Thursday, January 28, 2010

Creativity is the shortest road

I keep watching the theme song of '' Two and a half men'' over and over ,, I really really like it and it makes wonder: '' Although its very very simple but still unlimitedly creative '' .. what really happened inside the head of its author when he/she was told to write a theme song for the show?
Ideas really do evaporate under such demands , it has happened to me many times and in the very exact moment when I give up it just pops voluntarily in my head ,,,

I just kept praying and wishing that this will happen while looking for a subject for my "Teaching Spanish as a foreign languages " project , but it did not ,,, now I am just thankful that I could reach the end of the second page writing whatever comes to my head ...

Although I believe creativity is the shortest road sometimes I prefer the longer road just because: I dont care!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Non-automatic Countdown

29 Days left ,,, sigh
I took the picture from ,,, Although I am thinking about taking a similar one .. nice, no?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yesterday I had a dream

Yesternight I had a dream ...
I dreamed that while I was drying my hair with a hair dryer (which I never do) I dropped my ipod on the dryer , and it totally burned except for the usb metal plug... I tried to save it but the plastic went evaporating ,,, when I woke up and I saw my ipod It took me a minute to realize that its still there , and that it has not evaporated.

Mmmm ,,, sometimes I need to talk about my dreams, but I need not chit chat about such stuff with people who does not know me well , especially when I feel like I know what it means ,,, my ipod gives me a feeling of security that I dont need others , it burning down totally has its signs ,, i dont know exactly what the dream is trying to tell me but whatever it is Its something

Friday, January 15, 2010

Everytime you look back

After all the time that passed us by , after the hard work with myself and ideas I find myself going back to square one ... its not love now , I have lost it , its just a fantasy ,,, is it sad? Why does those wings who grow on my shoulders while listening to this song , why do they always remind me of you? you were as sweet as a dream , still as volatile as one ,,, God bless your soul

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

La llegada de los Reyes Magos a Granada!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow , yesterday was just awesome ...

Here in Spain Santa Clause is not the one ho brings the gifts of Christmas , they are the Reyes Magos. I think in English it goes like this : The MAgian Kings. The story says that they were travelling in the night in which Jesus was born and they saw a star in the sky indicating his birth , so they brought gifts and went to see him in Belen.

So , every year in the day 5 of January all Spanish children and there families would go to the streets to welcome the Reyes Magos who arrive on camels as they have just arrived from the orient. The next morning they open there gifts!! (I like this much better than Santa) ...

So yesterday I went to the parade that welcomes the arrivals of the Reyes ,,, a friend read in the paper that they were gonna throw 12 thousand kilos of candy and that what actually happened!! It was hilarious... We had a Jordanian friend in our company who just rocks the world with his jokes , so it felt like a football game: Players are playing and a host is reporting there acts in the most sarcastic way ever ,,, God I laighed so hard I almost dropped the camera.

Children were all over the place , families were really thrilled and the main street was full with little pieces of colored cut papers, candy , decorations and light .... Everyone was thrilled especially me!!! I was taking pictures (I took something around 200 pictures in 90 minutes) little children thought that I was a reporter so they paused for my pictures!! It was raining but no one really cared... The Reyes arrived at 6.30 and it was raining candy and Joy

They threw very few toys and I caught one,,,I felt so blessed you know , what are the odds!! There were thousands of people were I was standing and they threw like 10 or 15 toys and I got one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant really describe this day , but I was so happy to know that I have the power to get thrilled as much as a 5 year old child ,,, Gracias Granada :)