Tuesday, October 12, 2010

About Islam: The same old boring stuff AGAIN

This is a comment I wrote after an article about Hijab , that was suggesting that all men wear blindfolds , all of it based on the idea that Hijab is all designed to detain mens urges:

A very well written article, but still misleading ,,, Hijab is not only about SEX unless you want it to be that way. Hijab is about social justice , where a less beautiful woman is treated equally as a beauty queen. Its about women's dignity where a man should treat her nicely because she deserves not because she is offering him a muse or giving him a pleasure. Its also about woman feeling OK while aging because they were always treated according to the person whom they are , and they would never feel that they are losing ''audience'' because they are as beautiful as they used to be .

Please before judging anyone try walking a mile in their shoes

I came to the point where I believe in one of two things
Number 1: People dont know enough about Islam and they have an entirely different lifestyle which makes Islam too wried to them >>> so we have to be so patient and understanding while we explain to them the tings that they dont understand.
Number 2: People are a little bit stupid, they would like to act as if they have an opinion about everything - you know this makes a person look intellectual- but they dont pay attention that sometimes they repeat things that they hear without REALLY thinking about them. This is the way how they react and Islam is no exception.

Hatred against Islam is not an option ... I believe that the world has other things to worry about and world population is formed by individuals , and I am sure there is at least one thing about Islam that would attract each individual.

But the option that does not exist at all is ''Islam has to justify itself so people would let it go'' ... Islam just does not have to , big smile :)

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