Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thirst to Knowledge

As I was searching for a picture I found this picture somewhere in the web with the fllowing text under it:

Thirst for Knowledge

Contained within a single dewdrop tear is a world of education. Mother nature dips her hands into the pool of learning, and as she opens them a mother is revealed bestowing the most precious of gifts to her child – knowledge. The young have a thirst for information which must be fed, and lessons that we learn in youth will map our route through life.

Nice :)

The Difference between Knowledge and Education

I have a long list of pending drafts. I have not posted anything since the beginning of May. It is not because I was studying but only because I did not feel like it. And although I hate posting a new post ahead of saved drafts but I am posting this beacuse I am mad and I would love to rant.

Today I had an exam, Spanish Literture till the 19th century exam. AS I went through the material I was completely happy ,,, really really happy , rolling in the pleasure of both: knowledge and Spanish.

I came to the exam and Idid not do well. I did not memorize all the things that neede memorizing, but I did not care. I was happy for the portion of knowledge that I had and now I am willing to read the entire novels, plays and poems that were mentioned in my textbook.

I came to the computer lab because I felt a huge urge to read a book written by the Spanish writer Gustavo Adolfo Bequer. I could not wait until I get home. When I got to the lab I saw students checking their grades. SO I was like: then lets see mine as well. I got a real bad mark in english syntax. A grade that would ambolish my GPA. But I dont vare as well.

I just feel heavy inside my heart. For a lifetime I have wished to ber locked in a place like the one in the picture above ,,, to read and read and go on reading for ever. I love knowledge but I hate education and that what truly does not matter.

Sunday May 27th, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My New Oud

Today Ahmad got me my new Oud.
I had very good reasons to get the new Oud, for the strings, the sound echo and clarity and most of all I needed a smaller Oud so it would not slip off my lap.

But still, I am emotionally confused. Am I supposed to love two Ouds? Or shall I just let go of the old one?

I called the new Oud "Las Puertas" , a Spanish word for "the doors".


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Changing Tracks

Today I had a conversation with one of my teachers, the one who recommended that I apply to the Jordan Media Institute for a Modern Media Masters program.

It was a pleasant conversation although I could help but feel extremely down when I left her office as I remembered a line she said. She said and I quote: Forget about Spanish and get to work.

So after all this time of rolling in the happiness of languages and above all Spanish , I will have -eventually- to face the ugly truth that this might not work in the ''real world". I knew this all the time, but I always hoped for a miracle, but instead of the miracle Spain drowned more and more in the economical crisis and for the very first time since god knows when they stopped offering the MA and Phd scolarships :(

So, this Media Institute thingy looks like a great opportunity as long as there is no way to go to Spain. My teacher said that I would make a great TV host or even better: get my own radio program!! 

Later in the evening I went to the academy where I taught a  Spanish course last fall. I was so happy to be there. I also though to myself: Although teaching Spanish here was one of the best jobs that I ever had , but am still too young to stick in my comfort zone.

Here is a message that I sent that exact night to my friend. I post it here so I can get back to it whenever I get a ''Real-World" scare. I care about being happy Nada mas :)

 aham eshy nkoon fulfilled be 3'add enazar keef
bakrah el discourse ely be7ssesek ennek eza ma kan 3ndek eshagle el flanyye fa enty 7ayatek empty! hainy ana mo8bele 3ala soo8 el 3amal bas mesh be 7amas walla , l2no I know what matters, ana ma 3ndi 6moo7at professional , I love to read and to be helpful , fa low balagi masadar masari o agdar ma3o a3ees el na3eem el ma3refi batrek kol el shogol ely fel dnia o basma7esh la wala feminist t7o66 fe rasi enu 3amal el mar2a mohem 

wala eshy mohem ger esa3ade

Friday, May 4, 2012

New Banner

~ كما ينبت العشب بين مفاصل صخرة ~