Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beauty be RELAXED .. Finally: we are together:)

Beofore I say anything I must make a big SIGH!!!!!

Today Dad picke my up from universty and asked: we are you going? And I was like: Share3 A7mad Taymoor!!! ... Wonderful how he agreed so smoothly and we went , we looked and PUFFF!! Ther is no Canon agency ,, there was a little paper that said that they moved to Share3 el-Gardens .. Back in the car going in circles in Share3 el-Gardens and in pure accident we found the new place...

Guy in the shop: Hi
Me: Hi... EOS 450D please
Guy: Oh sorrey we sold the last one yesterday ..
Me to Dad: It looks ike its what God wants .. Me to the guy: EOS 1000D please
Guy: oh good .. thats the last one lesft
Me: Wow!!

And I flooded the guy with questions that every minute he had to call a Shagfe with blue eyes to re-ask him my questions .. I was like: Megapixels? Tripod? Lithum Battery? Image stabilzer? flash? memory ? self cleaning processor ? Frames in a second ? bag? warranty ? .. the poor guy thought that I ACTUALLY knew what I was talking about .. hehehe .. they did not know that I have memorized everything Google and Ebay and Pro-photography (and the sensei) have said about it..

A good chat with two kind guys ended with me getting out of the shop hugging my Camera!! It sounds ike a ire I cant believe it just happened!! Its true!! Finally!! Omar - the guy in the Canon shop- had his eyes glowing with happiness as I took my camera .. the room was full good energy and happiness ...

I cant really describe the thing m but ever since I got the battery of the charger and started taking pictures .. zooming .. gazing through the viewfinder I started having that magical feeling of "owning" the world .. I dont have a trusty memory , now I feel safe , my memory can leak all what it wants but I would have it all saved for me ... Beauty be relaxe that I will take you home with me .. spain be ready for am coming .. and most of all: Domes of Moscow: We are ready to meet!!!

God ... I am happy
I wanna thank God
Thank Dad for his generousity (595 Jds promising to get back next week to buy the bag that they dont have yet)
Thanks to Japan for manufacturing this masterpiece ..
Thanks for my trust worthy wonderful Sony Ericsson w850i for his impssible effort in backing up me memory and taking more than 2,650 pics in the last 2 years .. thank you a lot .. You are my guy :)
Thanks to God again :)

Canon shop ... behind Bun El3ameed :) ... good plotter for sale ( not for me of ccourse ..lool)
Above pics taken by my mobile :)

The following pictures are taken by the family Samsung digital Camera.. Thanks to her too .. thanks and to the family fuss about my camera ...

The shots are horribaly bad , I forgot all my photgraphy skills in the chaos of finally putting my hands on "Haiku Chan" ... Haiku for it captures Haiku moments , "chan" for its tiny size and light weight :)

I hold her and think deeply in the coming days .. In Moscow and Granda ... its going to be a whole new life for which I need to be ready ...

I am not in a rush to take nice pictures , It looks like Haiku chan and I have known each other for a long time that we need not shutter a lot . silence is just good for now .. A happy and that what really matters:)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tiny confession

About the caon camera thingy: my herat is swallow ... really: when you wait for something a lot you get enthusiastic. But , when you wait THAT much you cant help losing a part of your interest ...

I dont mean to say that I am not eager to getting with my exams and just go to Gardens street -7 mins away from home- anb grab my camera , pay and go back home to enjoy her magical company, but I got bored waiting and searching and reading and asking and talking.. u need to see the search bar on y computer , write the letter "C" and Canon suggestions starts flooding ..

I got really tierd .. all what I am asking for is feeling safe infront of beauty , knowing that I can take it home with me in a nice picture.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

هبّة من ناحية درويش

أنت بداية روحي
و انت الختام
يطير الحمام
يحط الحمام

Monday, May 25, 2009

It looks like ..

It looks like it is not over ..
Is this what happens to feelings when they become Ideas? they get mad , they jump from the rationalizing process .. they just jumo and get back into the heart , where no logic neither thinking can get them ...
I can still feel it ...

I ACTUALLY did it!!!

When I first posted this picture and wrote in it: "Dream a dream and live up to it Granada am on my way" I thought of all the plans I put throughout my life ... lets face it: I am A BIG FAT loser... I plan things , I set destinations but I never reach them .. did it in my Tawjihi , studying the piles of japanese and russian vocabulary and of course losing weight.
I was sure that I am gonna spoil it just like I have always did , untill me eyes landed on this;

I could not believe it ...I just could not ...
I have never been number 1 !! I have always had an umbrella of those who topped me , now I AM the umbrella!!!

Yes Sign of Victory ... Victory on myself before anything else ... (No words can describe this picture nor describe that moment)

My colleague Shurook wanted to take a picture of me to show it to her mother. I found no better pause than "Takwa-san no nihongo no Pause" ... A tip for viewers and friends: When you cant see my eyes , this means that my smile is SO BIG.
I am happy ^_^

Tamara san: Arigatou Gozaimasu

A nice walk we had after our japanese class .. totwmo arigatou gozaimsu tomodachi :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm tierd because I am so happy!!

Weird is not it!!

I am trying to catch up with the blog (Can you imagine that its the 24th and there is only 7 posts in this month!!) ... I feel that things go right when they are written down and put in a way where I can revise them . I just forget things if I dont!!!

Ever since I got the news about the scgolarship and am so happy in a way that I cant deal with ... I keep walking in my room at night ... I bite my nails and think about irrelevant ideas...

I just wonder how will I put up with all of this for three months ...
Three months of Daydreaming ...
Of floods of Adrenline being pumbed into my system for no reason ...
God How will I wait!!!
But after all : I am HAPPY . :)
P.S:anyone knows hoe ca I download a "count down" thingy in the magin of the page?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long processing time

I still cant understand what happened .. I am in complete shock ...
Its takes a ot of processing .. a lot .. a ot .. I just cant get it ... horribally wonerful

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Peer Tutor Sweet Memories

Who could believe it has been an entire semaster!!! I really enjoyed the company of my peer tutor Katy and I felt so lucky for the harmony we had. She was eager to learn and work hard and most important of all: very puntual and respects time. We had a weekend in Irbid together and it was blast .. everyone in m family really liked her and she coped just well.

Katie: here you go .. copy your pictures and see me sometime soon in Philadelphia (Thats a date)


Catching up with Alzhaimer -3:The scholarships interview

These pictures were taken in May 17 , moments before and after we entered the scholarships interview ... to say the truth : I hav e seen those pictures like a zillion times before and I got sick of them .. I even posted them on facebook (First time ever to do that) but still they are very dear ,, they remind me of a weird moments.. I did not know exactly what to feel b but right before I entered I decided to be silly .. And so I was

I teased Zuzu with my sillieness , startled A7lam with what I know about muslim-arab history in Andalucia , made Dr. 7seen smile for my northen accent and -most important thing ever- saw the spark of proudness in Dr.Rinad's eyes.

I dont know how vague this memory will be after a year or two , but I think I would never forget the feeling of finally "fitting" into the world. I have always felt irrelevent , but that day when I came out I had a very big feeling of confidence and happines... Of course I did not forget to thank Allah for what he gave me , but still i was happy for being "me" because I would not have traded being me with ay other thing in the world.

Enjoy the pics :

Rasha faking a cry just to give the camera something to capture

The room where we were iterviewed

Rasha and Sara addressing you to the room

Ala2 when she came out from the interview (Well , when she TRULY came out the camera for some reaon did not take the capture order so she went back in again and came out to take the picture !!!)
Shurro8 Coming out And lulu going in

The crowd waiting outside

It was a hard day .. when we were done we wnet up to language center parkig , cried a bit , laughed a bit but in our hearts we held BIG BIG prayers ^_^

Catching up with Alzhaimer-2:Korean traditional wedding

When I was a kid thinking that one day I will go to university I never thought it would be that crazy .. Sunday may 17 we actually had a WEDDING in university ... we had a parade and we walked from Languages Center untill the Main library and back ... it was so much fun and full of colors and music ...

The vey start of the Farde

Korean students studying arabic in Jordan had a wonderful day .. who would ever travel to study and end up dancing in a traditional wedding :)

Dont ask why: I like Mr. Kim a lot!!


King and Queen
Juaquin Sabina :)

Sarah and Takwa-san with the monarchy family .. heheh

Takwa-san with the bride and the groom

Wonderful patterns

Yasmeen in Mask ... sugoi!!

Takwa-san in mask holding a japanese samurai fan ... it would have opened the wounds of korea... they had SOME history!!

Groom saluding Bride (Good boy)

Bride and her maids .. she has to cover her face during the whole cermony , and after the cermony she would see the groo for the first time in her life (Some Korean Bab El-7ara!)

Bride and groom would catch this piece of cloth (the one that the bride used to cover her face) and their parents would throw dates (yes!! Tamer!! It amazed me that they have it in Korea) and as much as they catch dates it symbolizes how wealthy and nice their life would be.

A picture is worth a 1000 words ^_^

The Groom is a true Shagfe!!

Crowd (again)

The wedding again at 4

It was a very ice event , we had tons of fun and fortuantely the disgusting people who would ruin such beautiful events did not have classes today , so we had the university all for ourselves.