Sunday, October 31, 2010

A nice painting

I just saw that in ''That 70's Show'' ....
This forms a great part of the person whom I am , not the person whom I turned to be , but its the form I was before anything got to me ... A human being who enjoys nothing more than a cup of coffee in a bar - cafe - bodega - restaurant that has a lot-few of interesting-boring - bored people ,,,

Nothing in the world beats that joy , and as long as this keeps giving me that pleasure then I am gonna be sure that my heart is young :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Its Autumn :)

I love it

Minutes in front of Alhambra

Alaa and I sat today for 15 minutes in a stair in the way down from Alabyzin. We sat looking at Alhambra and I knew it: Those moments are just perfect... Although life is rarely perfect

As Healthy as it gets

Yes , this is my plate!!
My food sucks and lets just no talk about it :)

Carmen de La Victoria: I did go back

Today I went back to the Carmen de la Victoria ,,, I was soaked with that anxiousness about not knowing if I should be in the place or not , I tried writing a few lines and as I did not get any inspiration I left .
But I did go back and that by itself is a good thing :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cool or Attention seekers? The band of the Mirador

This band was today in the resturant near Mirador De San Nicolas ,,, they were patying something and so they caused a lot of hassle around the place ,, they played a couple of songs , played , shouted and goofed around and they were the center of everybody's attention - let alone mine- .... I loved the thing that they added to the scenery I got to wonder - the same wonder I always had- are they really that thrilled or they are just seeking attention?

And they also got me thinking about another thing , now the most two good looking guys of them started checking me out after a while ... I know that in Granada I am not the issue , its my Hijab and my dress but I also thought about it: it happened a thousand times before that a guy checks me out and then I look exactly to the other direction , so they also leave. I dont know why do I act that way ,,, really why? do beautiful guys scare me? I guess I feel stupid , and I feel that I am expecting something from somebody -which drives me crazy- ... I hate expecting , it puts me in a vulnerable position ...

If I know a thing about myself then I know that I dont want anything serious with any man in the world at least for the two or three coming years , and am totally against flings or temporary relationships ,,, but still there is a thing about my flirting attitude that is still mysterious even for me..

I wish I can figure out before its too late

Sinatra is BACK to life!!

You know , the way in which he puts his hand in his pocket as he sings alone makes me go crazyyyy... as it if it was not enough that he has that amazing voice, wonderful style but also he reminds me of the everlasting beauty of the ever lasting legend Sinatra ...

God less you Buble :)

Carmen de La Victoria: One closed door that is finally opened

Well there is not much to say about it, Carmen de La victoria is a building that belongs to University of Granada. I have always seen the closed door and never knew what was there inside , so today we rang the bell and they buzzed us in - who ''they''?- and as we wandered inside it looked like an entire maze to me , tiny stairways that lead to silent magical rooms of a very old building with complicated gardens ... there were tales and chairs , fountains , and then there was a guest house with a piano ... there were no body ,,, It was a but spooky just like everybody has disappeared until we found a guest that stays in the residency - inside the Carmen!!! I would pay a ridiculous amount of money to e living such beauty!!- and then we found a kitchen where they guy told us that there is a restaurant which is fully booked!!! and then I found a library with all the classics of Spanish literature ,,,Miguel de Unamuno Ramon Jimenez , Valle inclan ,,all the ooks that I always craved ,,,

If I ever go missing you just know where to find me ,,, Carmen de La Victoria :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

I am a woman, you know !!!

I recently found out something bad about myself: I am too Jovial.

People around me get so used to the idea that I am always laughing , talkative, energetic and happy that they take it for granted ,and when I am down for a tiny little while they just dont accept it.

I know how dull this sounds , but its true , as if I am supposed to be there 24/7 clown or else I am rude and brutal.

I normally hate writing down my negative feelings , coz I know they will pass but I am just writing it down to myself to remember to draw the line baldly and clearly between what I give because I should and when I give what I feel like giving. No one has the right to decide how I should be and how should I react to things specially when I always take my ups and downs to my room and lock myself in until I am fine because I believe in the sentence: ''My life is not my friends problem''.

It just makes me sick that the people whom I make laugh throughout the entire month cant understand when I get grumpy before my period!!! It just one day for Gods sake ,,, I cant help but quote Marlyn Monroe: If you cant take me at my worst , then you dont deserve me at my best.

And thats the end of it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Praying on top of Petiswis !!!

After hanging out in the university all day we went back home with our french friend Marion. We spent a very pleasant after noon talking and eating. I got to see the french hospitality that really shocked me and I loved the view of Marions house and balcony.

But most of all I loved the cat of her roommate: Petiswis. Its a total freak cat who seems to ACTUALLY see another dimension that we dont see , its fighting with a shadow all the time and its such a delight to watch being so dumb and beautiful going around herself in her own imaginary circle.

In the picture above she was missing with the Shawl in which I was praying , she rubbed herself to my body in every moment during the prayer and she distracted me a little bit as I was going to step on her many times!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Way back from Malaga

This is a video I took from the bus window on my way from Malaga to Granada.
There is nothing spectacular about it. Its just the normal views a traveler sees through the window , but still this is one of the things that assure me that I have a child's heart , a heart that never gets bored from the tiny little joys no matter how much they are repeated.

In my life I must have taken the trip from Amman to Irbid and vice versa more than a 1000 times , but I enjoyed each trip of them , I always thought along the road , I went over all my ideas , I assessed everything and smiled for the funny thoughts. I can never get bored in a moving vehicle , I cant concentrate reading and I barely sleep , but from the windows of moving vehicles I have looked through everything in my life , and this trip from Malaga was no difference , although two things were new:
1 they were the first 5 days I spend away without planning and without communicating with anybody.
2 I was losing in my mind in the bus station driven by love to be back in My Granada.

God Bless ...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dr Miguel Hagerty: May your soul rest in peace

My teacher from last year Prof Miguel Hagerty died in the 26th of last September. He has always been in a struggle against cancer , in which cancer had triumph at the end.

That was three weeks away and I had a moment of silence when I read the news , but then I started worrying about a class I took with him that was never confirmed as ''passed'' and that he might have taken the secret of my class to his grave.

Today I went -as the schedule says- to the class he used to teach - the one I passed but no one has a record of it- just out of pure curiosity to know who would replace him. After a while in front of the locked door we realized that there is no class because there is no teacher.

It was then when I realized that he is gone ,,, you know: Gone , never coming back , leaving his place , his memories and the all the people who loved him behind.

I did not think about it this way... I was far away and his death was one more ring in the chain of absence , but when I was back in the faculty where he formed a very important part I felt that he has really really died.

Its 3 am , but I am feeling a strong urge to go visit his grave ,,, maybe tomorrow morning I will ... Maybe.

The picture above is the only one I have with him , and in that day I was so shy that I wanted to go home without taking it. Now I am thankful that I did.

May his soul rest in peace.

Ya rabb.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The song I heard in the bar in Atarfe

I was sitting in an empty bar in an almost abandoned village when I heard this song , and it filled my soul ,,, Libre yo soy Libre ,,, Free I am free ...

You bit I am

A smell from home

Today I received a bag that my parents sent me , it was full of spices . coffee and more colors of head scarves .... it smells like home :)

The ''Suit Up'' Musical: How I met your mother

Thats just way too creative!!! And Musicals are ... well MUSICALS ARE AMAZING!!!!

New Banner

An ethical dead end...with it or against it?

p.s: This picture was taken by me ,,, yeah ,, I am proud of it

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

About Islam: The same old boring stuff AGAIN

This is a comment I wrote after an article about Hijab , that was suggesting that all men wear blindfolds , all of it based on the idea that Hijab is all designed to detain mens urges:

A very well written article, but still misleading ,,, Hijab is not only about SEX unless you want it to be that way. Hijab is about social justice , where a less beautiful woman is treated equally as a beauty queen. Its about women's dignity where a man should treat her nicely because she deserves not because she is offering him a muse or giving him a pleasure. Its also about woman feeling OK while aging because they were always treated according to the person whom they are , and they would never feel that they are losing ''audience'' because they are as beautiful as they used to be .

Please before judging anyone try walking a mile in their shoes

I came to the point where I believe in one of two things
Number 1: People dont know enough about Islam and they have an entirely different lifestyle which makes Islam too wried to them >>> so we have to be so patient and understanding while we explain to them the tings that they dont understand.
Number 2: People are a little bit stupid, they would like to act as if they have an opinion about everything - you know this makes a person look intellectual- but they dont pay attention that sometimes they repeat things that they hear without REALLY thinking about them. This is the way how they react and Islam is no exception.

Hatred against Islam is not an option ... I believe that the world has other things to worry about and world population is formed by individuals , and I am sure there is at least one thing about Islam that would attract each individual.

But the option that does not exist at all is ''Islam has to justify itself so people would let it go'' ... Islam just does not have to , big smile :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Carlos Quinto Nights with ''How I met Your Mother"

When I listen to this small short and nice music I automatically think about the nights I spent in the residency last year in Carlos V ,,, That was a time where life was perfect ,, really perfect ,,,

It used to rain a lot behind the window , but inside I would be covered with my rose shawl , watching some light doze TV and thinking about simple things , enjoying my loneliness and cherishing the silence of the charming corridors of the residency.

I might live many many years before I go back to living an era as perfect as that one , as clear , as wonderful and as liberating.

God Bless ...

The Little things that make me love my house

I love my house for too many reasons ...
I love it because I do , but here are some details that just drive me crazy about it :

The balcony has a steel wire hanging from the ceiling where I can hang my dresses so they will dry and not need ironing :)

The view outside the window at night is something that has just came out from a novel
Our cooker is funny , it turns pink then red!
The kitchen towel is so cute when its folded above the central heating radiator
The new spoons holder is shiny and exactly matching with the lemon squeezer ,,,,

My House is cuteeeeeee

I am proud of this picture

River Darro

I love how the water reflects the sun or it is the sun turning the water into pure light?

Roommates: shopping together

Tonight I went out with all my room mates to do the sopping...
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ,,, Ok , I have still not found my prince charming but yes I did find my cute room mates ,,, we have HARMONY!!!!!!!!!! MAshalla ,... I am so happy

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Casa Maeso: A happy place

Today I had lunch in casa Maeso with all the Maeso crew and a visitor from Salvador (have I ever met anyone from Salvador before?) and long story short: We had a blast.

When I go back in the tape of memories I cant recall the part where I started to hate ''getting together''s , they always make me uncomfortable and they arouse a special kind of stomachache that reaches its peak when I knock the door - or when somebody knocks my door- so , I always go really willing to turn back and go home,,, but today I lost the stress in a blink and before I knew it we were all talking that the room was really noisy , and everyone was trying to raise his/her voice in order to be heard.

Food was ,, well: Proper!!! Ever since I came here I did not eat proper food,,, you know: the food that is cooked by someone who knows what the hell he is doing ,,, It was so good and so god damn Spanish!!!!! Tortilla de Patatas with Salmorejo (wich I discover for the first time) and then flan , brownie and ice cream >>> Then I was not able to move for a while ,,, wow , is not that amazing!!! after all that hunger I am finally full!!

I loved the cute sparky cutlery
The Tortilla and cheese (Spain is somehow a cheese heaven for me)
Flan (Homemade!!! Am I a filthy consumer or something? )

Yummm yummmmm

THE Brownie ,,, hehehehe thats a funny story ,,, Andres was boasting about it ,, i loved it with the ice cream
Andres wearing the gift ,,,, He said: I find myself with the need to throw some rocks :p
Ana with her Shmag
I loved how the sun was rising on our way home after a long day of rain ... i love the chit chats we had on the sides with everyone , the way Maribel gets into seven different interesting topics in 5 minutes , and the wise voice of Paco and the big library in the back ground that makes the place so cozy. This family is definitely my spanish family.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

J'attendrai : I will wait ...

I was trying my TDT and new USB. TDT is the system that receives Local TV signals in Spain and I saw it has a usb outlet , so I bought a USB from Malaga and I sat today to try it.

While jumping from a channel to another I came across a TV report about something - I got to see the last minute of it so i dont know what was it about- and a nurse in a nursery house told an old lady: sing that beautiful song that you always sing to us and she started singing,,, I got the chills and suddenly I realized that I can just press the record button and keep the video for ever.

I could only record 36 seconds but I was happy to have them ...

Later at the night , my dear friend Sarmad saw the song and gave me its lyrics and I looked it up in youtube and i found the original one:

Everybody is waiting ,,, everybody ....