Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Way back from Malaga

This is a video I took from the bus window on my way from Malaga to Granada.
There is nothing spectacular about it. Its just the normal views a traveler sees through the window , but still this is one of the things that assure me that I have a child's heart , a heart that never gets bored from the tiny little joys no matter how much they are repeated.

In my life I must have taken the trip from Amman to Irbid and vice versa more than a 1000 times , but I enjoyed each trip of them , I always thought along the road , I went over all my ideas , I assessed everything and smiled for the funny thoughts. I can never get bored in a moving vehicle , I cant concentrate reading and I barely sleep , but from the windows of moving vehicles I have looked through everything in my life , and this trip from Malaga was no difference , although two things were new:
1 they were the first 5 days I spend away without planning and without communicating with anybody.
2 I was losing in my mind in the bus station driven by love to be back in My Granada.

God Bless ...

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