Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dharma and Greg: Threatening My Friends Boyfriends/Fiances/Husbands

See this amazing line from Dharma and Greg's first episode, when Dharma presented Greg to her friend Jane: 

Jane: (hugging Greg) If you cause my friend any emotional pain whatsoever, I'll punish you in ways you can't even imagine.

I Just wish I had this experience to openly threaten the men in my friends lives. I don't do it, because I don't turn hostile until after shit takes place. I don't attack people unless I know that I am going to burn each and every bridge and I am POSITIVE I will not need them in a near or a far future. 

And - here comes the important reason- Who am I to threaten people? It is so patronizing and it makes an assumption that my friends are not responsible enough to make a sentimental\life decision. 

But again, I look back at my friends men, the ones who stayed and the ones who left, they are equally idiotic misogynists who don't even realize that this IS what they are. 

A friend recently broke up with her fiance, and the first thing I did after getting her a "Birthday Girl" crown is blocking him on Facebook. She was like: Why did you block him? I did not block him, and I was like: You are free to deal with your feeling the way you like, but as for me it is hurtful on its own to remember that such a simple man (and the word simple is a huge insult if you look into it) took a year from your time and energy. 

When friends get married I feel that an honesty channel is blocked between them and I, because then honesty becomes a luxury that we can't afford. You are no longer able to make any "deal breaking' remarks, because that's just mean to the friend. It puts her in a situation where she can no longer share, because we can be as close as friends could be but no one wants to seem defeated infront of any other not even if this other is their dearest friend. 

And on a final note: I think I am going to revise Dharma and Greg now, and I might turn it into a course for "How to Enjoy Life" because Dharma is a real expert on the matter, and I feel that I need this kind of skills. I have been working a lot lately, I still feel like I can enjoy and celebrate almost anything (just like when I was a kid) but I constantly feel like I have less time than what I would like, and that was the main reason why I chose to be a freelancer: to be the master of my own time. 

Yesterday I saw this video by Presidente Mujica and it just depressed me, when he said that we don't pay money in exchange of items, we pay the time that it took us to make this amount of money. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Trouble With Prison Is Prison Itself

 In the first week of the "Incarceration's Witnesses: American Prison
 Writing" online course I found this letter. It was written by
 Kenneth E.Hartman from inside the
 California prison system. 

It is written so simply yet so deeply. The writer was
 not only able to look at his own experience, but he was 
also able to perceive the suffering of others around him, 
and I believethat what makes this so extraordinary is that
 people are always able to realize the suffering 
of their equals, but they might not be as sensitive to 
the suffering of people who belong to 
different social, economical and educational backgrounds. 

I have seen the inside of prisons in my work,
 and I was able to imagine everything he said
in this article. Those are people who were given
 no chances, and they have become those 
unrescuable persons who in some moments
 made me wary and reluctant.  

You can find the full text here 

This is a part of The Other Death Penalty Project that I
 will get back to in order to read more. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Best Movie Scene Ever: Nearer My God To Thee

As it had rained heavily today, and as the city drowned under heaps of brown angry rain, I remembered this scene from the Titanic. It is the best music that goes by with the biggest sense of vanity: When the violinists starts playing because they are convinced they are going to drown anyway.

I saw lately in the internet a meme that goes like this: I am worried that my homeland is a sinking ship just like the Titanic, and meanwhile people are running to jump of it I am still standing there like those violinists.

This is the main idea on my mind: ALL the time. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cities that we don't know

A photo posted by Travelin'man Turkey (@onderkoca) on

I just found this picture on Instagram. I think I am designed in a way to assume that every breathtaking scene should be from Granada or at least any other place in Spain. But No, this is from Dubrovnik Croatia. Do I know anything about this place? No!

Today I was looking for something in my suitcases, and they made me think: I travel way less than I am supposed to. And every time I discover an interesting place the list goes longer longer and it gives me the feeling that the world is so infinite that I will never run out of aspirations and amusement.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Seinfeld: Life Before Mobiles

I am revising Seinfeld again (I think I am too busy to try a new show and spend time "getting used" to it) and I was thinking about the numerous episodes where the argument would have been totally useless if there were a mobile phones with the characters. Today he said this at the beginning of the episode and it got me thinking, what phones have turned us into?! we can not sit alone. 

~'I would say the concept behind the car phone, and the phone machine, the speaker phone, the airline phone, the portable phone, the pay phone, the cordless phone, the multi-line phone, the phone pager, the call waiting, call forwarding, call conferencing, speed dialing, direct dialing, and the re-dialing, is that we all have absolutely nothing to say, and we've got to talk to someone about it right now. It cannot wait another second! I mean, come on, you're at home and you're on the phone, you're in the car making calls, you get to work 'any messages for me?', you gotta give people a chance to miss you a little!'~