Friday, November 13, 2015

The Trouble With Prison Is Prison Itself

 In the first week of the "Incarceration's Witnesses: American Prison
 Writing" online course I found this letter. It was written by
 Kenneth E.Hartman from inside the
 California prison system. 

It is written so simply yet so deeply. The writer was
 not only able to look at his own experience, but he was 
also able to perceive the suffering of others around him, 
and I believethat what makes this so extraordinary is that
 people are always able to realize the suffering 
of their equals, but they might not be as sensitive to 
the suffering of people who belong to 
different social, economical and educational backgrounds. 

I have seen the inside of prisons in my work,
 and I was able to imagine everything he said
in this article. Those are people who were given
 no chances, and they have become those 
unrescuable persons who in some moments
 made me wary and reluctant.  

You can find the full text here 

This is a part of The Other Death Penalty Project that I
 will get back to in order to read more. 

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Haitham Al-Sheeshany said...

Prison. Does not need the word "problem" to describe it; it is embodied already!