Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Whole lot of Drafts

Why Do I keep doing this to myself! I have an absurd amount of drafts about things that I dont actually remember now!!

Today a new semester starts and I dont want to repeat what happened last semester. I dont want to waste the opportunity to write about all the amazing speakers who come to give us lectures in the institute and I want to write the details of every report I make, because I am evolving by the second and I want to keep track of that.

I first wrote about the institute here when I was still extremely gloomy and mad about it, and when I overcame that feeling I did not come back here to write what has drastically changed inside me. And although there is no written track of that transition but I will manage to remember it partially and I will try to write about it somehow here.

Now I am happy. Totally happy about becoming a ''Journalist".

Actually I remember a story of a guy who was learning to play the harp. So a friend told him: Dont say I am learning to play ,,, you are not learning , what you are doing is that you are actually "playing" it already. So ,,, I'd rather say that I ''am'' a journalist not ''becoming'' a journalist.

High Hopes :)))
Happy new Semester 

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