Saturday, October 9, 2010

Casa Maeso: A happy place

Today I had lunch in casa Maeso with all the Maeso crew and a visitor from Salvador (have I ever met anyone from Salvador before?) and long story short: We had a blast.

When I go back in the tape of memories I cant recall the part where I started to hate ''getting together''s , they always make me uncomfortable and they arouse a special kind of stomachache that reaches its peak when I knock the door - or when somebody knocks my door- so , I always go really willing to turn back and go home,,, but today I lost the stress in a blink and before I knew it we were all talking that the room was really noisy , and everyone was trying to raise his/her voice in order to be heard.

Food was ,, well: Proper!!! Ever since I came here I did not eat proper food,,, you know: the food that is cooked by someone who knows what the hell he is doing ,,, It was so good and so god damn Spanish!!!!! Tortilla de Patatas with Salmorejo (wich I discover for the first time) and then flan , brownie and ice cream >>> Then I was not able to move for a while ,,, wow , is not that amazing!!! after all that hunger I am finally full!!

I loved the cute sparky cutlery
The Tortilla and cheese (Spain is somehow a cheese heaven for me)
Flan (Homemade!!! Am I a filthy consumer or something? )

Yummm yummmmm

THE Brownie ,,, hehehehe thats a funny story ,,, Andres was boasting about it ,, i loved it with the ice cream
Andres wearing the gift ,,,, He said: I find myself with the need to throw some rocks :p
Ana with her Shmag
I loved how the sun was rising on our way home after a long day of rain ... i love the chit chats we had on the sides with everyone , the way Maribel gets into seven different interesting topics in 5 minutes , and the wise voice of Paco and the big library in the back ground that makes the place so cozy. This family is definitely my spanish family.

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wow Anna is really pretty!