelous pictures ,, Enshalla :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Name on PRINT: Different Print I guess

Check this out , The E-paper has started officially and it has a piece written by me Yuppppiiiiiii


What the hell!! I watched this Spanish movie because I had to . I have to revise its translation for a friend ,, but it totally sucks!!!

Though there was an italian charcter whom I really liked ,,, and I did not revise the translation!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

La Torre de Suso: Music is the fifth actor!

In internet something leads you to something that leads you to something that you really like!!
I was searching Javier Camara who is a spanish actor starring my favorite spanish series "7 Vidas'' and meanwhile I found a link to a movie of his so I downloaded it thinking that I might translate it to arabic.

This evening I watched the movie and it was a blast!! I really loved it , not only because I enjot the music of Spanish but also because I needed to see another culture in movies. I did not know how I fed up I was with american movies. Dont get me wrong , I love american movies with all their details , the taxis of New York , the Bridge of San Fransisco , tha tram , Dunkin donuts , Starbucks , the carton cups of cofe and the hamburgers sold in restaurants on the borders of states right under the neon lights of a cheap motel.

I love everything about them , but its time that we see another details of another country and another culture. Like getting used to see the paving of the streets of Spain , or the silence of the dawn in the remote Spanish northern villages, that deep wonderful level of color ''green'' that spain has, the light bulbs in the streets , the phone both , the way people talk , touch each other, how friends are so warm and how do people dress ,,,, its just wonderful to see that in screen ,, its just like being back in Spain! No one knows how meaningful that is to me ,,, its like getting back in the Dream!!

So ,,, Back to the movie ...
It tells the story of a guy who used to screw everyhting and his life is a pile of nothing. He works in Argentine and comes back to his village in Spain to attend the funeral of his friend Suso. With the re encounter with his old friends they decide to build a homage tower for their deceased friend knowing that he always longed for it.

The friends have changed throughout the years and their memories of each other withered but meanwhile they built the tower they manged to fix things between each other and between their past when they used to be drug addicts and hooligans.

When its told This looks like a normal story!!! but it is not .... this movie is all about details , the way they say things , the way they mumble or say things just as we do in our daily life not as ''Actors'' do in ''Movies'' ,,,, how true and honest the faces of all actors and above all: The music!!

Listen to the soundtrack after you see my wonderful Javier Camara

Russel peter and the king

Maybe I have never posted any of Russel Peters videos here in the blog , but I am indeed a big big fan.

This video of him talking about the king of my very own country , about King Abdullah , made me really laugh. I love that the name of my country would be mentioned in a humorous context , for a change an arab muslim country would be connected to Russel Peters and his sense of humor.

The thing that would always upset me is the commenting mania in youtube,,, you know the video is so much fun, a very cute anecdote where the king of an Arab country punked Russel Peters .. THE Russel Peters, it would have been great if the commenter's of youtube were normal people, but simply they are not.

They managed - as always- to turn the comment place into a total mess were the ugliest words , and the most horrific face of discrimination and racism filled the space. Its really boring , really really boring ,,, I really wanna know of those youtube people represent themselves or their societies in general , because if they do then we are living in a planet full of hate!

Why do they hate us that much? Specifically I am asking about King Abdullah , and it is not because he is the king of Jordan, but who can hate him? I understand that the world would hate Ahmadi Najad -Irani president-, would hate Hanyye - from Hamas Palestine- because they look different and their speech has a different style. But king Abdullah with his blue eyes, fair face , neat suits , GREAT command of english and modern speech method , How can they still not understand him?

Is not it the exact definition of prejudgment?!!
Have fun ,,, we know how to make it you know :)

OUR Discoteca

Today me and the entire group we were invited to Alaa house. There is not much that can be ''said'' about such days,,, they are just perfect and timeless!!! We had our usual system: Enter, Sit , Eat , Daaaaaaaaaaance , Siiiiiiiiing and then quarrel how are we gonna get home.

I love it every time we dance ,,, I love dancing , even more with my friends... Today we performed all kinds of dances , Oriental belly dance , Break Dance , Lady Gaga shit , and a wonderful body interpretation of the song ''Million Fireflies''.

In this particular one, I was dancing in front of a mirror and I could see my reflection and the ones of Sara and Rasha,,, The friends who are going to be with me in Spain. We performed perfectly ,,, we had a sudden unpracticed harmony and the movements of the dance were just tooooooo beautiful , simple and funny to be true!!

I realized - looking at the mirror- how much God loves me!! I remember a moment when I was looking at the corridor of the residency in Spain, and I felt sorry for never dancing there,,,never having this kind of stupid still wonderful memories, and now I got the chance to go back and correct my memories,,,, OH Dear God I could never be any happier!!

El7amdella ....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Independence Day: Happy Days of my Dear Jordan

Today it was the first Independence Day in my nephews life. Dad and I took him to Old Amman-Wast Albalad we did some shopping and he waved the Jordanian flag from the car window just like every other car did. As usual we missed the fire works , but we had great time en Alabalad.

Home is a value that we all think we appreciate , but I dont know , This year Independence Day means more to me ,,, maybe becuase I have never been away before , and now I know what does ´´belonging to somewhere´´ mean!

I love you Jordan ,,, Many many years ahead of me to love you even more :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Through the roof!! erasmus

Dear Takwa Masadeh
(application L040900885),

We have the pleasure to inform you that you have been selected to receive a scholarship through the Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window for Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Please note that the nomination is under the condition that you are eligible to the activites applied for, and that you will be admitted to the host university. If you are not admitted, this nomination will be cancelled.

Details of the scholarship:
Mobility level: undergraduate;
Hosting university: Universidad de Granada, Spain;
Maximum duration: 9 months;
Monthly scholarship: €1000;

A copy of this email is sent to the contact person at your host university (email address:, who will inform you further about the conditions of the scholarship, admission, visa application, housing etc.

Please inform us whether you are still interested in the scholarship and the placement by replying to this email WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE RECEIPT OF THIS EMAIL. When you reply, please make sure to use the 'Reply to all' button and do not change the subject field. By using the 'Reply to all' function, your host university will be automatically informed so that they can proceed with the practicalities. If you are no longer interested in receiving the scholarship, we will appreciate an explanation of why.

The official scholarship letters with further details of the scholarship (for visa application purposes etc) will be sent out within a few days after we have received your response. Please do not hesitate to contact us have any questions: use the email address

Kind regards,
The Coordination team
Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window for Jordan, Syria and Lebanon

I received this wonderful message while I was chatting with my Sara... 
I saw that I received something and my  mind started racing... I wrote to Sara in the Chat: Pick up the phone - misspelled it two times!! - and I read the letter to her and we both started shouting ,,, that shout that comes from the bottom of the heart where lives the enthusiasm ,,, my parents were not home so Sara said I should hang up and call them. I called mom and I heard her phone ring in the garden , they were just entering and i reached the door jumping in joy. When she saw me she was like ''Oh boy! Its Erasmus'' and I was like " Oh Dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd" ...

They came in and I read the email to them two times , Dad was glowing with pride that I did it twice, once with my university and once with the European union ... He was PROUD 
Mom was not that enthusiastic ever since I told her about the possibility of the scholarship. She did not like the house while I was not around ,, she said that she felt lonely but still: She was so happy to hear that I got the scholarship and she said for how long is it? i said: 9 months which is two semesters but I can take only one ,, and she said immediately: One semester is enough, one is good. 
I was so thrilled that that was the only bargaining I had to do!! She said yes and she was happy , what more can I ask for!!! 
She said that I have to tell my brother myself and ask him for his opinion ,,, well that was the awkward part but I did it anyway. I read the email to him and I started yack yacking about the whole thing and he was Ok , later on he went to pick up his wife from the bus station and when she entered the house she congratulated me!! He told her on the way home , he is Ok about it am sure!! 
I sent a message to all my friends and I got surrounded with the warmth of their happiness ,, 
I could not believe how much God loves me!! He sure does!! i prayed so hard that I would be with my friends in Spain , especially Sara , and look!! i got it!! what are the odds for such thing to happen!! I am totally the only student ever to take the two scholarships offered to Spanish Major Students!! 
Rasha , Alaa and Sara were totally thrilled that we will be together there ,,, I spent the night chatting with my best friends in Spain Andres and Ana and they were toooo thrilled too. We started planning things and Andres published an announcement about me looking for an apartment there. It was unbelievably nice of him ... 
My ankles hurt!! I jumped too much I yelled too much ... I cant put it in words ,,, its too big ,, almost the best feeling ever every time I am alone I start giggling  - not smiling but giggling- on my own ... my heart is green.. 
Mom said that she wont let me go if I dont loose 15 kilos of my weight - not my luggage but my body heheheh- and I was ok with it ,, actually I will be motivated ,,, I am happy , thanks God , thats the biggest dream of all ... Ok , the second biggest dream ,,, may God help me with the first ... 

Thanks God ,,, I love you I love you ,,, I know you always lead me to the right path ,,   I trust you         

I am coming back to you Granada ,,, You cant imagine how much I miss you ,,, I love you wait for me ,
99 Days left :)

The new concept of my family

Ever since I came back from Spain I wanted to talk about this ...
Although it has been a long time - 3 months and 3 days to be accurate - but I felt misplaced in my own house. I wont say replaced but I could not seem to find my place again ,,, when I left my nephew was a very little thing , and when I came back I found that he changed and changed the face of my family as I always knew it.

Our house was always quiet, clean , we ate together , did our things and watched an Egyptian Tv Series together and then go to bed. We have few family and Amman, many people visited our house but it was always us: Mom, Dad, my bother and me.

It took me so much time to cope with the idea that I now have a sister in law who will always be around. So much time!! And ever since I came back me nephew has been stirring the silence that I always cherished in my home ,, my parents are no longer Mom and Dad , but they are Grandpa and Grandma ,,,

It felt so weird for me , I was always the tiniest person in my fathers eyes and I have been the ultimate target of his care. Now , someone is sharing that with me and my family have CHANGED.

It was not a matter of jealousy - as I thought at the beginning- as much as its a matter of ´´change´´ , which - obviously- I had never been to accept without taking all the time available.

Today my nephew fell ,,, he was trying to walk and I did not catch him and he fell!! he landed on his head ,,, it was horrible , i thought that I killed him , he cried so much and shake , they took him to the hospital but they said that he is Ok and brought him back home.

Now as I see him I feel so thankful that he is alive!!
I love the mess he makes , and I just accept that my home has changed ,,, it did and there is nothing that I can do about it.

Well there is one thing that I can do about it: I can take advantage!! When I go to Spain I will be sure that there is someone keeping moms and dads company so they will not notice my absence ... is not taking advantage just good?!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Facebook Status

I just added the word ''Facebook'' to my Microsoft word dictionary so it would stop underlining it with the red line of misspelled words. I have to confess that Facebook - whether I like it or not- is a stable fixed and vital things in the life of people , and of course : of my life.

But sometimes I write things in my facebook and I feel sorry for them , because sometimes they get no attention of anybody and they keep going down with the wall until they disappear and so I myself cant get to find then no matter how hard I try.

A blog ambient for me is still - and will always be - the adequate place for good words , good photography and well done posting. This is why I am thinking about making a list of posts here in the blog all having the same title ''Facebook Status'' so I can keep track of my ideas and not waste them in that jungle.

Todays Status:

I love these nights: totally boring, ugly, not hot, not cold,nothing good on TV,me with the usual feeling of not wanting to brush my teeth,mom in her bed after swearing to God that if she calls me in 10 mints and am not in bed she would come and tie me down, nothing good in the fridge, no one in the chat ,,, totally nothing but this night manages to be MAGICAL!! Good night ,, I love you


Accidentally I came through this song on facebook ... I listened to it not knowing in what language its written ,,, I just loved the rhythm ,, accidentally too I found out that its portugues !! This explains why I understood half the stuff , Its half Spanish ...

The lyrics -translated by Google translator -
 If you say that I tune love, Know that in me will be painful
 Only the privileged have heard the same as yours, I only have what God gave me
 If you insist on classifying, my behavior unmusical
 I even lying I shall argue, that this is bossa nova, That it is very natural
 What you do not know, nor senses, is that the tune also has a heart
 I photographed you in my Rolleiflex, proved to be its enormous ingratitude
 Just can not speak well of my love, This is the biggest you can find, see
 You forgot your music with the principal, that chest of tune
 Deep in his chest beats silent, that chest of tune, a heart beats too

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I love you Man!

Well , I am starting something , I will post about every movie I watch , even If I have nothing to say about it ,,, For mere statistical purposes.

I watched I love you man on a DVD with my aunt ...
Its the kind of movie that you cant recall after 10 minutes of turning the DVD off.
Very light , with no big big material. The part of the dog that has the name of Anwar Sadat is just nomal , its Hollywood= its stupid.
I cant remember what was the name of the guy who is in the left, but I loved his personality. I love how he does what his minds tells him and does not care.

It makes you laugh but ,,, i feel sorry for my Dinar!!

I am too happy for you!! A Paradox

Today I got a very important call from my best friend - almost a sister that accidentally was born in another family - telling me that after she got the scholarship her parents have finally accepted that she goes to Spain next September!!!

She was on tears , I was on tears too. I was so happy , surprised and enthusiastic.
I immediately called my Dad who was holding his breath to know if her people would actually say YES!! ..He was so overwhelmed and extremely happy for her.

Its the yes that we have longed for for a long time already , and now that it came I feel a little bit disappointed. Ever since we started thinking about Spain we always wanted to be there together , but last year I went alone and next year she is gonna go alone.

I am happy for her, but now I am totally freaking out about the thin possibility of me obtaining the scholarship of the European union. If I get it and we go together its gonna be heaven on earth.

I really enjoyed myself when i was in Granada - much has already been said about that- but there were the moments when I felt terribly lonely , and I was in need for someone who understands me ...

A person never knows what Gods plans are , but I always trust them. If he choses that we go together then its the best and if not than thats the best too.

I am so happy for you Sara ,,, You cant tell how happy I am unless you go inside my heart ...

The boring part of being a Muslim

The boring part of being a muslim, is that everyone in the world specialised in whatever field feels the liberty to give his opinion in what a muslim wears , eats , drinks , does od does not do.
I accidentely came across this article from "Tehran Times" that states the discussion between FIFA and Iran's girls football team , banning them from wearing Hijab during the game,,, fortunately they removed the ban later, but that simply is not the point.

On what grounds did they ban the team , and on what grounds they ubanned them later on? what does the heads have to do with football? notice the FOOT part.

I am not going to go all victimised and cry for justice , I just wanna say that this world is really funny , they just want to see copy from themselves , they want to make people to look just alike, so whats next? will they make the russians apologise for theier blonde hair and the japanese for thier little eyes?

I might not be totally in favour of the iranian example , but I am just proud of these girls. Thats the best part about being a muslim: Having a clear idea and a position toward every little aspect of life ,, we are not random , we are not moody , we are just too logical to be true :)

See the article following this link:

Monday, May 17, 2010

مساء الخير يا أنا

مساء الخير يا أنا ..

و أنا هنا لا أخاطِبُني...
كل اللغات تبدو ثقيلة ، كخطوٍ مشلولٍ تحتَ ماء..
كل اللغات تبدو عيّاً بلا طائل، كلما همَّ قلبي بإنشاء رسالة نبت الزبِدُ على جانبيه ..
كل هذه الوحشة تشبه تلك اللحظة التي وقفتٌ فيها أمام كنيسة مغلقة عند منتصف الليل في حيّ البائسين "البايثين" . كان هنالك ضوءٌ واحدٌ فقط في رأس البرج، يمرّ على الصليب و يسقطُ الظلُّ و النور على خطوط الشارع المرصوف.
مهما وقفتُ و مهما رفعتُ يديَّ فلن أدرك الضوء .. و مهما مضى الزمن و تغيّرت الدهور سيبقى هو حيثُ هو و أبقى أنا حيثُ أنا ...


Smart Islam ,,, The song of Kareem Salama :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hay amores

Well well well ...
I dont know what I should really say about this particular one...

I first heard this song presented by an american student in JU in the Spanish Day... I had never heard of it before and still the voice of the girl tickled me inside ,,, she was floating above the audience , she was living a magical moment , one of the moments that art gives to his believers...

Later that night I searched it in the net and brought the original copy by Shakira ,,, It turned out to be the song of the movie " Love in the time of Cholera'' ...

I never believed that such an eternal work of art as "Love in the time of Cholera'' can be transformed to a cinema production ,, it just scares me , I always thought that it would not work out but with the few scenes I saw in this video I thought myself ''Wel who knows ,, it might actually work out''.

Now ,,, I can go listening to this song for hours ,,,
While studying , while changing my clothes , arranging the mess of my room and while gazing in the line of the horizon above the sky of University of Jordan ..
Many times in my life I had a song that I would say about "Oh,, I can listen to this one for ever'' but later on , and after repeating it over and over something in it breaks,, and it no longer can take my breath.

With this song - I am not saying that its different tis time- the magic is lasting longer ...
I get the chills every time the fore music starts ... I fly to Columbia and I follow the flow of Magdalena river ,,, and I feel totally '',,,,,,'' totally what?

I would have said in love , but I am not in love ,,,, I miss him ,,, the ''Him'' that I always felt that he passes me by not knowing that its ''me'' the ONE for him ,,, sometimes I feel that he is dead and I feel widowed to the deepest point of my soul ,,,

How can a song - just a song - widow a its listener?

Oh , and I liked this quote too :)

There are some things that are nothing more than what they are, they're not meant to last. They just take their place in your heart and make you a little smarter the next time.

Emma from
Alex and Emma

Friday, May 14, 2010

alex and emma

I just loved this movie and I saw it twice two days in a row. My best friend Sara said that she did not like it, and as I think about I think she might be right.

There are some movies that just come in the right timing in ones life, they look like an answer for a hanging question , and they just fill the blank!!

Inside of me there is that beautiful mess that comes before ''writing''. I dont have the tiniest clue about what I am going to write , but I know it in my heart , it twinkles , the whole universe matters to me now , the flowers in the garden , the cats lefting up there heads from the trash containers as I pass by , the spring allergy , the smells of shops in the afternoon , food , the voices of people , the songs in the radio ,, everything matters ,, its just perfect!!

Alex is a writer who seeks the help of a stenographer (Emma - Kate Hudson) to dictate to her his new novel in 30 days to save his life from a cuban gang that wants to kill him for money. He dictates her the book , pays the money to the cuban gang , they fall in love and everyone is happy. Simple movie ,, touching but very very simple,,, Is not just perfect that you can see lovers getting together at least in TV?

I loved it when he said to her:
I'm just a writer, Emma. I don't know what to do to show you how much I love you. I only have words. That's all I have

Sunday, May 9, 2010

About that

I did not win , not even a nomination in the photography competition :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Scholraship: Once Again

Tomorrow the results of this year scholarship are to be announced. Although I did not apply but I am too enthusiastic and I cant wait to know the ranks of my friends ,,, I keep on imaging the list and arrnging the names I just cant wait for tomorrow to see how it goes....

I feel a little sorrey ,,,
My friends are still planning on going to Granada , but I have had my chance. I reall envy them - nicely and kindly - but I wish I still had the chance to apply to a scholarship that has an exam and a clear criteria , rather than being in the humiliating waiting of a scholarship that you get just for being lucky ...

Whatever it is , I pray day and night to get it becauase I am totally home sick to Granada ... Please Dear God pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

My Green Dragonfly!!!

This is a dragonfly I found randomly in our farm in Irbid ,,,,
I was so happy to be so close to a calm though amazing creature , Subhan Allah it was so nice and detailed with the touch of art that God gives to his creatures,,, I am really proud of the picture (Although I got this one after many many intents).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Never ever again

I learned something lately going through an experience ,,, very simple experience though but I learned that I will never ever again work with drama queens - and kings of course- ,,,, it just kills me to picture this kind of girls moving and thinking about the spot light that - supposedly- follows their glory ,,,,
Its disgusting let alone Tiering!!! It stresses the ambient and fells it with negative energy , I was never - and when I say never I mean NEVER - been able to see the world that black!! Its a talent of being able to see whats negative and stressing in everything...

I love it when a person has his/her own fantasy world , where he/she is the ultimate hero , but i the real world , where others - like myself- do exist and stops being funny ,,, its not funny!

Almost Hit by

The other day I was almost hit by a car right inside the university,,,,
I was in university early - really early , just like the good old days- and after spending a while writing I started walking to my class with my mp3 on , and meanwhile I was searching the list for this song "Unusual way'' By Nicole Kidman a cars breaks squeaked behind me ,,, well actually I did not hear them ,,, my eras were full of music and i just saw the angry face of the driver , he looked - in a way - too lame and stupid waving his hands and yelling behind the glass of his car!!

It does not make any sense really , you were going to run me over , but you did not , good for you , good for the two of us , why the hell are you yelling especially when I cant hear you? ...
I just apologized with an automatic bow and kept walking ,,, I dont know , for some reason i felt insulted, mad ... I dont know why but a person who was going to get hit by a car is a person with whom you should sympathize, is not THAT enough already?

Whatever , the song is to die for ,,, Nicole Kidman just does it right ,,, hahahah ,, Good luck