Wednesday, October 21, 2009


A wedding dress in a second hand shop. is it sad?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Holy Crap!!!! My Camera teasing me

Yeah yeah !! As if I care , My camea for almost half the price of Jordanian Canon shop!!!
453 euros , Which is - by the way- nothing at all compared to the prices around here ...
Thats soooo sad .. I think I am going for the zoom lens if it is that cheap :(

Tortilla de Patatas: Spanish Mansaf :)

My first Tortilla de Patatas in Spain. It was my first time to eat in the residence canteen , also my first time to get “What The Hell” look while taking a picture in Spain. Ever since I arrived no one ever looked at me while taking a picture no matter how odd the thing I was photographing was, but when I took this one a girl who was sitting opposite to me stared ,, well she kept staring all time , I know: My charm is inevitable :)
The employee of the canteen asked me: Comes cerdo? (Do you eat pig meat? ) When I said no she added me an extra piece of tortilla because the second plate had pig in it. People are so understanding around here .. I thought it would be different but they are just so cooooool about everything

Marrocean Tea in Konya :)

Rami invited us to a jug of Moroccan tea. Wonderful taste , wonderful place with wonderful Turkish music … I love Konya :)
October 8th , 2009-10-09

Nice try :)

Although I am a big fan of the prayer : Abana allathi fe esmawat , but I was extremely shocked to see it in this poster. It’s a commercial of Arabic Language course and they wrote the prayer in Arabic but with the calligraphy of Quran. I can see it funny though, because its not that Quran who is connected to Arabic , but its Arabic who is connected to Quran!

A picture of my residence sign

Residence of Empire Carlos the fifth

The view from my faculty “Filosofia y letras” .

Just Wonderful :)

Basmala on the board of University of Granada… Nice chalk :)

Sayouri san in her corner contemplating my dorm room

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Love from first sight: About the first sight

Now It has been a while for me here in Granada. everyhting is too wonderful to be described or even photographed, but everytime I think of my first hang out in Granada I feel something magical. I came from the airport all dirty , sweaty and tierd. But when I threw my bags in the pension room -where my friend Mays was staying - and felt how nice is it to have your back and shoulders back I decided I wanna go out.
We went out and it was windy and cold with rain drops falling from tree leaves on the pavement .. It was a new city entering my destiny with the glory of rain ... I cant describe it , but I know that Granada will always be in my head as I saw her in the street of Gran Via de Colon - September 30 , 2009 , 11 oclock at night.
Some pictures


I took this picture in Barajas ... Its a moment in a persons life when something inside the head syas: "So thats it?" ... why are things simpler than daydremas?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Takwa-san on the beach of Granada :)

Yesterday was our fist weekend in Spain , so as I planned since I was in Amman: we wnet to the beach of Salobrña. We spent wonderful times ... everything was so nice and smotth although we missed our first bus and had to wait for two hours to catch the next one!! The best part of it all that pure luck drove a Japanese lady to set next to me in the bus!! Her name is Takagi Michiko san ... She was thrilled when I asked her if she were japanese in japanese , we talked about everything , I tried my hardest not to say anything but in japanese but she said few things in english to help me understand. Imagine that: She gave me her email and said : If you are ever in Osaka please call and come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much I love missing the bus :)

So here is the photography diary of a lovely day:

A dog who accompanied mays and I while looking for Lujain and Shurooq... he is so cute , he was depressed but when we talked to him he started hopping and jumping .. God!! It feels so good when a dog is suddenly and voluntarily loyal!!
In the bus Station :)
The restaurant were we had our breakfast
A traditional Spanish plate: Churros and hot chocolate .. yeah its very good but also a step toward diabetes
In the bus (Look carefully , Michigo san appears on the left)

Bus drivers are legendary in spain!!! I imagine their hiring test is as follows: You are charming , Tall , wide shoulders , muscles everywhere , strong with a charming smile and you have a driving lisince, You are accepted as a bus driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Map of Salobrena
Yusuf street :)

Having funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:)

El parque de la fuente (The park of the fountain)

Those two in this picture came and asked us for a picture!! They were so thrilled to see people with "CLOTHES" on them having pure fun on the beach , I said to the guy: No abrazos (No hugs) and we took the picture ... Weird eh!!
Selftimer of 2 seconds ... I barely found time to fall on the chair :)

A school playground , I took the picture while the bus was leaving salobrena :(
We went back to Granada totally tired and hungry so the answer was: Shawerma in Konya Restaurant... Yummmmmmmmmm
Playing with the trash :) This mattress has got one final moment of dignity thanks to mays-san and I ;)
We stayed out for so long that when I was walking to get a closer picture of the fountains of the Triunfo they were turned off!!!!

I went back home barefooted because I was wearing heels .. the streets where full with Fiesta seekers and everyone was drunk except for those who were drinking... Mays and I enjoyed waiting for the bus that never came ...

Wonderful Day ... I will always remember it...

I will come back soon with more posts ...

Hasta Luego :)