Saturday, February 28, 2009

28 of February

I don have any specefic thing to say bit its just that I feel this date is very special, because its the only month that stops here : )

I am baking a cake ... This is really histoic .. everyone should celebrate this special special date :-)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Is it?!!!

"Its the 27th of Febreuary " .. Thats what was ringing in my head when I woke up this morning.. I just cant believe it... Although it went too fast but it looks like ages ... its complicated ..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It is not Math

I guess I ran through my Perfect guy 3 days ago. How do I know? Its easy: He is smart , he knows he to cummincate with nature and beauty , he is deep , he is true , he is fun , he is laid back , he listens , he has a life and a special prspective , he is not a copy of others and last but not the least : He is beautiful , looks a lot like me childhood and teenage fantasy "Kathem esaher" and he is got MUSCELS. Oh ... and when he looks at me on the eye I feel so imoprtant.

Being a foreigner he asked me out two weeks ago .. I apologized trying my hardest to keep it comfortable. Now 2 things are going in my head: Why did he have to be christian (a real religious one too)? and why something inside me keeps telling me that an "Entire Logical Love Equation" does not work?

Anyone feels like being hit in the *****?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sayouri-san's First Encounter with Amman.

Sayouri-san seems to like Ammán
She is a porsylen toy but she has my heart
When I go away I will wrap her and take her with me

Our mobiles: Hiragana new-look ;-p

Sara's mobile with her name written on it in Hiragan.

Mine :)

Check out my office!! BTW :Thank you Ma7mood

You can see the japanese kite hanging from the wall to the lamp and see Sayouri-san next to the phone.
Last but not the least: My magical broom hanging in the corner. The broom refers to my corner in the magazine thats called: مكنسة و مجرود
When Ma7mood (the egyptian employee in the magazine) saw the kite he wondered if it twitters because there is wind or because its too light. He captured a Haiku scene!! God bless you Ma7mood.

Japanese shopping: The hell of an experience!!!

My mother was bored ... and as being known for taking advantage of peoples boredom I suggested going to "Daiso"... I saw the advertisement in our class in JAAJ and I thought to myself: Its going to be sth stupid but why not give it a shot... and so we went.

Its Just AWESOME!!!
Its so big and diversed that I had to use my ATM card to pay afterall!!! If my mother was not there keeping an eye on my I would have spent all my salary ... You just cant get enough coz things are wether smart , funky , funny , important , heart touching , delicate and useful.

I thought it would be frustrating that packets and bags did not say anything niether in arabic or english: It was completely japanese and i could read "kudasai" written almost on everything ^_^ and for my own surprise having all these japanese texts around gave me a warm feeling I dont know why .. I thought I would feel dumb but I didnt : )

I took some pictures in the shop for the things I had to leave behind:
A very japanese "leefe" (what does that mean in English!!)

This proves that Japanese people take care of the tiniest details:

A cat scratching mat!!!

I love it .. dont ask me why

My mother had to do a little parenting in the shop (Takwa!!!! Leave this .. leave that ... enough shopping .. easy on your salary... I am not paying for this... think twice before you bring more rubbish to your Mazbale) (mazbale is the equivelent of : My room ^_^) inspite of all of this I still had the chance to maintain a nice conversation with the cute cashier Walaa who brought me a list of japanese words which her manager gave to her and made me read them for her:)

Now these are the things that came back home with me:

Before peeling

After peeling:

My brother drove us crazy with those:

It was a very nice trip that I am going to do over and over again ... its like a dream coming true as I could take back home Hiragana stickers and folk games.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The truth is...

thats how I picture marriage .. Some kind of mental & social suicide:)
I know it sounds shallow but: Is not there anyone planning to commit suicide in the coming days? I want to ATTEND A NICE WEDDING!!!!

Who is getting married with me?

I want a dress like this one .. if anyone can find a groom with a matching Tuxedo no problem :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daiso Shopping

I just adore this shop!!!!!

Stranger stranger...

Stranger, if you passing meet me

and desire to speak to me, why

should you not speak to me?

And why should I not speak to you?

Walt Whitman
In the 27th of this month a year will have passed since I got to know my friend Señor Mudanza.. he is a very dear friend with whom I have shared very nice moments and experiences.
We met today in a crowded street ... we managed to exchange far-away Hi's , but a tiny thing hit me as I walked. Today he was weraing the exact same things he was weraing last year when I first met him .. in a flashing moment as he passed me by It felt like it first felt: When he was a complete STRANGER.
Its weird how his face looked vague a year ago and today its a part of my heart , memories and joy. A new year comes and an old year passes us by and more I get those lashes of friend inscripted on my heart.

I am in the mode of getting married

Really ... I wanna get married... I have been watching Gabriel Solis wedding and am on the mode of getting married ..

Any offers?

Look at the dresses

The drees and the scene are perfect , the thing is : How can I have this Asian beauty!!! Look at the eyes ... Mashalla

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Thursday morning: I woke up still feeling rage.
Thursday Noon: I get a good idea : How about I orientate my rage toward anyone (even though that "someone" has got nothing to do with it) . Its not my trend to blame others , I can easily blame myself when I deserve it but this time am choking with guilt.
Thursday afternoon: Ureekkkka : I am going to blame the sensei , He is so Convenient ^_^
Thursday evening: Everytime I look at the sensei his face is jammed with a big energetic smile. You just cant feel rage toward those who smile even if they were responsible , let alone thise who are not!!!!

Entire Friday: Blank.

Saturday: Still feeling rage.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Know: Its childish

I have just lost my chance to participate in the Haiku contest of this year because I delivered my presentation 1 day later that the deadline.

This has been my trend throughout my entire life... I do my work in the last moment ... I do it with imaginary speed and sudden dedication and I always get to manage, this time it did not work. Other ten participants booked their places and am not one of them. I deserve it . God knows how much I deserve it.

Although I understand why I lost my place but for my own surprise: I am sad.

Its one of those wierd sensations that you dont know you have untill they break in your eyes in the shape of tears. I did not know that it mattered to me (If It matters then why not JUST DO IT GOD DAMN IT!!!!) until I lost it.

Its funny that I went to my offices window and instead of enjoying my jordanian ohanami (viewing almond flowers) I dwelt with the idea that I did not grow up .. not a tiny little bit..

I did not.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peeing in the wilderness^_^

Wow ... its so libreating... Everyone has to try it at least once in his/her life!!
Yesterday we had a picnic on the beach of Dead Sea and nature just called me ... At the beginning I thought: Hell NOOOOO,,, but when nature insisted I just obied and it was fun..:p

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Look What I Found!!

Is not it the best picture ever of Circassian Knight!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

كزهر اللوز أو أبعد ..

قل للغياب : نقصتني
و أنا حضرت لأكملك
عاد اللوز يا درويش .. عاد اللوز على استحياء على أعناق العروق الباردة .. ككل الأشياء الباردة
عاد و العربية باتت تهرب كل يوم مئة يوم نحو البعيد و نهرب نحن من الوحشة إليها
عاد اللوز .. لكنني أنا التي لم تعد

Monday, February 9, 2009


Why does it always feel so true when it is not?

Me gustaaaaaaan: Ricky Martin Y Miguel Bosé

Dios mio que guapos ... como un par de trenes!!!

La letra:

Miguel Bosé



Como una intrépida libélula

Ante el espejo toda incrédula

Pone un reparo a su extrafécula

¿Yo me la como o no?

Va y se maquilla su melancolía

Haciéndose la que no ve me espía

Y guiña un ojo y sé que es toda mía

¿Me la como o no?

Él va y se enreda con su pátina

Con su elegancia neodiplomática

No atina a ver cual es mi táctica

Si me la como o no...

Y mientras que ella plancha el corazón

Yo le doy bambú

Turap ture, oh yeah!

Y mientras que ella con pasión

Da la llave yo le doy bambú

Turap ture, oh yeah!

I wanna get through the night...

I wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna get through the night

...Through the nightAlí Baba

¿qué estoy haciendo?

Trágame tierra, ábrete Sésamo

Que en esta historia acabo siendo el malo yo

Ya me la como o no...

Y venga dai amore, dai, dimmi chi sei?

Tú que de repente prendi tutti i sogni miei...

Y mientras que ella plancha el corazónYo le doy bambúTurap ture, oh yeah!Y mientras que ella con pasión[ Miguel Bosé Lyrics are found on ] Da la llave yo le doy bambúTurap ture, oh yeah!I wanna get through the night...I wanna get through the night...I wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna get through the night...Through the nightY Eva le cuenta toda su amistad

Que Adán va haciendo obras de caridad

Y al gato mata la oscuridad¿Yo me la como o no?

Y venga dai amore, dai, dimmi chi sei?

Tú que de repente prendi tutti i sogni miei...

Y mientras que ella plancha el corazón

Yo le doy bambú

Turap ture, oh


Y mientras que ella con pasión

Da la llave yo le doy bambú

Turap ture, oh! yeah!

Y mientras que ella plancha el corazón

Yo le doy, yo le doy, bam-bú, bam-bambú

Y mientras que ella con pasión

Da la llave yo le doy bambú

Yo le doy bambú

Y mientras que ella plancha el corazón

Le doy bambú, bambú, bambú

Y mientras que ella con pasiónDa la llave, da la llave, yo le doy bam-bam-bambú...Bam-bú! Bam-bam-bam-bambú!! Ah...Y mientras que ella plancha el corazónYo le doy bambú, bam bambúY mientras que ella con pasiónDa la llave, yo le doy bambú, bambú, bambú... bam... bam...... bambú!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Come what may...

When somebody loves you

Its no good unless he loves you - all the way

Happy to be near you

When you need someone to cheer you - all the way

Taller than the tallest tree is

Thats how its got to feel

Deeper than the deep blue see is

Thats how deep it goes - if its real

When somebody needs you

Its no good unless he needs you - all the way

Through the good or lean years

And for all the in between years - come what may

Who know where the road will lead us

Only a fool would say

But if youll let me love you

Its for sure Im gonna love you - all the way, all the way

I am back to life

Ok I did not take the picture myself .. I was busy watching my coffe :)
But I am back to university ... Today was the first dy of the semister and I am so haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy to be back ... God how much I love Ju .. I love evrything about her .. I enjoy every second .... I am happy I am happy O am happy ...

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I was watching this feeling heaviness in my heart.. Now its even heavier..why?

Can these two be dancers "only" ? I mean can a couple perform in such greatness without being truly in love?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What a relief!!

I found out about the new dates of Erasmus scholarship application yesterday , I got it ALL done and sent TODAY!!!!
God!! Am proud of me ^_^

Sunday, February 1, 2009

3.58 ... Thank you Dad

I love my Dad .. for many reasons , and now for forgiving me for dropping the social studies class.
I told him how our doctor insisted on making us believe in what he believes and insulting our ideas and beliefs. Dad said that money we pay for a class we take does not equal our Dignity.
My average made him proud.. But I am even more proud to be his daughter.

Daydreaming of Nipon: Now this is robbery!!

Have a look et the impressive reply I got from the a***oles of for my Japanese 12 weeks course in Tokyo:

Dear (EvaLuna-san),

Thank you for submitting your application for a 12 week Japanese language course beginning July 3rd in Tokyo, Japan.(Who ever told them I wanna go in July? or its just mu usual mixing between June and July?!!)

I am pleased to inform you I can accept your course application.The cost for this course is 175,900 Yen, which includes the school enrollment fee of 10,500 Yen.If you wish to secure your place on this course, a down payment of 32,144 Yen. is required. The down payment is deducted from the course fee.
Please note that we are unable to make any reservations for your course until we have received the deposit payment.Payment can be made by call major credit or debit cards at this secure location: Alternatively if you would like to pay by bank transfer, please let me know and I will forward details.On receipt of the payment, I will contact the school administrator and inform them of your enrollment. They will then go ahead and make all necessary arrangements for your arrival.Thank you for choosing Languages in Action.

We look forward to welcoming you onto our course in Tokyo.Best regards,

Christopher Hart

So this means 1386.7026 Jordanian Dinars IF Am PLANNING TO DO THIS:

Although I guess sleeping in the street is a BIT cheaper than getting an accomidation in Tokyo :)

Now we move to the next letter I received from those robbers who said tha accomidation in Okazaki would be for 9,500 Yen A week and then turns out to be 18,500 a week!!! They did not even bother do the calculating for me!!


Dear Takwa,Thank you for submitting your application for a 12 week Japanese language course beginning June 11th in Okazaki, Japan.I am pleased to confirm availability for this course and I can accept your application. .
The cost of your course and accommodation is as follows:

12 week course (28 lessons per week) - Yen 379,680. Please note the school also requires an admission fee of Yen 21,000

12 weeks studio accommodation - Yen 18,500 per week.

The fun of mathematics says:

379,680 + 21,000 + ( 18,500 *12)= 622,680 Yen

Which is: 4908.8799 Jordanian Dinars!!

It looks like I have to strart picking the bank I need to rob ^_^