Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blogging fom Barajas: I am officially in Spain

Hello blog .... I am blogging from a very funny public internet device in Barajas- Madrid while waiting for my other flight to Granada ... everything is so wonderful ..I am speaking spanish all the time and everyone is excited about the fact that I have never been to Spain before.
This morning two big errands were scratched away from my ¨things I have to do before I die¨list.. Alhamdullilah ....
Pictures to be posted later when I am using a normal computer :-)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last Day Gifts

The party is tooooo crowded on my mobile now , still I really love the colors and the energy ;)
Today I got 2 new additions to my mobile hanger :

A gift from Hadeel-san with Alphabet cubes .... I loveeeeeeeeee the coors :)

Doktora Tatyana asked us to meet her today to talk about the scholarship to Russia , and then she gave us those medals of the Russian Matroshka cmforting us for not going to moscow and getting ones of oru own ... My eyes popped as she pulled it from her bag .. Ya lebly tebya Dktoro Tatyanu ;)

A very very thoughtful gift from Malak san ... a tiny wallet I hang it on the backpack that I am gonna take with me on board tomoowrow ;)
Arigatou Gozaimasyu everyone :)

Finally Done!!!

I sent it to the passengers buliding on seventh circle today ,,,, phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
See you in Granada you heavy sweet bastard :)

My uncle on TV ;)

My uncle was on TV yesterday ... I was so thrilled and proud ,, I love that I have a genius uncle who is being consulted about the worlds most important disease. We are always proud of him but yesterday my hear was beating when the host on Al-Jazeera said : "Doctor Wael" and satrted the question ... This freaks me out , talking in the most important network in the arab world and the countdown :3 2 1 you are on Air!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Luck Uncle always :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

I was so close!!

I was there, with my ticket , my passport , my suitcases in the airport on time ... One Royal Jordanian angry employee started yelling about my bags , then got extra mad and said the plane is closed and you cant go on board (who ever heard of a plane closed 50 minutes before taking off?)... am not even going to put an exclamation mark ... I am going on anothrt flight on wednesday , but people lack education around here.
I went to the University and attended the Sanafer first day .. I was extra happy and I believe it was a sign :)
Thanks God for whatever you prtoected me from
I Trsut you

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sayounara no Meshwar :)

(This post is suppoed to be under the date of September 26th but I dont kow how to do that .. whatever) .

My friends and I planned a day of getting together before Mays and I leave on Sunday. We planned meeting in the uni , eating in Seveen and then going to a mall for a movie and ice-cream .. but what we actually did is what we always do :Chatting Infront of our Faculty , quick meal at Seveen and then back to chatting infront of our faculty!! It was so much fun ... we talked from 11 oclock up till 4 and something ...

Love you all ;)


Takwa-san in the Mall!!

Ruba-san my aunt and I had a lot of fun in our trip to city mall yesterday ... hehehe :) ... Although I hate malls but we just rocked ... I saw Menju-san!!! She is leaving to korea after I leave to Spain so we had one big hug ... Ahhh how much I hate when this happens: When I say good-bye and am almost sure that we will never see each other again , its frustrating!!

We ate some mushrooom sh** from Hardess .. It was horrible and I had a headache after I ate my sandwich.. mushrooms were so tiny that I had to look for them , anyway it was not about the food as much as being with dear ones.

While trying to take a picture of the hall of CityMall and after pulling the camera , pushing the on button , setting the zoom and everything was ready for a good picture suddenly a lady that was next me popped in my face and said she was security and that taking pictures was not allowed. Ok.. I know I was raised to be a rules freak and when a sign says NO then it is an negotiable NO an low is not discussable. But after I gathered myself I thought how mean she was letting me prepare the camera and then snap on me as if I was killing someone!! I asked her: what about mobile phones? she said: we control everything!!

Is not too bad to be Security? defending things that does not belong you and you dont care about , just because you are paid to do so... Sad :(

I told Ruba-san and aunt that I will give them a show to watch , so I went to the Canon counter and I started asking questions about many things (Zoom lenses , UV filters for 18-55 mm lens , cleaning kit) I even got to take this picture with the zoom lens (300 something mm!!) this sign was more than 15 meters away!! I asked him about the price and he told me confidentely: 800 JDs but we dont sell lenses seperately , you have to buy the body , if not then you will have to go to Canon main shop in Gardens ,, I was like: Yeah , yeah , I will just go to the Geadens!! (800!!!! thats almost a thousand!). When I went back to the group they said: You really looked like you know what you are talking about .. hehehehehe :) ^_^

Ruba-san brought me this gift .. at first sight I thought It was a book , but It turned out to be a notebook, she said to me: Think of It as a book cover to your trip to Spain.

I asked her to sign it for me so she wrote:

"Many people are gonna live this experience through you m so make the most of it "

Its good to have people who believe in you , is not it? ;)

The only one whom I am really gonna miss

I am going to miss everyone (reasonably) but Najeh-kun is not going to be the same when I come back ... so when I last see him its gonna be the last time I see this phase of this person .. last time!! Love his stupid pauses :)

Baby sandwich :)

Shofeer taxi

Can you be anymore ahbal?

yes !! you can


Nice , Sweet , Smart answer about Islam

I read this answer in Yahoo! answers , the question was about the most important issues in Islam and some wonderful writer wrote this godd suficient smart answer :

Ok, we know we don't create each other and we don't come to this world from nowhere because when we die we must be going somewhere as well, hence there must be God, if there were many Gods, they would have fought over what to be created and what not to be, probably over who to die and who to live at the same time... so it's gotta be one God... if that God created us then there must be a reason... could we figure it out on our own? God made it easy and sent us messengers and prophets to show us the way and tell us why... so all the messengers and all the religions are from the same only God, so they've got to be complementary to each other, not opposing each other!!! then God must have said His final words in the last message, what is the last message? and how do we know it's the last one? I guess that would be the religion that believes in all messengers and all books equally... is there such religion? actually yes, Islam does :)
A True Muslim (man or woman) gets his reward for obeying Allah's orders (Allah means The God in Arabic) by going to heaven, where he/she are indulged forever in all the good things that were on earth and more, things no one ever dreamt of or heard about. The Holy Quran tells Muslims (men and women) there will be good food, good wine and sex in heaven for all, but not in the bestial way you may think of, but rather in a way that is satisfactory for everyone and better than what was on earth. Heaven is no heartbreak or injustice land.
True Muslims are no terrorists, and Islam never calls for that, Islam means peace, it bans violence unless you were fought so you fight back, it only doesn't require Muslims to be cowards, and true Muslims understand this very well and never attack civilians.
Islam is the only religion that accepts freedom of religion and asks men to treat women gently like queens.
It's all in the Holy Quran and the right teachings of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
If some people behave otherwise, then it's because people behaviour doesn't necessarily reflect the rulings of their religion always, for example, we can't (and don't) judge Christianity by Hitler or Madonna.
And that is another reason why there is heaven and hell after we die, heaven for the obedient and hell for the disobedient and/or oppressor, it's all going to be decided on the day of resurrection and judgement.
To be a Muslim, you must believe God is only one with no spouses or offspring, believe in his angels (servants not males or females), believe in all his religions, messangers and books equally, the day of judgement, heaven and hell and that everything is in God's hands and because of his will (good or bad).
Muslims believe God is the only divine who never dies, the creator who deserves to be worshiped, all prophets who came to earth are human messangers sent by him.
Muslims don't deny christianity, judaism, Jesus or Moses. They believe in them as the noble prophets and messangers of God, love and respect them so much.
We believe the birth of Jesus (messanger of God) was a miracle from God to us, being born by a mother only and with no father. God is the creator, he can do anything.
We believe Jesus (peace be upon him) is NOT dead till today; he wasn’t even murdered or crucified as most people think. God (most glorified) made the man who betrayed Jesus be killed instead by switching their looks for a moment. Jesus was left up to live in heaven until the end of days when he will come back to earth again, with no new teachings or messages but just to make justice prevail instead of oppression, fight the imposter who will claim to be God and (most important) to perform his last prayer with the Muslims announcing he's too a follower of the last prophet (Muhammad) as all people should... then he really dies like other Prophets and be buried (peace be upon them all). So we're waiting for you Jesus, Messenger of God, to bring the world peace and pray with us. That’s what prophet Muhammad told us and this is what I believe in, I’m a Muslim
so how do we know it's true? what is said in the last message and what should we do? read the following, and you'll figure out for yourself:
Enjoy :)

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We love Skype :)

My family and I have recently downloaded Skype and we are trying it in different rooms with different laptops and different cameras . We love it , my Dad was so happy to find out that he can see me everyday , and Mom said she would be able to moderate my weight by making me make a 360 degree round infront of her!!!

Aint we just a cute cute family?!!

New Banner

Jordan University: Miss you already

Non-automatic countdown

Days to go to Granada!!!

The Absence of God: The best way to produce drama

Just finished watching the last episode from m series of this year "Qalbi maakom" "my heart is with you" , and I just came to the conclusion that if the concept of God existed in the series then it would not have existed.

The struggle of the main character "Dr. Beshser" (Played by Abbas Enouri) that he is a famous doctor who owns a very respectful hospital , tries to force his son to become a doctor so he will inherit the hospital . His son runs away so he starts thinking of making his daughter marry a doctor so she will inhrit the hospital. In the last scene (before the happy ending of course) he just gives up and lets go because he is old and his plans are not working and the hospital will get lost. What if he meant to satisfy God with his work (curing sick people , helping poor patients by not taking money from them) ? What if his family legacy was not the isse? then he would not have suffered all his life and he would have accepted God will.

Of course if he did then the show would not have taken place, but this is note that irritates me everytime I watch arabic drama. God (Allah or Jesus) doe s not sow up unless someone dies.

So thats it >> Done with the zillionist show I watch in my life :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Najeh-kun's first Eid

He is 3 months 3 days old now and this is his first Eid. Here you can see him being showered with candy :) Does not he have the worlds coolest aunt with the best camera ever? :)

604 ages in 29 days : Good for a beginning

Today , and 30 miutes before Iftar I finished reciting Quran for this Ramadan. I know I should have read it more than once but I could not manage and Enshalla I will do better next Ramdan.
As known , everything in my family is "Family Business" so when I was close to the last page I went out from my room and shared with the family reciting the prayer of finishing the Quran (Doaa Khatem Al-Quran) .. we prayed together , and I -speaking of myself- asked Allah for a zillion things as its a moment when prayers are accepted. I prayed for everyone -so dont worry , even those whom I dont know- .
This post is an invitatoin to everyone of Muslims , Non-muslims , believers of all religions and Non-believers to whom I hold deep respect to start a relationship with Quran as a book that respects its reader , that gives a new Idea with every reciting , gives you a great grasp of the arabic language and makes you think about everything.
Whatever is the thing you are looking for you can find it in Quran :
Musical Rythm
Historical stories
Quotes of wisdom
Give yourself a chance to discover a whole new world and check this out:
If you can read arabic , please join me with the feeling of safety that this prayer gives.

اللهم إنا عبيدك بنو عبيدك بنو إمائك ، نواصينا بيدك ، ماض فينا حكمك ، عدل فينا قضاؤك نسألك اللهم بكل اسم هو لك سميت به نفسك أو أنزلته في كتابك أو علمته أحداً من خلقك أو استأثرت به في علم الغيب عندك أن تجعل القرآن العظيم ربيع قلوبنا ، وشفاء صدورنا ، وجلاء أحزاننا وهمومنا ، وسائقنا وقائدنا إليك وإلى جناتك جنات النعيم ، مع الذين أنعمت عليهم من النبيين والصديقين والشهداء والصالحين برحمتك يا أرحم الراحمين .

اللهم اجعله لنا شفاءً وهدىً وإماماً ورحمة، وارزقنا تلاوته على النحو الذي يرضيك عنا .

اللهم لا تجعل لنا ذنباً إلا غفرته ولا هماً إلا فرجته ، ولا دَيناً إلا قضيته ولا مريضاً إلا شفيته ، ولا عدواً إلا كفيته ، ولا غائباً إلا رددته ، ولا عاصياً إلا عصمته ، ولا فاسداً إلا أصلحته ، ولا ميتاً إلا رحمته ، ولا عيباً إلا سترته ، ولا عسيراً إلا يسرته ، ولا حاجة من حوائج الدنيا والآخرة لك فيها رضاً ، ولنا فيها صلاح إلا أعنتنا على قضائها في يسر منك وعافية برحمتك يا أرحم الراحمين.

اللهم انصر عبادك المجاهدين نصراً عزيزاً وافتح لهم فتحاً مبينا .

اللهم انفعنا بما علمتنا وعلمنا ما ينفعنا ، اللهم افتح لنا بخير ، واجعل عواقب أمورنا إلى خير ، اللهم إنا نعوذ بك من فواتح الشر وخواتمه وأوله وآخره وباطنه وظاهره .

اللهم لا تجعل بيننا وبينك في رزقنا أحداً سواك ، واجعلنا أغنى خلقك بك ، وأفقر عبادك إليك ، وهب لنا غنىً لا يطغينا ، وصحة لا تلهينا ، وأغننا عمن أغنيته عنا ، واجعل آخر كلامنا شهادة أن لا إله إلا الله وأن محمداً رسول الله ، وتوفنا وأنت راضٍ عنا غير غضبان ، واجعلنا في موقف القيامة من الذين لا خوف عليهم ولا هم يحزنون برحمتك يا أرحم الرحمين .

Saturday, September 19, 2009

لا أوحش الله منك يا رمضان ...Ramadan: Sayounara :(

This Ramadan I was up all nights , so when the Mesahher passed by our gate I would always hear him. The sound of his particular drum always gave me the chills and the feeling of some kind of glory. When I was a child I used to think that Msahher is not human but a big shiny Fanoos that flies and moves between houses awakening people for suhoor. A long time has passed since I discovered that Mshher is a human being just like us , but still everytime he passes I voluntarily go back to my old vision and get amazed AGAIN!

Ever year a day before Eid the Msahher of our neighbourhood would take his drum to the street in daylight so people will see him and give him Eidyye (money given as a gift in eid). I always wanted to give him that , but the encounter with him aways worried me. I accepted the fact the he is human , but what if he is just a usual person or a mean person? he will just ruin my childhood fantasy.

Today Dad took me with him when he gave Eidyye to the Mesahher ... The man thanked dad with a worm smile.. A smile that saved my Fantasy :)

Happy Eid ... May Allah accept Ramadan from us , may those who have not yet been blessed with the bless of Islam be among muslims next year , may those who have lost the path to refind it and rebulid the trust and the friendship with Allah , may those who have done a little this year do more next year , and those who have done enough continue to do good deeds and flourish the world with the bless of Belief.

Ikebana: Another Japanese path down my soul

Maybe I never had the chance to mention in this blog how much I hated (still hate and will ever hate) school. School was an everlasting nightmare that I cried every year in the first day of school untill Tawjihi.
There were many aspects of the terror school has given me and one of them was hand crafts. Every class that requires any type of handcraft skills would lead me to rare kind of frustration, having a good plan in my head but not being able to convey the idea to my hands.

Today , we took a class of ikebana (japanese flower arrangement). As I missed the first two Ramdan events (shoudu and anime movie) I decided to participate in this one.

Our sensei (who is by the way married to a guy from Irbid which indicates good taste ^_^) made a short presentation before she started working with her hands. I am always totally and deeply amazed by how people can do these simple , yet thoroughly studied things. She taught us that there are numbers and proprtions for the lenghts of branches .. taught us many simple things that lead at the end to a production that is meant to be!!! Its just great!!!

flowers that I see for the first time

The workshop .. sooooo neat ...

Tamra san just fits between the flowers ( Tamara san is good in using her hands .. Look at her Hijab and you will see my point)

Focus: The sensei is taking a picture of me taking a picture of him taking a picture (I can go on forever you know :)

Pictures of Haddad sensei during her presentation ... The kimono is just wonderful but how she and kikuchi sensei tied the wide sleeves with a ribbon just startled me... sooo neat!! (I have issues with the word "neat")

My first arrangement ... after whining about it for 15 minutes I ripped it into parts , it looked so ugly at the time , although it looks good in the picture :)

Abeerusan no Ikebana

Involved :)

My second arrangement (before the sensei came and gave me many tips)

another angle

Hasna san no Ikebana

Tamara san no Ikebana

The work of the sensei

Another work of the sensei

Abeerusan :)


The winning Ikebana ...
How much I love this feeling : When someone wins over me but I feel so satisfied because I have learned something ... and because the winning work has something really outstanding , balanced , attractive and wise (cant explain it m but it really looked wise)

My Ikebana after the sensei's visit ... she said that th nature of my flowers and my choice of colors look a lot like a beautiful woman who is wearing a beautiful dress but there is something missing (Ahaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I said the exact same words to myself hundreds of times infront of the mirror :) ... I now know it : I dont pay attention to the details although I think I do. Its all about the details

Cleaning after the activity

Proud desu :)

We said good bye and walked ... Hasna san and I saw this sensu on one of the windows of the registration building ... Nice touch Yorudan Daigaku :)
Finally I think that life is all about the details and about trying new stuff and not alienating one's idea up there in the head . Hands are good too .. very good
Ja Mata