Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Difference between Knowledge and Education

I have a long list of pending drafts. I have not posted anything since the beginning of May. It is not because I was studying but only because I did not feel like it. And although I hate posting a new post ahead of saved drafts but I am posting this beacuse I am mad and I would love to rant.

Today I had an exam, Spanish Literture till the 19th century exam. AS I went through the material I was completely happy ,,, really really happy , rolling in the pleasure of both: knowledge and Spanish.

I came to the exam and Idid not do well. I did not memorize all the things that neede memorizing, but I did not care. I was happy for the portion of knowledge that I had and now I am willing to read the entire novels, plays and poems that were mentioned in my textbook.

I came to the computer lab because I felt a huge urge to read a book written by the Spanish writer Gustavo Adolfo Bequer. I could not wait until I get home. When I got to the lab I saw students checking their grades. SO I was like: then lets see mine as well. I got a real bad mark in english syntax. A grade that would ambolish my GPA. But I dont vare as well.

I just feel heavy inside my heart. For a lifetime I have wished to ber locked in a place like the one in the picture above ,,, to read and read and go on reading for ever. I love knowledge but I hate education and that what truly does not matter.

Sunday May 27th, 2012

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