Friday, October 22, 2010

I am a woman, you know !!!

I recently found out something bad about myself: I am too Jovial.

People around me get so used to the idea that I am always laughing , talkative, energetic and happy that they take it for granted ,and when I am down for a tiny little while they just dont accept it.

I know how dull this sounds , but its true , as if I am supposed to be there 24/7 clown or else I am rude and brutal.

I normally hate writing down my negative feelings , coz I know they will pass but I am just writing it down to myself to remember to draw the line baldly and clearly between what I give because I should and when I give what I feel like giving. No one has the right to decide how I should be and how should I react to things specially when I always take my ups and downs to my room and lock myself in until I am fine because I believe in the sentence: ''My life is not my friends problem''.

It just makes me sick that the people whom I make laugh throughout the entire month cant understand when I get grumpy before my period!!! It just one day for Gods sake ,,, I cant help but quote Marlyn Monroe: If you cant take me at my worst , then you dont deserve me at my best.

And thats the end of it.

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