Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Good-byes of a young bride

Today I had one of those simple encounters that leave the heart in a swirl of sadness.

I have that friend who is my age, but she graduated this semester , finishing her B.A in 3 years , stuffing her schedule with 21 accredited hours every semester , running from a class to class , getting lost between homeworks and assignments , stuffing her precious college years just for the sake of FINISHING and then getting married!!!

What is the story of her prince charming? He saw her in a wedding and he decided he wanna marry her! She was engaged starting from her freshman year and the rat race started ever since.

Yesterday it was her first visit to the uni after her graduation and she was saying good bye to her friends , because she is getting married and leaving Jordan for ever.

I asked her: are you happy? she said: yes , but it feels sad because I am going to leave my family and travel.

While I was thinking about posting this post I thought I was gonna write something clearer or stronger , but it looks like a standard conversation that happens everyday and no body notices.

This is terribly sad , a young girl with a future full of opportunities for being a native speaker of a very rare and important language ... she tosses all that through the window , leaves all whats familiar , says good bye to a bunch of true friends and goes after a man who just picked her because she is beautiful.

When she turned her back and went , a curtain fell on her inside my heart ... she is gone just like many many other brilliant women

Japan: Its not going to be the same without you

Japan has just left the World Cup after losing its game with Paraguay. It feels so God damn bad .. if it was not for Messi playing with Argentina I would have considered the championship over for me ...

Sayounara Nipon ,, it would never be the same without you !!

Monday, June 28, 2010

One of Those days: Mum´s Graduation Ceremony

Yesterday it was Mama's Graduation ceremony. We attended ,Dad , Aunt , Grandma , brother and I.

There is not much to say about the day , but there is much to remember... it was one of those days when generations of this family gather on the side walk to take a blurry photo in order to remember a day full of pride , hard work , love , cooperation and big dreams.

Congratulations Mama ,,, you made us proud :)

No threads tied!!! Wireless for the first time :)

We have just got a wireless connection in our house!!! How cool is that?!!!

p.s: I did not take the picture although it would have been a pleasure :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Cutey Pies :)

I Love football becuase I do , it is not that I love football the way girls do: because it has cool players , but there is a couple of players who are simply Cutie pies!!!

Here I post the winners on my list :

Eiji Kawashima >>>> The Japanese Goalkeeper

Gerard Pique>>>> The Spnish defense player

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Auntis Graduation: The true Trolls

Today it was my aunts graduation ceremony. She graduated from a relatively ''wow'' university here in Jordan: Jordan University of Sciences and Technology. The entire graduation was neat and well organised but we sat between two groups of extra excited people who really turned our experience into a living hell. My great uncle - brother of my grandma- (who happens to be great as well) stood up and yelled at them.. he said that everyone in the audience has a son or a daughter graduating , and they are not making the mess they are making ...

There answer was: He is the first to get a university degree in the family!!!

I am happy for you aunt , the best Electrical Engineer ever ,,,, all knowing , unbelievably hard worker ,,, we were happy to be able to hear your name in the midst of all this noise :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Rasha Leaving JU : End of an awesome era

Yesterday it was Rasha's Graduation. It was the first graduation I attend in my life , and it being the good bye of such a brilliant girl it gave me a weird and thorough feeling.

Mostly graduations are about being caged in a footbal stadium for straight 3 hours doing nothing but waiting for the name of the person you are there for to be called , hours pass in waiting but when you hear the name your heart jumps , and although they are only two seconds of joy after hours of waiting , its still very rewarding.

Rasha's name was called like any other , she did not achieve the highest mark or win any title or contest. Her name was one name among many other names , but in the hearts of those who knew her she glowed like a rising star.

I have known her for two years now, through another firend , and ever since she had always been an ever lasting resource of happiness , a great well to live and to let live ,, to aceot the worse nd to draw a smile ,, to invite people who are outside the circle to join and feel ''welcomed'' ... warmly welcomed ....

She is the most flexible creature ever existing still , keeping her own character and living on her own terms. There are no words enough to describe rasha , it is not that i adore her for being my friend , but for the person she managed to be during all this time.

After the ceremony i saw her mother and I said to her: Congratulations , not on her graduation , but of having given birth to such a kid.

With Rasha leaving the university its going to be a new era for me - personally - a new era with much to bring , so lets hold our breath and see :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Facebook Status

Ahora mismo te echo de menos mas que nunca , la sencilla idea de que no puedo ponerme a quejar delante de ti , quejar do todo y de todos y sentir que llevo razón en cada palabra ...
Ahora mismo te hundes en mi memoria dentro de un remolino de ira y frustración ... y de repente: tu cara ya no es borrosa sino es humo ... Buenas Noches

My Granada Cup broke: Sign?!

Today my Granada cup broke following in an mysterious sequence of Granada things getting lost and broken.

My Granada pin that I used to put on my clothes vanished , then the bookmark and now the cup .... I am thinking of he worse: The Pictures folder on the laptop?

What does that mean? I should really go back , or I should wipe the old experience or what? I believe in signs so dont give me the look!!

3asal aswad

Tonight Romeo , Maymonah and I we went to Cinema City and watched the new movie of Ahmad Helmi , its turning into an annual activity , whenever Ahmad Helmi has a new ovie we should all go and have the greatest time of all!!

I loved the movie for many many reasons:
1- Its a 2 hour and half movie , I love long movies , I hate it when I have to say goodbye to protagonists so I prefer to stick longer around them.
2- Ahmad Helmi - the person not the actor- has a special intelligence in being flexible , smart and give the best meaning using the least words , though the funniest words.
3- The movie talked a very tricky issue , of how we see our sense of citizenship in the arab world and how things can be really bad just because we could not find another passport.
4- The concept of ''Alhamdullilah'' which is the arabic word for : all thanks are due to God , is a concept that we have never really treated in Drama ,,, its what really makes our world different , its what makes the arab world which is poorer , more dry and less developed a happier place.

Now many people might have different opinions about this idea but I believe its true. After being for a short period in another country thats relatively richer , greener and politically more important I came to realize that our people in despite of their hard circumstances are much happier.

The concept of ''Alhamdullilah'' almost is the main feature of our community , we would always accept things that God give us , never ask why now , why this , why this much or its not more less or better. We are always embracing the gifts of God with an infinite sense of gratitude and happiness ,,, we never get mad at God , and if we do then we go repenting hardly and deeply for we know how bad that feeling is , and how disrespectful it is for the position of God in our world , life and heart.

We dont play equal with God , we understand that he is superior , powerful and almighty and so we can enjoy the little we have and compensate all the things we dont have by sticiking close to each other and sticking by the side of God , knowing that at the end He would never be unfair o r harsh on us.

This is a national arab feeling , muslims and christians , which really differs from the religious feeling I saw in Spain ,,, And here I dont want to sound judgmental but at least am talking about the people I met.

All in all I loved the movie and am looking forward to watch it again , because it has a bunch of jokes that can make me laugh more than once ,,,, I love you Ahmad Helmi :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Brother and I

I never really mentioned my brother. We have that type of relation where things are always fine ,,, you know "fine"not "bad" not "good"not even "ups and downs" its just fine.

Today ,Dad was out , mom asleep , my brothers wife at her sisters place , my nephew at his grandpas , and it was just us , my brother and I infront of the Tv eating pop corn and watching the world cup.

Its just simply great. Just like the good old days .

I am not that nostalgic about the old days, I love everyday as if its the only one I have , but when it comes to my brother I just miss the old days. When we used to play together , he would buy me things and tell me about his adventures.

It takes more time than I thought , to accept that he has another family now.Another house , he comes to visit and I am just supposed to cope ,,, why do I always have to?!

They are there now!!

There is not much to say about that , but my father , aunt , grandma and uncle have just left heading to the house of my uncle's girl , to ask her father for her hand in marriage.

Any body freaking out other than myslef!!! Its just a brave moment in paersons life, you know: You put on your shoes and you go decide who is going to be by your side for ever!! What a NERVE uncle!!!

I am happy and I am wishing the best for them. May God guide them to the best :)

When they come back with the details I think I am gonna post again :p

Friday, June 18, 2010

Algeria: OH MY GOD!!!

Tonight , we - The entire family - were gathered in the farm , and in the midst of the field my father installed the 25 year old TV on an Israeli channel that broadcasts World Cup for free , we muted the hebrew comment and my brother turned on the comment on the his cars radio from a Palestinian radio channel and opened all four doors of the car.

There was a delay , the comment would come a second after we know that a goal was NOT scored , but it was amazing ,,,, the entire family a gathered gasping as if they were one and only lung ...

Algeria played perfectly against England , we did not expect much from them , but they surprised us!! They gave the english a piece of their mind and they ROCKED!!

I was head over heals in love with the team ,, and although the game ended with a negative draw but they performed a very enjoyable game - well enjoyable for us , not for the english!- I just hope they will perform as nicely in the next game against USA.

I love you Algeria
You made us PROUD :)

I say No

This morning we had a new tax imposed. A tax on Gasoline!!
They - I wonder who does this They refer to?!- lowered the prices because the international price of oil has dropped but they added the new tax , next we will be paying a water bill each month with a raise on the prices and there was something about electricity too!!

This year we had - I wonder who does this who refer to as well?!- the biggest bidet deficit in the history of the Kingdom of Jordan , and some dude from the government stated today in the paper that 500 millions will be recovered during the coming six months , I wonder how? Ooops I forgot how generous the Jordanian people are!!

This morning when we were heading to Irbid Dad was going 5 or 6 Km more than whats allowed and an officer waved for him to pull over , so Dad was so mad , the officer said: do you know that you were going so fast? Dad said: If you wanna give me a ticket go ahead , we are wasting our money on every aspect of this ugly daily life , this ticket would make no difference ,,, and for some reason the officer said: No ticket for you , just be careful next time!!

We - The people I mean - we feel for one another , we do what we can to ease the suffering of each other , but there is something missing in our culture "The art of saying NO" ... I believe in a day like this one all Jordanians should drop whatever they are doing and just go protest ,,, protest until their jaws drop saying NO!!!

No , I dont want to pay for the disaster you made , I dont!!!

I myself I dont know how to say no , I did not protest , but if the only way available is to say no in my blog - who nobody reads- well then: I SAY NO !!!

The First day without the maid

The first day of having our house totally for us ,,,, Although I am freaking out about the house work that I might have to do in the coming days , but it feels good in a way. We are not in a rush ,,, we do what we have to do because we want a peaceful house ...

Its no contest , no rush ,,,, its just our house ,,,,


Thursday, June 17, 2010

It has been a year!! Happy Birthday Najeh

Today , we celebrated Najeh´s first birthday i his parents house with the presence of all the families of my uncles who live in Amman.

We watched the game between Mexico and France , and celebrated the day!!

Happy Birthday Najeh :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Banner

The best time of the year with the best people: World Cup with my friends

España vs. Switzerland

Today my friends and I , we went to the World Cup tent in Sport City and we watched Spains game with Switzerland.

My family always considered the mere act of leaving house to go somewhere to watch sport a worthless thing to do. But today they were okay with it for the first time ever. Its so close to our house but it has been years since I last entered the Sport city!!

They were all there with my new language partner Elizabeth , and we had a blast. We changed our places more then three times , we bought flags and scarves , we painted our arms faces and hands , we shouted , we cursed in Arabic and in Spanish , I almost had a heart attack and Spain lost!!!
It was incredible , Switzerland!! Who ever heard that they have football!!! It was a great game any way , my friends and I can always enjoy the best of everything, but next time I want the pleasure of winning or at least the scream when my team scores!!!

A great day for the greatest time of the year : World Cup!! Waka Waka

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Back up Plan: Oh Shut up!!!

I am not even gonna put its poster , it sucks!!
I cant say much after reading this wonderful critic ,,

He just took the words of my tongue ,,, Oh get a life people , love is not that stupid story of horny people who come across each other 7 times a day!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

GO Asiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I was thrilled watching the great game of Japan and Cameron on world cup today ...
Although I love Samuel Etto but not when he is playing against Japan ,,,,
They have the hell of a goalkeeper who performed one dazzling game along sides with the great team of Japan ,,,
I just wish and pray that Asia does it this time ,,, It feels so great seeing those asian faces smile for Victoryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

What is it with missing the plane?!!

Today we went to the airport to left our Indonesian help Ippo, as she is going back to indonesia.
We had to go out in the worst time of the day ,it was burning hot and the traffic was scary. I have always believed that Ippo has the worst luck ever. Yes I believe in luck , not only because the Quran says so , but there are people who simply has no luck and every aspect of their life can turn into something surprisingly complicated.

First we got stuck on our way to the airport. She wanted DVDs of the songs of Toyoor Eljanneh , I went to the shop and he did not have any - who does not have any Toyoor Eljanneh!! - then when we got to the airport there were no luggage trolleys! When did the airport ever run out of trolleys!!

Her bag was creepy, it could actually fit a dead man. She pumped every one on her way , I know she is the biggest cluts on earth , but she was terribly pumping into people. I tried to take a picture of her with her Nokia phone and it just would not take it!! Nokia phones are so simple , everybody knows how to deal with , but this specific phone got stuck!

She got in and we sat outside waiting for her to give us a call that everything is ok so we can leave peacefully.

I had a novel in my hand , and I sat reading , listening to the announcements "Dear passengers of flight number ***** please head toward gate number *** " and then the sweet sound of end of announcement... The sweet noise of Queen Alia Airport ,,,, The people walking in all directions looking like every type of person that might cross your mind ,,, the rounded trash bins,,, the trolleys,,, the air hostesses , the pilots and the maintenance staff with their blue pullovers. The kiosk with its ugly postcards and ridiculously expensive souvenirs... I love everything about Queen Alia Airport ...

Ever since I was so young I cherished the magical times we got to spend around the airport,, we dreamed of taking a plane and looking to the world from a bird eye view , and then go to very far places where people talk some other thing than our Arabic ... It was a dream ,,, a big and far one ,,,, I just love it there.

But you cant go on enjoying yourself for a long time ,, she called and said some gibberish - she did not learn any arabic in 2 years- and then she went home with us!! because she could not communicate with the officers and being the clumsy she is she wasted the time and the plane took off without her!!

I just dont feel like adding anything ,,, this sucks!!! IT brings back ugly memories!!

I am thrilled: A house in Albayzin!!!!

And When I say thrilled I mean "Adrenaline" is all over my blood!!!

I just received a very nice email from a girl to whom I sent before asking her if I can rent a room in her house in Granada.

Well I have not said much about my search for the "Perfect Apartment" in Granada , but for the last two three weeks , I have been spending 3 to 4 hours a DAY looking through ads of apartments in Granada looking for something adequate for my needs. Sending emails to every address and not getting much of attention from almost everybody.

I started to get a little bit depressed and the other day I saw a very nice ad for a house in Albayzin - which is a magical neighborhood in old Granada- with a lot of plants , two spanish girls , who stated that they want someone 28 years old or more , who love plants , loves to share and said: someone special!!

I was like: mmmm , thats what I was looking for , an amazing house , with people who bother to write a couple of good words in their ad, spanish girls , clean house and the most important thing: people who are willing to share life together , not to live as separate islands in the same sea.

I sent them, and stopped looking ... I have had it with the boring looking process. I wrote to them that I am not 28 but if its peacefulness what they are looking for then I am a muslim girl who wont be turning your house into a living party, I am clean , I am serious , I will come to Granada to work on my Spanish language level , I am never drunk and I love to share.

Two days later - which is today - they sent me a letter saying that its ok that am not 28 as long as I am as peaceful as I say I am. They said that I am the type they are looking for , but - there is always a but!- they dont think that the room will not be rented during the 2 months left before I arrive!!

They gave me a detailed address and when I looked it up from google maps , I realized that the house is situated on the hill that over looks the most amazing view in Granada ,, No not Alhambra , its Arco Elvira - which I love more than my own children- its the exact hill where I stood many times , looked at the houses and sighed to myself: how lucky are those people who can wake up everyday and see THIS from there windows!!!!

So i sent them back a BEGGING email not to rent the house to anyone before I come , or to rent it for a short period until I arrive. I am following my heart , It feels perfect ,,,, Is not just wonderful when you feel that you can be THAT passionate about something?!!!

Please God , et this house be mine if you know thats its best for me ,,, I trust you :)

Whisper of the heart:a japanese breeze on the direction of my heart

My friend lent me a DVD but accidentally I found this movie inside the box, so I watched it when i did not mean to.

It has been long since i last did something japanese - its almost a year now since my last class and my last japanese language effort- and I was a bit satisfied that I can understand most of the words , but even more satisfied for another thing,,, let me explain:

For a long time I have been examining my heart every once in a while , to see if the little beautiful things an still brighten my inside ,,, I check if I have a living heart or not , and seeing this movie gave me an indication that my heart is still as good as new , with the endless ability to feel flying no matter how small the details are.

Its just another japanese movie , that has all the elements that all other movies have , but they have one more especial element which is: details are a main actor.

Not every car that passes by is necessarily driven by a character that will change the story line , it just passes , the movie looks real and the lights fall and slide on the faces of the characters so they vanish shortly before they appear again.

The squeaking voice of the bikes wheel , the foot steps on the stairs and the vast horizon that I consider a carnaval of colors and a field of gasps ...

The story line is simple , although it ends in an egyptian way where lovers do get married at the end, but there was something magical ...

You know , how she found her name ahead of hers on the books she borrows from the library ,, how her reading shaped her reality and how suddenly the random smoke of her ''perfect guy'' was shaped in him .... does these things happen?

I miss Japan ...
When I started this blog , I had a chain of posts under the title ''Daydreaming of Nipon'' ... isn't it weird to miss a place that you have never been to , but it just feels right ... I will talk about this in another post but here I need to say: Whisper of the heart came on the right timing ... a breeze on the direction of my heart.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Algo Contigo? Something with you?

Yeah yeah ,,, its one of those things that takes a sentence from the top of your tongue and says it.

You have no Idea how hard is it for me to be your friend ,,,
Well ,, whatever

Saturday, June 12, 2010

50 First Dates: Get out!!!

There is something I do here in the blog , I draft. I open a new post, I write headlines of the Idea that I want to write and I book the date and then when I have time I come back to it and I write it.

So when I booked the space for this entry I was going to write That its a fabulous movie ...
Now ,,, (two days after) I still feel that its a fabulous movie , but its just a movie!!
You know , in life such things do not exist. The mere idea of believing that this exists will just help ware out my heart faster than its supposed to.

The movie tells a great story about a Don Juan -The Great Adam Sandler- who keeps tricking women into one noght stands in Hawaii and then he takes off. Until he meets this girl - the wonderful amazing fabulous Drew Barrymore- and he really falls in love with her , but - there is always a but!!- she has had a head injury and she cant save recent memories , as if her memory formats once every night when she sleeps. The next day she has no clue who he is , and he has to make her fall in love with him again.

The movie is perfectly written , perfectly acted , with the greatest Hawaiian background that makes everything magical, but the sacrifice part is the thing that is making me .. well lets say it: MAD!!!

Because he loved her he took the sacrifice to remind her of him every single day ,,, Who does that?!!!

But there is something I loved about the movie ,,, its when she takes him to her room and shows him the paintings she drew of him: Henry Ruth , I dont have the slightest idea of who you are but I see you every night in my dreams ,, who are you ?

That I believe in ,,, yes,,, there someone who makes everybody else look normal ... its THE ONE ,,,, yes , in that believe :)

A song from the movie .. enjoy

Friday, June 11, 2010

Yesternight I had a dream ...

It was not exactly yesterday , but I was not able to remember it until yesterday.

I dreamed that I was in a mall in Spain and I saw that shop that sells drawing supplies , oil colors , white colors and brushes. So I got in and I filled a big bag with everything , meanwhile I was having that bee buzzing feeling in my heart because I felt I was wasting money , knowing that I am gonna buy the supplies but I am not gonna draw.

When I got to the cash there was an old spanish lady who gave me a blaming look and I statrted to cry , so she hugged me and I said to her in between the tears: I promise , this time its gonna be different (My exact words in the dream!!).

What does that mean!!

UAE: A good use of prisoners time


I came across this interesting article about a program held in the prisons of United Arab Emirates.
Prisoners get to shorten their sentence by memorizing chapters of the Holy Quran!!

This is just Smart,,, It reminds of how my school used t motivate us in all possible ways to memorize Quran , and by the end of our senior year 90 of 160 students of my class have had memorized the entire Quran from cover to cover - including myself of course!!- . There is nothing in the world - NOTHING- compared to that.

I would have said that memorizing Quran should not be the way by which prisoners would shorten their sentences, bt after having lived more than 11 years with the long , tiering though deep experience of living with the Quran and challenging it , reading and understanding it there is something you that changes for ever.

There is a bond between you and God that you can see in everything , your luck , you r abilities and the way people embrace your ideas and welcome your existence among them. It light , and here i am not talking science fiction , but the true fact of the things you learn with Quran , determination , hard work , concentration , commitment and most of all the sense of Gods observance among all of your acts.

As proud as I am for having Quran inside my chest , my heart and memory I am proud of the government of United Arab Emirates for its great investment in the heart and the mind of its prisoners , that leads to a great investment in their own society.

Thumbs UP :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spanglish: When Paz Vega and Adam Sandler meet!

Wow ,,, thats a big ''Wow'' movie for me...
I enjoyed watching it because inside my head I can think in spanglish and understand what does both sides say.

I need not mention how much I love Paz Vega from 7 vidas - my spanish series- and the same goes for Adam Sandler he is just wonderful !! And the two of you did a great job in this movie ...

I watched it with my mother , and the movie was mainly about the bond between a mother and her daughter ,, them against the world , especially a world thats trying to wipe away their identity.

And a very important note: When was the last time you saw a movie that had a love story that did not go physical? Thats just Historical :)

Pure , nice , touching , deep and warm hearted ,,, thats is Spanglish :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jaimies Great Escape:

I dont know why I did not bring this up before, but ever since I got the scholarship - on independence day - I started to diet and COOK!!

Its a weird combination of things to do , you cant diet while you learn how too cook , but there is no time to do each a time. I never cooked before , and when I say never I mean NEVER so for the last few days I have been cooking my diet food while my mother and the maid do the other cooking.

It was very enjoyable and liberating, How is that? Well , you get to chose what to eat, and you dont wait for others to offer you things , you just do things for yourself which is strongly liberating:)

So ,,, following my new hobby I watched some shows in Fatafeet channel which is the only arabic channel specialized in cooking ,,, I came across a very enjoyable episode of ''Jamie's great escape '' where Jamie goes to a monastery in Farfa - Italy following the reputation that monastery cooking , vegetables and wines are the best.

When he gets there he finds that the monastery that used to have 80 monks now only has 6 and that the herbs garden has died. And the most important part: There cooking is bad and there food is nothing tasty so he decides to teach them to cook.
He cooks with the youngest monks on the side of the road and then he teaches the elder monks to cook in a very festive ambient that makes everyone happy.
I loved the episode but what bothered - and will always bother me- how lack of happiness is connected to religion. The way Jamie was treating the monks, being extra polite because he is silently judging them inside his head and claiming that he knows what they are going through , and that he lives a better life just because he is not that religious.

He told them that his kitchen is his altar and it s the most important thing in his life ,, Ok , we are happy for you , we watch you show , but you cant just mock peoples lives just because you worship your daily rhythm.

The show is just perfect , cooking with Jamie is just perfect but media would never waste a chance to make religion look bad, not a chance!!!

Buen Apetite

Las Fuentes de Granada ,,, Poema de Francisco Villaespesa

Poema en audio: Las fuentes de Granada de Francisco Villaespesa por Nuria Espert

I love this poem , but it does not bring tears to my eyes ...
I always think that a city like Granada deserves more in poetry , literture and art ,,,,
I am still looking for the perfect poem , if not then I might have to write it myself

After 3 yeras of patience: Safa and I :)

After three years of pathetic planning , my high school friend Safa and I we managed to meet today in Rainbow Street. It was wonderful. I thought we would run out of topics in about ten minutes, you know , I tend to freak out before such encounters , but we did not shut up for three hours straight !!!

We walked around rainbow street and then to wast el balad , and then up again and then down again , we took all the stairs and I was fasting so I almost died of thirst ,,, but I was so happy , it has been so long since I last had a nice walk like this one in Amman...

I love walking and talking to Safa ,,, there are two things that I always adored about her:In her attitude she never apologizes for being a woman. She is so God Damn confident and still funnily conservative,,, I dont know how she does it but she excels in it!!The second thing how inside out she is out-going ,,, I just say that I am but I am a lazy bag , while she is always out there picking on the world.

It was perfect ... I enjoyed myself especially when we accidentally ran through people making interviews for a Tv show and they interviewed me!! It was the first time I say yes for such things ,,,, It felt soooooooooooooo funny :)

Nice seeing you again Safa ,,, lets do it more often :)

New language partner

Today we got new language partners , Sara and I. The one on the left of the picture is Elise and she is Sara's partner , the one on the right is Elizabeth and she is my partner. They are so sweet , we clicked immediately and we had juices in Seveen.

I told them that I am not planning to love them because my heart aches of all the goodbyes Language center makes me say!!!

Lets Hope :)

Welcome to Jordan Girlssssssssssssss

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Name is Khan and I am not a terrorist

What can I say about this one!!! Although its a 2 and half hour movie , with the worst translation ever - I had to do a lot of guessing - but its just amazing.

I wonder why would Bollywood spend so much money on a movie that supports a muslim cause. I do believe in our cause but i know that no one sypathises with us , we just look bad thanks to all the media effort. But ''My Name Is Khan" is a wonderful Indian effort that shows in a very smart and brilliant way how Islam is not the religion of Terrorism , it does not imply that Islam is the best - I imply that :) - but it just explains simply that - surprisingly- muslim people are just people like all other , they lead normal lives and they love peace ,, they have to!! its a religious must ...

Really I run out of words when I intend to talk about this movie, for once in my life I can see a con musilm Idea being delivered in a smart way , just like the con jew , con atheism , con homosexuality are delivered in bright amazing ways.

I am happy that My Name is Khan is out there and people can see it ,,, I feel so represented and proud. I will pray for indian souls that is tortured with the absence of tolerance between muslims and hindus. May God help them all ...

Love You Barukh KHan!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Thats my Uni average .. 3,61 still stands!!

I just need 4 percent to become a ''Emtyaz''

plzzzzzz God let it be next semester :(

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sara and I: Gasping along with Google Maps

Yesterday I was hanging out in Sara's house and we were going non-stop about Spain , and for the very first time ever since I came back it occurred to me: ''Why dont I just show sara around Granada using Google maps street view?''!!

ٍI was amazed by the views!!
I know that I am going back soon - 82 days as I write this post- but GOddddddddddddd I was so emotional , it was just like being there , standing on the street looking at the buildings ,the streets , the bus stops the pavement ,,, It was GRANADA!!!!

I thought for a moment : Maybe I am stealing Sara's moment , that moment of conversion between ''Knowing nothing'' and ''Feeling homey and familiar''. But I rememberer when I saw a picture of my residency room on internet before going there, and it did not effect me , actually I did not understand what I saw until I saw it on earth.

Sara made some remarks about some details and something inside me was dancing ''I got a new pair of eyes!!!'' ... Thats a special type of happiness!!

Thats the street that I used to cross at 2 am to go to my room!!!
Thats the monastery next to the residency!!! Its so REALLLLLLL

I am having a Pacman problem!!!

You know what!!! Thats why I hate posting things about the Palestinian case or about the troublesome misunderstandings of Islam , because anything you post after them just looks silly!!!

But I need to say that I am having A Pacman Problem!!!

I suddenly lost my style and my score is getting worse time after time!!!!

Why? Pacman ? I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good bye Rachell: The good byes of Language Center

Yesterday Sara and I said good bye to our - well , Sara´s- language partner Rachell. They have been very enjoyable 3 months that we spent meeting her 3 times a week.

Every language partner we have is an important page in our history as persons , but with Rachel it was more different , because she was the very first jew I ever talk to in my life.

I knew jews before but we never really TALKED about things with them. This time Sara, Rachel and I we had very long conversations talking about everything and it feels so different for me now.

I feel comfortable talking to the ''category'' of people I avoided the most in my life , I now know that we can be friends even when we keep believing in what we believe.

And leaving everything aside we really bonded as women!! I feel the traditional sadness of a language partner leaving , I already miss you Rachel but you bit am gonna come see San Fransisco with you ... I just MUST!!

Love you a lot ,,, always remember Jordan for it will always remember you :D

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Palestine ... 62 years of non-sense

A letter sent to the White House!

What happened lately in Gazza was outrageous ... Everytime I say : Israel cant get anymore creative in torturing Gazza ,,, You would always think: They cant come up with any newer Ideas , they have done it ALL,,, But NO!! They can always come up with dirtier games , more ugly , stupid animal like acts - sorry animals!!- . So I followed a link and sent this message to the White House , not the best english nor the best discourse but I said something in order not to explode!!

The Idea that the white house still have the nerve to support Israel is making me sick!!

How could you say that you support freedom and human dignity if you are just going to let them go away with this awful crime!!!

Thats no Arnold Schwatrzneger movie were actors get back to life afterwards!! Those were real people in a real mission trying to help the people of the most unfortunate city in the world.

You ought to be too ashamed ,, terribly ashamed!!

Best Regards

Watch this ....God damn it !!!