Thursday, June 25, 2009

Officially Freaking Out!!

Results of Erasmus Scholarship can be declared any momet .. yesterday I went to Uni administration to ask about something for Moscows scholarship and the girl responsible about scholarships was not there so I asked about her and they said she is in the committee chosing students to be getting the Erasmus scholarship and she will be back on Sunday!!!! What the hell!!! I am TRULY freaking out

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Battery Pack: You get time out you naughty!!!

As Ruba and I arrived in Wast Elbalad the battery decided to doze off.. If I was not in love enough with Haiku Chan it would have gone nasty ...
The second thing I see while overlooking the great view of the Roman Theatre from a wonderful balcony a cute Iraqui couple come to us and ask us to take a picture of them ... they had a Canon that would make Haiku Cahn go green with jealousy (hehehe) .. I took more than one picture of them in different angels , zooms and lighting .. the guy literally said while going over the pictures: Thats Professional!! ... God , i was starting to get depressed over not being able to take good pictures ever since I got the camera , but i think things are getting better a bit each day ...
The picture above os the only one i took with my own camera before it went to bed >> God Bless you Haiku Chan and bless the Iraqui couple :)

Following the steps of "The Man with the Long Shadow"

Yesterday Sara and I cancelled everything: No gym , no work , no conference attending for translation training and no going to the clinic for my swollen jaw.. we just wandered around the uni just like the old days of unemployment... God we were so happy ...
We played the echo game when we both have the same song on our mobiles and we try to turn the song on in the same moment .. it takes a lot of concentration and 1 2 3 counting but when it works and we push our heads right in the middle between the two mobiles the echo just takes you away with the music ...
We walked down the memorial spots of Dr.Ramiz may God bless his memory .. we went through the dr.ramiz street , the "Eye tree" , the "overhearing wall" and the light bulb ... we missed a few spots of course like the parking , the window of the masjid and the stairs of the village ... as we walked we listened to "You are my sunshine" "Only you" "You are nobody" "Release me" eve the Tom and Jerry theme song ... we sang and aughed , I kept telling her that we should be grateful that a year away from today we got to know such a wonderful person , and she keot telling me: well it has been a YEAR!!
This makes sense ... offfft .. i dont even wanna talk about it ...:)

Dr.Ramiz street

The eye tree where I drew an eye on the trunk .. we did not find it though!!

The magical window

We are totally convinced that this light bulb is a male one which is infatuated and totally in love with the light bulb next to him ... If you concentrate you will see that he has head facing toward the other bulb on the left ... So desperate Ha?


I am In Love :)

I found this out while listening to a Russian radio station , without almost understanding more than 5 words a minute that it is capable of making me smile just like a girl who has just fallen in love ... I smile from the depth of my heart .. It looks like it was meant to happen my entire life time and I did not realize until it happened .. I was meant to listen to the music of this amazing magical language ...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Was it in this life or the former one?

Ever since friday I was kicking my own head to know: where did I see Max Medina before in my own life? u know my life? like not in TV but a person I know .. so I though and thought and went over pictures like thousand times now and all I got was two options only: Ahmad Nayef ... he teaches in my uni , he is sth of masters or I dont know what and he is on the list of the ten hottest men ever as long as he keeps his mouth shut (he is the kind of guy who would let his mum pick his wife and would send a friend to check that he got some girls watching his face!! what the hell !! why good looking guys are absurd!! I remember we first saw him in yoom eshogaf el3alamy October 6th. We stalke him for fun and then he thought that he was a big deal .. few days later he got engaged .. good boys die early ) anyway .. my second option - which I prefer most is Dr.Ramiz.. God how much I miss him .. not that he ever knew I existed - a lot of people tend not to- but he was such a wonderful add to this boring reality .. he would always say something that would open a new horizon that the world would look wide , new , hyctic and really worth the burden of exploring and living.

Sometimes I sit to myself and think that we would never ever come across such a person again , with "we" I mean Sara and I ., we really had a lot of orirginal ideas after listening to him. It was nothing near love or crush - if it was then he will be the christian guy number 12,000 - but he proved a point to us : this oworld consists REAL people with deep feelings and thorough understanding of everything , people who would look to everything as a mosaic and give everything a damn in such a wonderful harmony ..

I have had enough talking about him .. talking about hin makes me feel heavy ... he is gone now ( why the good die young?) .. for the record: he is alive and kicking :)

Good night :)

Since Friday I have been kiching my head with my own feet trying to remember who he looks like

Nothing really

I had a walk with lulu-san toward the hostel yesterday ... I was happy , and the trees had a speech bubble above them as if they wanted to say something!!!!

T.V Moments: Words by Rory gilmore

- I'm having one of those moments right now
-what moments?
-One of these moments when everything is so
perfect that you almost feel sad because nothing
can ever be this good again.

Gilmore Girls - Rory to Dean

T.V Moments: Words by Max Medina

"I woke up this morning and I realized that
I have studied ad taught the great literature
all my life and those stories are replete with
characters thet let opportunities slip by ,
but what I teach is more than just literature ,
its lessons in life. If I dont follow those tenets
to those lessons then am not
the man I thought I was , The man I want to be"

last episode , season 1 , Gilmore Girls

Saturday, June 20, 2009

El díd del español en Cervantes Ammán

It was the day of spanish language in Cervantes ... we had fun , but not tons of fun , although I played and talked to strangers (Progress .. OOO)

Lluvia de palabras

Juntitos :)

The best way to get over an addiction....

Is to get nother one !!

To get over these two :Denny and Alan

You move to those : Lorelai and Rory ..

Watching a lot of Boston Legal makes you a litigator who is extra mean ..
Watching a lot of Gilmore Girls makes you extra human ..
So a mix is the best recipie:)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mansafji desu!!



Now you are declared officially: Jordanian :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crazy Japanese Class!!

Yesterday we had such a wonderfull japanese class ... I laughed from the top of my lungs , I felt my brain flourishing with the new stuff we learned .. we learned the verbs groups in japanese and how to form the "Te form" which is the imparative form ...

The true fun is when the sensei taught us a song to remember the irregular verbs Te form (when he ACTUALLY started singing I was like:Oh my God!! If it was me I would never ever sing infront of a crowded room) but -which is original TAKWA attitude- I taped the song ... It was halirious (how is this word spelled anyway!!)

So first melody here:

Second melody:

So am wandering around the house all day singing:

い ち り って

み び に んで

き     いて

ぎ     いで

し     して 

believe it or not , japanese is one of the few things that make me smile from the depth of my soul without considering being happy .. its just what I am...Sigh sigh sigh

Its a true fuss!!!

Well well well ... Its a true fuss!! I am happy around the baby , but moderating my feelings , i really dont want to get so attached to him and then suffer when I travel .. i am succeeding so far .. enjoy the pics

Thats him with the card above his head !! First identification from a long long chain of papers saying who the hell you are ;)

When they first got to the car from hospital

First time at his grandparents home

First baby shower ( there are more photos bt I dont want my own nephew sueing me for posting nude pictures of him!)


Opening his eyes for the picture after 12 thousand tries to get one picture with eyes in it


and more sleeping

Personally I am so proud of this picture .. its just wonderfull!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Аслан Тлебзу: Къафа кIыхь

I love this video ... it gives me the chills of the mountains and the looks of strong men. Call me non-feminist but men are meant to be strong :)

To Life: Off he goes!!

This is my two hour old nephew .. just for the record 3amto: You suck!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Son of the Defender:one more hole in the wall

In spite of all my love to God , sometimes I feel that I lack the wisdom to understand his messages. Like today: I get to see "Son of the defender" one breth-taking episode of Boston Legal right in the same day as I get back my test results totally negative. Whats the message?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ibrahim Jaber Ibrahim : God Bless you

Finallay someone states the disgusting situation of people singing lies in a decent article.. God bless you again :

Jeffrey Coho: One more gentleman

Well I guess I have learnt something: Gentlemen should be soaked with unpleasantness at the beginning , they appeal more.
Jeffrey Coho : one more example on the list.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Its Coming ...

My nephew is coming any moment...I hope it happens when am not around , you know , its gonna be awkward u know!!

Moments: Junio 10