Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Whole lot of Drafts

Why Do I keep doing this to myself! I have an absurd amount of drafts about things that I dont actually remember now!!

Today a new semester starts and I dont want to repeat what happened last semester. I dont want to waste the opportunity to write about all the amazing speakers who come to give us lectures in the institute and I want to write the details of every report I make, because I am evolving by the second and I want to keep track of that.

I first wrote about the institute here when I was still extremely gloomy and mad about it, and when I overcame that feeling I did not come back here to write what has drastically changed inside me. And although there is no written track of that transition but I will manage to remember it partially and I will try to write about it somehow here.

Now I am happy. Totally happy about becoming a ''Journalist".

Actually I remember a story of a guy who was learning to play the harp. So a friend told him: Dont say I am learning to play ,,, you are not learning , what you are doing is that you are actually "playing" it already. So ,,, I'd rather say that I ''am'' a journalist not ''becoming'' a journalist.

High Hopes :)))
Happy new Semester 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why does this make me wanna cry?

Maybe it is the dark side of happiness, you know, when you are troubled with your own happy heart. When I was younger I used to think that it is just natural to be a little bit melancholic in weddings , because marriage is a life changing step, but no , this is not the reason why those things push me to the verge each time. It is something vague, yet so clear!!! Maybe it is the vanity of all human feelings ,,, Maybe it hurts to realize how simple , temporal and fading we are. Nice Palestinian wedding songs ,,,, Listen

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Different Kinds of Celebration

Today we got together all of us. It puts my heart at ease when I notice that we are still the same although we are three years away from university , which is the place that brought us together and gave us a reason to hang out very often.

Today we celebrated Sara's engagement and Rasha's break up. And I insist on the word "celebrated''. God knows what's better for everyone and he puts us through experiences just to teach us something. Break ups are usually sad but we sat there to let her know that we are happy for her , that she is free and available for the right man when he comes.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Best Way to Start a Year

This morning, the very first morning of the new year I found this video on Facebook. The photographer in question participated in a photography workshop in our institute and he happens to be Adel's brother!!!

Anyhow, those are some beautiful photos of last year and this is a very good work of montage they did there. Thumbs Up to Alghad newspaper.

Ps:  I have not posted anything in 45 days! I have a lot of drafts but those have been the most busy days in my entire life so far, Enshalla I will post those drafts sometime soon when it is my vacation.