Thursday, October 21, 2010

Praying on top of Petiswis !!!

After hanging out in the university all day we went back home with our french friend Marion. We spent a very pleasant after noon talking and eating. I got to see the french hospitality that really shocked me and I loved the view of Marions house and balcony.

But most of all I loved the cat of her roommate: Petiswis. Its a total freak cat who seems to ACTUALLY see another dimension that we dont see , its fighting with a shadow all the time and its such a delight to watch being so dumb and beautiful going around herself in her own imaginary circle.

In the picture above she was missing with the Shawl in which I was praying , she rubbed herself to my body in every moment during the prayer and she distracted me a little bit as I was going to step on her many times!!!

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