Monday, April 27, 2009

Russian Day - 28 0f April .. Yohooo

The Russian Language day was held today in our university (this way of starting a topic migh win the studpidest ' essay opening" contest . I did not go to lasses and we had a blast!!!

I love these days when we have something to perform on stage , and most of alla i like the moments behind the scene. Today when we were behind the scenes i got the chance to check two of my pre judgemnet: One of them was proved to be wrong , and I found out that I wasn not harsh enough about the second one.

Some people are nicer than they look , and some bitches are even bitcher when you deal with them closely :)....Anyway it was a nice day and we ended up having two pictures oa us on two newspapers.

Doktora Tatyana: Cpasibo Balshoi

Mays , Sara and elo5t elmonadele Lenova

Takbachka with the flag of the russian nation (One Big WoW)

Blencheke ... Russian pan cake with a very special taste (It might be not that special , but when it comes to Russia am no that subjective :)

The Russian Bread an Salt .. Its a tradition to serve your guests bread that they dip and salt and so they will be as family . This bread was served to the Russian ambassado who attended the event.

If you wonder what happened to the rest of the bread : Here is your answer!!!
Bila Ochen Vkosni
Dov streche:)

Here comes the Bride : )

The fisrt day of May is the finally estimated day for the arrival of my dearest Haiku-chan (Canon rebel xsi camera) ... I just got a call from uncle Jim and he says that everything is ok and she is arriving soon. God I felt as happy as a child!!!
Check this out:
And .. oh yeah thats cool .. See her in 360 degree
I adore her in every degree ... God bless America (America!! well yeah .. its coming from NYC i guess)...
Hasta la vistaaaaaa

Friday, April 24, 2009

Go: Boston Legalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Am reluctant: Which curse shall I use?

Your application‏
From:Erasmuswindow3 (
Sent:Friday, April 24, 2009 5:19:40 PM
To: Erasmuswindow3 (

Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window for Jordan, Syria and Lebanon:
We regret to inform you that you have not been nominated to a scholarship through the mobility program EM ECW, funded by the European Commission.
You are very welcome to apply again. The online application is open now and is due 7 May 2009.
Information and updates about the programme is available on
I wish you good luck with your new application and your future studies/career!
On behalf of the EM ECW for Jordan, Syria and Lebanon Consortium,
Carina Jensen
Project Manager
The half full of the cup :We knew about it since Tuesday ... if it was not for that I would have crcked in tears ,,,, To Sadoof: so good we were together when we were ejected , you prevented me from griefing... Gracias

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feliz Día del libro: Juancho Armas Marcelo y Gonzalo Escarpa

Hoy teníamos un loco día internacional del libro con los hermosos escritores españoles Juancho Armas Marcelo y Gonzalo Escarpa. Ha sido una session muy bonita si olvidamos del horrible español que tiene Ahlam!!! Díos mío , cada vez en que la recuerdo diciendo: Ahora doy la BalaBra a no se quien me da asco ... Bueno dejame de ella ...
La session estaba una de estas conversaciones que crecen hacia todos los direcciones y que no tienen un solo centro .. así que hablaban sobre TODO y los estudiantes actualmente preguntaban cosas y había mucha vida en la sala...
Juancho me recuerda de Alan Shore porque tiene una manera distinta en hacer todo: hablar , reir , contar historias y lo mas imprtante: llegar al corazon de su publico.
Gonzalo es sobre todo muy guapo(lo siento , pero eso lo que pasa: a principio Vemos y luego Escuchamos) , muy español y profundo ... hay algunas ideas que me gusta oirlas desde las bocas de otros para sentir que no estoy sola en pensarlas. Como que el hablar castellano da una sensacion erotica .... Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (queriés ejemplos?) y muchas otras ideas...
Me gustaba mucho una piquinita historia que me contaba Gonzalo sobre una poeta que ha sido preguntado en una entrevista dos preguntas:
1- ¿Quien eres?
2-¿Por que escribes?
Y el preguntaba: Escribo para saber quien soy yo.
Ha sido un placer y un día perfecto.
Gracias especialmente para Teresa , no te preocupes: te traerémos Mfarrake la semana que viene :)

Trying new thingsÑ EvaLuna dancing Salsa!!! Eshy Bahdale

To say the truth: I strated this post 3 days ago but fell asleep before finishing it . Sp on Thursday I did not go to work and instead went to the gym. I felt like trying a new thing so I entered the Salsa class. It was just PERFECT!!!! Our teacher is so good and energetic , at the begining I was like "Oh , noooo I am so out of here" and also "everyone seems to catch the rythm except for me ... I am stupid .. they can tell that I dont do math" but I just kept telling myself that I will stay for 5 more minutes and see what happens . And for my own surprise I caught the rythm and started dancing .... God it felt sooo good ... and although I prefer falling off a cliff than doing group work but thi sone was dofferent.
It arouses the sense with senses and with the edges of my own body and soul. Well it is not something that i can describe but I was just happy and falling in love with me. I am so fun to be on my own company :).
The best part that the songs were in all in Sapnish and unlike everyone I understood the words ... the coach counts in japanese and even says "chi" about "yon" which is number 4 ... fun though ...

Hasta la vista ...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

No really

I dont know why but thi svideo gives me the hugest urge to cry ... i love the wind .. the greean mountains of Caucas ... The safety provided by high shoulders and stiff strong arms ... I feel like crying for am soaked like a sponge ... sigh

The Smile of Aron: Giving light to our house

Today our house was lightened with the great presence of my dear friend Megan ,her husband Richard and her awesome son Aron. Sara and mais joined us on the table ... we just had wonderful time setting the table , eating and talking about a lot of stuff. Megans family is one ' if not the best' of the best families I have ever seen ... they are nice , quiet and fun especially the wonderful Aron. He is smart , gentle , funny , strong and well raised child .

Watch us:

Everytime he pauses for a picture he says: Jameeeed^_^

Playing under the table

Aron and Richard

Aron hugging Mummy knowing thathe is leaving her at night and going back home

Aron and Evaluna at the door

Aron through the car window saying good bye ... Meanwhile I wonder "will I see him again?'

I told you Aron that you are becoming a star one day .. just search your name on youtube and you will prove me right....looooooool

Today was a memorable day in the memory of my family ... we had nice time and learned a lot from a very loving and honest family ... We would never forget this wonderful lunch because there are paeople that simply vant ba foragtten (quoted from mum)

Allah ma3kom

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Masonary: Cool Search

"National Treasure" was my Friday treat movie. I tells a complicated story (one of those that I dont have the ability to tell) but mainly about tracking signs that were written on the back of the independence document that would eventually lead to a huge treasure hidden under a church , and was hidden by masons to keep it from the british.

The movie contained a lot of masonary symbols that worth studying especially that some of them are repeated constantly on T.V and cinema ... like these:

I have seen this chain of greeting movements especially with black dudes greeting each other (I guess it was will smith)

This is constantly repeated in football games from both players and audience ... I see a lot of guys around my university making it and it was once explained in many ways in a bamk cmmercial (I think it was HSBC) but while searching yesterday I found that it symbolises the horns of ssatan!!

Those are symbols that were repeated in the movie but as I searcehd I did not reach a good explainaton for them ... If anyone knows anyhting please contact me

This site had some good -still weird- information , especially regarding those that say that the eye and the pyramid is not a masonary symbol

Thats all for now

Stranger than Fiction: Trademill Movie Wonders

" Stranger than Fiction" is a movie I watched while killing the lazy time i spend on the trademill , but I enjoyed it in a way that I did not notice that that I crossed the time assigned for my running!!
The movie talks about a guy who hears his life being narrated to him in the voice of a woman.. he starts canging things in his life , fighting to get his love , searching more about his inside as he discovers that the woman voice is the voice of a novelist who is writing his life story in a novel. As she plans to kill him at the end he goes and begs her not to kill him because his life has finally reached what he always wanted it to be. So the novelist changes the end to save his life although a very good critic tells her that changing the end would lower the estimation of the novel from "The best Modern English Novel" to "a good english novel" ... she accepts the loss as she realizes that great lives are not those who are ended in a dramtic way but those lives which are enjoyed through the tiniest details.

Its one of the breath-taking movies where you look and reflect on your own life ...
In my case: It has been so long since I last sat and took my chracters seriously .. I just tried to imagine Esperanza coming in to my room begging me to do something to save her life .. I have not moved a pen for her although she is the one I love the most in the world ...

I think its time to go back to my young girl ... Its JUST time.

Origami Crane ... i did it!!

Very nice and unexpectedly easy:)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Daydreaming of Nipon...again

What is it with filthy words ? You feel like saying them to hurt those who hurt you but you end up feeling bad about your ownself.
Mom used to tell me - for many years now- that a person needs to be his ownself's best friend because every other kind of friends will leave us at some point. I used to think that she was a horrible person who never knew what was friendship all about.
Now I know what mum meant .. she meant that ultimate moment a person lives right before he/she falls asleep and has that vast feeling of lonliness and that no one in the entire world can fill that huge gap inside his soul.
Good friends are a good morning thing to have ... but for that moment nothing helps but hugging an old bear and praying to Allah that he may fill your heart with warmth that you never get to need people ever again.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A slap on the face

Is all what I would like to give you ... Postmodrnisim is bad ... trust me!!!!!

Taymoor and Shafee2a: I am not subjective!!

I watched the movie on youtube during 4 days ... some cool guy uploaded the whole thing in 10 videos. I loved the way in which the movie was narrated and the best thing about was its stars: Ahmad Esa2a and Muna Zaki (My favorite and my teenage love fantasy). But still the movie is so weak as a story. It tells the story of Taymoor and Shafee2a who were neighbours and childhood sweethearts who grew to love and take care of each other. Taymoor (Which is the beautiful ahmad esa22) is so stubborn , bossy and extremely jealous and Shafee2a is very ambitious but controlled by Taymoor. They fight about something and they decide to act as a abrother and as sister. 7 years pass and they dont move on but still dont go back to each other ... Shafee2a becomes a minister and Taymoor becomes her body guard!!
Some action happens in russian ,,, fire and cars chasing and eventually they kiss and get married , still nothing changes: Taymoor is jealous and Shfee2a is ambitious.

I did want to think about this but I did: The movie reminded me of my own childhood fiance. We used to love each other , but now what? I barely know him .. its true that we speak one common language (russian) but I think that we grew away. There is magic about childhood love .. I cherish him and that is not something that i dont deny because he is a part of my beautiful childhood , but when it comes to love a person need to be wat too subjective: We dont belong together... i guess ... I dont know ... I have a feeling that he is in love with another girl ... and so am I ... I am happy for him but worried ... Are we making a mistake here?

Phsycology of Marketing.. 3

There is something about dirty commercials : People never forget them!!

Phsycology of Marketing.. 2

Pepsi V.s CocaCola ... cool commercial

Oh Godddddddddddddddddd... we have developed a big time eh!!

I love the sound of the narrator .. buhahahahahahahaha

Monday, April 13, 2009

His cothes are ready: you are free to come anytime

We are 2 months 2 days away from the approximate date of the birth of my nephew ... We got al his clothes yesteraday ... enjoy the pics:

God bless Syria: They write in Arabic on clothes!!

Aunt EvaLuna holding the size 3 shoes!! (tell me that i am a giant!)

Abu ryale preperations :)

The Mobil bed ... wooden cuddly and warm (can I have one please?^_^)

The magical under wear ... I can already see his chicken feet sticking from the wholes...
Oh!!! I did not think I will be but I AM thrilled :)
Allah yogaf ma3na ... May he be obedient to God and to his parents and of course his cuty cute Aunt EvaLuna ..loooooooooooool

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire: A literary Miracle.

Yesterday I watched Slumdog Millionaire alone on Romeo's laptop ...

Its one of the movies with which you get to live another life that is not yours experience in which you travel to another part of the continent , you see the dreams of unfortunate people , their attempts to make a better reality , the feelings that get smashed with the hammer of poverty and need.
The movie tells the story of Jamal Malik a young man from the muslim minority in India. His mum gets killed in a racist attack and as his mother dies he and his brother Salim start a homeless life with their friend Latica. The steal , beg , enroll in a band of thieves , lie for tourists and make their living.
The story is told through a hard questioning he is exposed to beacuase he is accused of cheating in the show of "Who wants to be a millionaire?"... he did not go to school in order to know the answers but it was life that exposed him to the answers in the most vicious ways.

The title of his struggle was his love to Latica, and so the movie was ended with a kiss .... God how much i miss happy endings ... I miss them ... I really do

Am falling in Love!!

With the nonesense

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shopping in Carrefour: What te hell!!

How much I hated that round of shopping!!! I tend to act agressively against places with glowing floors , especially when I am acompanied with a big number of people . mainly my aunt who walks in zigzag lines and keeps pumping me and drives me crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...

Anyway these are the things I liked and would like to come get them some other time :

Its a toy for big boys .. but I love it :)

I would love to put this one on my office ... its great and motivating

I liked this laptop ... its tiny and light , 120 Gb , wirless and what more? I likd it but its name is "MSI" ... so pass ... I will go for the Toshiba I think

Look at the ugly place!! As if we are living in a American teenagers drama (The Disgusting Share Horowates type of life!!)

A gay book cover for Celia Ahern (The writer of P.S I love you).. still: I Like it ...
What I truly Hate is Virgin Megastore ... its like a little paradise where everything is prohibited!!! ITs freakingly EXPENSIVE... thats why Bas6at El-balad are invented .. so you can buy 4 seasons of Desperate Houswives for 20 Jds and not buy one only season for 75 JDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
رزق الهبل عالمجانين
Hasta la vista

Knafe Day with CIEE students: Yum Yum:)

Yesterday (April -6) we had the knafe day with our dear international students on the green square next to uni's main resturant. As always I freak out from eating in public but when Alaa is there she makes me feel perfect , and this is how it turned to be a very nice activity where we sat and talked and of course ate :)

My best part was when all the students where shouting in one voice: KNAFE COMES FROM NABLES AND NABLES IS IN PALESTINE .... they were jumping and talking that when #ammo abu A7mad came to take the picture Patsy (How much I like this Patsy) she took the iniciative to stand infront of the group and say: HAY EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP... I laughed my lungs out ...

Here u go with the pics:

Patsy & Katie going through their 2ollaz

I should have rotated the picture!!

This is the knafe plate

After losing a tonsill or two I managed to get them to sit and circles:)


Takwa , Zeina , Sara , ana Rasha

And our esencial part: Shoes!!

For the very first time #ammo Abu A7mad the photgrapher get to take a picture ... and muhammad as well ... I was standing in a bunch and yelling: Jebbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbne
The great effort that CIEE office is making to bring the arab students to socilaize with american students is really wonderful ... For me I would have never got the guts to talk to blonde strangers if it was not for the hard work of my dear friends in CIEE and Especialli my Dearest Aliet.
Cpasiba Balshoi ya bakkorty :)

You know whats the worst part of falling out?

Is feeling the yrge to peak backwards

This is professional!!

I got the picture file... look at the glory of REAL cameras!!! I think I am going to cry .. ehe2 ehe2