Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time is running

I took this picture today and it makes me melancholic when I look at it. Time is going so fast , and my last JU B.A semester is coming to an end ,,, and surprisingly: I am no where near ready for leaving all this beauty and peace behind.

God , I am so young ,,, Really young (for the real world?)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Back on Facebook

When my Facebook was off I was thinking: Maybe people are stupid , maybe not. But when I got my Facebook back I was sure again!

If only they can shut up!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photo Shoot of My Oud ... Part II

I might never love anything more than my Oud until I have my first child.

Pictures Taken in Irbed,,,It is a serious Spring around here :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo Shoot of My Oud ... Part I

For many weeks I have been willing to spend more time in my grandparents' garden , rather tha staying inside surfing the net. And as the weather was tremendously beautiful today, I took my Oud out and I practiced in the garden.

As the sun was about to set I thought of taking a picture of my Oud under the olive tree -under which I was sitting- and I ended up taking the Oud in a tour to the Gardens most attractive trees, and I took many pictures.

Here is part one of the Photo Shoot :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Facebook-psychology Song

This is a very intersting Spanish song that Goes like this ''Please dont Enter my Facebok Please Please'' ... Some parts of it are soooo funny and accurate, foe example it says ''When you write Melodramas please dont write them on the wall'' , it also says ''Now its cool to celebrate your birthday with strangers , and celebrate for the sake of it'' and '' you say I will stay on facebook for a little while , but you stay more and more'' ....

Good song :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I have deactivate my facebook account. It has been a week already and I am feeling -surprisingly- relaxed.

The reasons why I deactivated my Facebook?

1- Lately I have been busy with my notifications more than I have been busy with my homework. It has been an actual obstacle preventing me from getting any work, reading , studying or translation done.

2- I read a lot of political stuff and I sensed myself being aggressive and mad all the time.

3- It was feeding on my curiosity. I have almost 600 friends , and its simply impossible to keep up with the news feed ,,, there has to be things that I DONT READ!

How I feel now?
I feel strong, its like I am detoxicating from an addictive habit and am happy that I simply did it , and stuck to it.
I feel - in the weirdest of all ways- confident and self sufficient. The act of checking notifications >>> checking if someone has said something TO me or ABOUT me is just degrading to the human race!!! Feeling this continuous urge to being heard and being the centre of the world at all times is just sick! (the first day I started checking my twitter but then I stopped ,, twitter is boring).

What do I miss?
I miss my friends of course, I feel like I cant see them and cant hear them at the same time.
I miss posting pictures that I take.
I miss stalking people.
I miss the REAL NEWS. It impossible to know the real political deal without Facebook and Internet journalism.

When am I coming back?
Soon. I am happy with the experience and its helping me through the era of midterms , but when the exams are over am going to come back with a moderated attitude Ensahalla!! no more checking 89 notifications or commenting too many things or posting many things on my wall ,,, Really!

Something I would like to mention
I got my book and I read in bed. I have not done that in ages because I have been staying up late on my desk facebooking all the way! Its really great to have time to read at home.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Banner

~ ليل العاشقين طويل و لكن نهار العويّدة أطول ~

Monday, March 12, 2012

New Facebook Profile Picture

كنت أرى تيسير علوني يتمشى وحيداً في شوارع غرناطة. لم أقترب منه مطلقاً و كنت أكتفي بمراقبته من بعيد. في عينيه نظرةُ من رأى كل شيء

و ما عاد بالإمكان إدهاشه، و كان ينظر إلى الناس بحياد و كانه ما عاد ينتظر شيئاً. كان يأتي إلى الاعتصامات و المسيرات الداعمة للقضايا العربية ، و كان

يبقي كفيه في جيبه. كنت أفكر بأنه ربما الوحيد الذي لا يحتاج لأن يهتف أو أن يصرخ أو أن يحمل يافطة.

كان الرجل الوحيد -وسط الزحام- الذي قال كل ما عنده، و صار بإمكانه عندها أن يلتزم الصمت بسلام.

مبروك تحرير تيسير علوني من الإقامة الجبرية و عودته من إسبانيا.

Solía ver a Taisir Aloni caminando solo en las calles de Granada. Nunca me acerqué a él, solo me bastaba mirarle desde lejos. En sus ojos encontraba la mirada de un hombre que ya lo ha visto todo. Y él miraba la gente con una mirada neutra como no esperase nada de nadie.
Siempre iba a las protestas ya las demostraciones de los casos árabes. Siempre mantenía las manos en los bolsillos. Pensaba que a lo mejor él era el único hombre que no le hacía falta animar ni gritar ni llevar un cartel.
Entre todo aquel alborozo, era él la única persona que ya había dicho todo lo que tiene, y entonces puede mantener el silencio con todo tranquilidad.
Les Felicito la liberación de Taisir Aloni del arresto domiciliario y su regreso de España

Sunday, March 11, 2012


It is not that this video is amazing , but the guys patience to analyse and actually say something about this phenomena ,,, this patience is unbelievably amazing.
Why? Because the people he is talking about are the most disgusting creatures in my humble opinion. I know that am not helping at all , and that am being so judgemental and mean, but today I got the biggest scare of my life in a riot in my university that was led by those people.

I cant understand them , I cant handle them and I cant imagine myself negotiating with them.
All I want now is them being expelled .... Out of my university
Out ,,,, you dont need knowledge anyway!

Damn You Neutral!

Facebook Status

في البال أغنية
لم يكتبها شاعرها بعد
لم يلحنها ملحنها بعد
و لكنها -مع ذلك- تملأ المساء

يا رب

Facebook Status

هنالك درجة من الحزن، ما كنا لنكتشفها لو أن كاظم الساهر اتجه للرسم أو النحت أو النجارة أو الطب أو الهندسة

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Reason Why there are more riots in my university

~كان إحساس بالحقد الدفين يسيطر على علاقاتهم الانسانية. و كان ذلك الإحساس قديماً قدم التعب الذي لا شفاء له في عضلاتهم. إنهم يولدون و ذلك المرض الروحي فيهم، يرثونه عن آبائهم، فيرافقهم كشبح مظلم طوال حياتهم حتى القبر، يدفعهم دون انقطاع إلى ارتكاب أفعال تثير وحشيتها العديمة المعنى الاشمئزاز و النقمة معاً.

و كان الفتيان -أيام الأعياد- يؤمون منازلهم في ساعة متأخرة من الليل متمزقة ثيابهم متلطخة بالأقذار و الأوحال. مظلمة عيونهم، دامية أنوفم، و هم يتبجحون أحياناً، و في اعتزاز فارغ، بما كالوا لرفاقهم من لكمات، أو يكشرون عن أنيابهم، في أحيان أخرى، غاضبين أو باكين لما نالوا من إهانات.

كانوا سكارى مساكين يثيرون في النفس الشفقة و النقمة في آن. ~

مكسيم جوركي - الأمّ

Friday, March 9, 2012

أنا متأسف

إلهي أنا متأسف
أنا متأسف
أنا متأسف

يا رب سامحنا، كثرت خطايانا، صمتنا على كل هذا الظلم بلغ حد قلة الأدب معك .. أنا متأسف يارب

I can simply die!

Its a classical Arab-Muslim feeling, to feel guilty when happy. You know, people everywhere -including in Jordan- are going through much, and I can still enjoy my earthy simply moments of happiness.

May God and Humanity forgive me for this.

Yesterday I had a rounded moment of happiness. I had a Oud class but my teacher could not come so he sent one of his former students to teach the class instead. My class has 9 students but no one of them showed up except for me! So the former student and I sat on the deanships entrance instead of going to the second floor.

He started teaching me a new scale. I was so worried. It was my first time to play infront of other people. We have always taken our class in a closed room with our teacher, no one has ever witnessed the great load of noise that we cause before we get to play something that sounds familiar. But for my surprise, the people were nice and those who watched us watched patiently , while the rest did not even watch.

I love it when Issa -the former student- plays infront of me. You know, it gives me hope because 11 months ago he was a beginner just like me but now he plays pretty well.

I knew beforehand that our teacher was not going to come,so I asked Nusaibah to call Afifi. He is a Oud player that everyone has told me about, and I did not get to meet him till last week, but have not heard him play yet. She called him but he did not pick up.

But then when we were on the deanships stairs he came. (I love when this happens, you try to set a meeting with someone and dont succeed, then you accidentally run through them) as he approached he said: Oh, this string needs tuning. And so he took my Oud and he asked: what are we doing? I was like ''we are in class'' so he started teaching me some things (I got worried again, he was fast and he thought I was catching up with him) he noticed my lost expressions heheheh so he played a song , then another and then another.

Along came Yahya, another good Oud player and he took Issa's Oud and so I was in the middle, Afifi to my right and Yahya to my left and Nusiabah infront of me, and they started playing great songs and we all sang.

I know I know ,,, I have mentioned many things like this lately, but yesterday was exceptionally great, Wallahi I felt tingling things in my arm!! I was so overwhelmed and extremely happy ... How can I put that in words? ....

Anyways afterwards I had a smal conversation with Afifi and I think am gonna come back with great news shortly =)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Five Years!

So ,,,

Today was an amazing day. Recently all my university days are amazing because I have a clear intention to make them so , and of course because God is bringing great things my way all the time.

In this last year - my fifth year- I made a new friend, her name is Nusaibah. It does not feel that we have known each other only for this short time. It feels like we have been friends since for ever.
She is the kind of person who is a Gateway to many things beyond. She took me to the world of the Deanship -3amade- the place where I was never comfortable. Maybe because I was shy or simply too lazy to mingle with strangers who are different from the crowd. (Or at least they tend to be).

So today she FORCED me to sing infront of choir members. We were on the deanships stairs and she tricked me into starting to sing and then she brought them to listen. I was happy she did so. Its a great moment when your voice makes people smile, gaze , think and meditate. i have never tried giving those feelings to anybody because I have always sang alone or to soothe babies and make them sleep. I was not even sure that my voice had anything special.

But the choir guys (abd-rahman and noor) said that my voice shivers because it is not trained, but as soon as this isse is solved then I happen to have a good voice!!

I dont long to anything in this field, but I have only two thoughts.
One: It has taken me 5 years to get to the point where I am comfortable to sing infront of strangers! It took me long! Its a great soft simple experience , why was it soaked with so much complications? I dont know.
Two: I would like to sing one song on a stage before I die.

Just that , Peace.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

When I am single , I mean it

Once you are taken then you are taken.

The time you spend single is limited so

dont spend it longing for a relationship ,,,,

Friday, March 2, 2012

Facebook Status

يا رفيقي العزيز،"

أنا أعترف بأني حرضتكَ على المضي معي إلى الأمام

، ومازلت أحرضكَ من دون أدنى فكرة عن مآلنا،

أو ما إذا كان علينا أن نكون ظافرَيْن

،أو خاضعَيْن تماماً ومنهزمَيْن".

والت وايتمان

I cant guarantee anything for anyone, but we can only go forward and hope for the best.