Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Late Idea

Why did we feel good when Bush was hit with a shoe, but we did not stop for a moment - a lame lonely moment- to think about whats going to happen to Montathar?
What would our demonstrations and facebook groups do to heal his pains and flush away his solitude?

Did we think about this?
I thought we were only cowards who would fuss over someone who does what they are afraid to do , but now I can add : WE ARE SELFISH TOO.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The hell of a Japanese Day!!!!

Today was the second day of The JU's Japanese Festival ... It rocked ... I am so happy ... I really enjoyed everything although I spent most of the time waiting in the Kimono line.

Oops... Takwa-san really looks like Takwa-SAN...loooool

I wanted to wear a pink Kimono that matches with my pink Jilbab, but everytime I traced it I found it taken by another girl. After 50 minutes I realized that IT IS NOT mine , so i went for the blue Kiomono and wooooooow it was Good. It felt so especial ... as soon as I got it on I felt three wonderful things:

1- I started walking with little fast steps.

2-I had to have my back straightttttttttttt .

3-I felt sooooooooooo Japanese and happy.
Now this picture is really funny:

Jordanians (Tymoor sensei and myself) are dressed in Kimonos and the japanese(My dearest Kekuchi sensei) is dressed in an european suit.....hehehe

At last: I got to meet Gundam sensei in person :)

I touched Gundam sensei's pinkie finger ... He has that delicate pinkie that calls : "Touch me..Touch me..I will make your heart wiggle".

Its weird .. it has been so long since I last liked something made of Plastic!!

I tend to have a stubborn attitude towards plastic because it demostrates a culture that I detest, but to say the truth: Gundam is some plastic that has a soul.

Dr Ramiz's street after the show

We had to leave (we: Mays-san Sarah-san and myself) because we had to catch our Linguistics shit class :)...

Life is not fair... everyone was missing with kimonos, origami , shoudou, gundam models and japanese folk games meanwhile I was in linguistics class parying that time would vanish. Actually I entertained myself trying to figure out something funny: I found BIG shoes parking next to my bag in the hall. They almost left a mark on my bag but its not this that got my attention, Its: who is that frankenstein that was wandering barefooted in this chilly morning!!

So I think that is all for today ... Am Happy and that's what really matters :)

A light is rising in my heart

Thursday, December 18, 2008

So I guess thats It.

I guess thats it ... an endless chain of waiting that leads nothing.
I have already said that I hate Thursdays and I hate you.
I am sorrey I said that ... Its not Thursdyas fault nor its yours. Its just that life -actually my life- has too few potentials ...

As an example: the potential of me opening your office's door and saying cold-blooded : "I love you sir" is not so possible .. regarding this fact am going to cool it down.
Not going to write in this blog for a while.
Not going to give you your habotual share in my prayers.
Going to act like you dont exist .

It already started hurting me but what other potentials do I have?

Sweetest dreams Mudanza.
Te quiero

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pausing Life Tape - 2

We have a picture of the little dude!!

This is my nephew...Subhan allah ... he is swimming in the infinte existence...
We made a huge Fuss in the examining room : My brother , my mother , my sister in law and I.
He was moving and wiggiling .. I started to fall in love with him I guess ..
Aunt EvaLuna :)

Good reason to hate being a woman

Did I ever mention that I loath and detest being a woman? This is one of my big fat reasons: When you get a puntured wheel and you need a guy to fix it for you, then you are going to have to say THANK YOU!!

God damn it
damn it
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn It!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Never do that again!!

How could you run away from my head!! I had bad time trying to remember how do you look like :S

We hit El-Balad

Aliet, Mays and I accompanied our american friends for a last shopping trip to El-Balad.
Before the guys gathered infront of Al-jame'e Al-Husseini the girls and myself went to Hashem restaurant. Its been long since I have last been there. I love everything about hashem and the chat with the egyptian workers is my best part:)
Either I was soooo damn hungry or its the food that was awesome : )
Thats Aliets hamd... I was begging: Let me take the picture and then eat ,, but she was like: Ataaaaaaaaaaaaaack

This is one of the things I call "Haiku capture" ... when mint is floating on the surface of tape..
It tasted Great!!

We went with the guys (Asad, Colin, Shane and Emily) ro this shop. I wonder how this instrument is suppozed to make any voices!!!
I bought two crystal owls and three rings.

Thats Shane playing chess with me (He kicked my ***...). Shane was the last to stay and so we went together to Balat Erashed cafe. We took a table on the balcony over looking Amman(dont get me started describing the Beauty of this magical city). I dont know who came up with the Idea of chess but I enjoyed playing with shane.. this guy has a strategy and a fine way of observing things.
He is the kind of person who would never talk unless you make him , but when he does: he is astonishing. I love how much he loves California (If I compare it to the love I have to Amman I think I would be able to imagine) . He sang a song That says:
California here I come
Right back where I started from
nananananan ( i dont know what)
So open up those Golden gate california here I COME

Love is contagious is not it!!

It looks good but it tastes like car tires:)
We went home together Aliet and I ... while I was walking home I thought to myself that I have a good life .. a real good one. I get to meet people like Shane and have true friends like Mays and Aliet.
Alhamduilalh :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Te echo mucho de menos...

Royal Jordanian airplanes... Real Glory

I have always thought that Yellow and Dark Blue are the best color match evr . A little trip to Queen Alia airport proved me right ,as the construction work gave me a perfect chance to ACTUALLY see the entire plane body.

It was late at night...lights were on on board and the engine was hovering as the plane was taking off.....
I could not breath as I was observing the view ... who would ever imagine that this Metal Giant would take you from a World to another!!

I was looking at the tiny windows and wondering how huge is it going to feel when I look out and see Spain !! or Tokyo!! .. Buenas aires!! Santiago de chile!! Mexico!! Rome!! Manilla!!Jakarta!!

Who would believe it!!

Well Royal Jordanian:Good choice of colors and everlasting glory:)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

hypthecally impossible

I cant believe that I can possibly miss some one this much and in such a short time....
I miss you so bad...
Oh .. fuck you how much I miss you ...
I am not sorrey ...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Videos... a little late

I got a little bit drowzy so I forgot to post the videos that I uploaded to youtube...

Here we go :
My cusion Sarah contemplating... I believe that this Sarah has something special.. Her eyes have a sparkle and her temper is baaaad :)

My sheeps last moments

My cusion Fares trying to eat laser beams .. we laughed so hard

Marysan no Hitsuji

Enjoy the show ;)


Watashi no Hitsuji

As its the first Eid with me having a salary and money of my own I bought a sheep and sacrified it. My grandpa bought him a couple of days eralier ,but I did not let myself see him until 15 minutes before he was gone... I know myself: I will get emotionally envolved with him and then "letting him go" process is going to take more effort.
When I went down the garden (Actually its called حاكورة... nothing has the music of this word) he was in the elder chicken room. As soon as I stopped next to the window he put his feet on the edge and peaked up to see me. I took this picture for him then ... that look in his eyes made me feel that he understood ... He understood why is going and It did not bother him really.
When the boys took him out of the room he did not resist and so he did when the butcher layed him down on the ground in order to sacrify him . He was a good boy, so peaceful and quiet. It was so fast that I did not have time to give him a name this is why I called him "Hitsuji" (japanese word for : sheep).
May God bless his soul and may God accept from me the way he accepted from our father Ibrahim. Amen

Bye Bye MoOmOo

So we were sacrifying (Is it how we say it ?!!) And this is my grandparents cow
She was so innocent and had no Idea about what was to come

MomOo licking the pocket of the butcher (women hunch ;)

MY cusions enjoying the show
(never seen them standing in LINE before)

My grandpa sitting next to his youngest grandson (muhammad) watching the show as well

So bad : we discovered later on that momo was pregnant!!!!
We really did not know that ... it was something original: A cow on the size of a mouse!!

EvaLuna's Heritage

Having been the stubborn , evil , nasty , wicked , vicious child I was my family tends to compare its new generation with me. I stand as a symbol for "Childhood Cruelty" and this what makes me proud of my cusion Jude. The last Eid she refused to take off her pyjamas all day. This Eid we hardly convinced her to wake up ... At the end of the day she was there: Awakened , fully dressed up and OK with pausing for pictures!!
Sleeping up till 12 am. (Actually hibernating!!)
We had to bribe her in order to make her wake up!!

A little bit evilness left

Where did that foolish smile come from!!

Get yourself together you little girl!!

Pausing with Rashed (Would they get married when they grow up!!)

I am afraid this girl is going to lose her sense of being "Rude" . They deceived me when they told me that being nice is better... Sometimes I feel like I miss the old me .. I wish that I can go out spitting on those who deserve nothing but a spit.

I dont want to be nice ... I hate it .... Dont you ?!!

Eid panorama :) EnJoY

It was the hell of a Eid!!!! I enjoyed myself to the extreme .. I thought: If Eid is suppozed to be for children then a child I am!!! I was stupid in a way but in the matter of fact : WHO GIVES A S$ITTTTTT!!!!!
We left Amman early in the morning ..Eid morning

My Moms town with sunrise ...

The Masjid infront of my grandparents house ... My father's town is a baaaad town... The Imam was begging people to come and pray!! Reminded me of the father that I read about in Kazantzaki's novel " Enemy Brothers".

Mu cusion fares... smiling as an anonymus thought passed his little brain (I wonder what was it)

Fares Has taken his decision: crossed enemy lines ..heheh:)


Shifa'a... I love this greek beauty she has

Hala... Jordanian beauty perspective

My sword!!!!
Aint it charming?!!!!
Everyone was fighting over it.. Had to slap some, hit some , push the rest until I took him home with me safe and sound :)

My first pistol... It was broken the first minute it arrived!!
I was maaaaaaaaaad... My cusion Tamer went And bought me another one so I would not have needed to fight with the salesman (Its my hobby ... Fighting with salesmen is my thing:)

This is the new pistol ... It's HELL good ... It burns the gunpowder in a way that makes the smell hypnotizing ... I love gunpowder ...

At the end of the first day of Eid we went back to my other grandparents house , and there grandma has made us "Gra9 El3eed" with tea.
I love you Grandma.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We are going to miss you guys.. You made us proud

On Thursday, Languages Center in my University ( University of Jordan) Held the open day for the american students who have just finished their arabic language course in JU.

They performed many beautifull sketches that amazed the audience and here I post the sketch I liked the most. Its performed by three brilliant arabic language students : Alex, Colin and Roth.

(For some technical $#%&hit I could not post it here ... youtube is just fine).
Maybe the voice is a little bit blured , because I was sitting on the top of the auditaurium so here is a part of the poetry they recited:
لنفترق احبابا فالطير كل موسم يغادرالهضاب والشمس يا حبيبي تكون احلى عندما تحاول الغياب

سأمضي فلا تسأليني انتظار
و اترك جرحي لديك اعتذار
سأرحل عنك بعيدا بعيدا
و لو كان في البعد جرح و نار
بربك ... لا تظلميني كثيرا لأني اختصرت الوداع .. اختصار
لأن الرواية فصل قصير وبيني وبينك نزل الستار

فأرجوك فكي عناق الأيادي فقط أطلقت صافرات القطار

عام مضى و أنا أحبك في الدقيقة ألف عام
يا كوكبي الوردي يا نجماً تدثر بالغمام
قد مر عام
الطوق في يديك مرتجف كأدنحة الحمام
قد مر عام
و أشياؤك القديمة تنزوي حتى نعلمها الكلام
قد مر عام

متى ستعرف كم اهواك يا املا
ابيع من أجله الدنيا و ما فيها
لو تطلب البحر في عينيك اسكبه او تطلب الشمس في كفيك ارميها
انا احبك حاول ان تساعدني فإن من بدء المأساة ينهيها

سمراء يا سمراء بي إليك شوق ظالم
..... اللقاء القادم
لا تتركيني لم يكن لولاك هذا العالم

قل لي قل لي هل احببت امرأة قبلي
نور العقل
كيف تصير المرأة حين تحب شجيرة فل
كيف تصير المرأة عن عاشقها نسخة حب طبق الأصل

I liked another two sketches, one of them was the arabic version of "Snow-white and the seven dwarves". Sadly I could not videotape this one because I was so busy laughing .. The performance of "Asad" (who played the role of snow-white and fixed false breasts)(OoOoO) could have caused me a heart attack because I laughed my lungs out.

Abraham performed an american song from his home state translated to arabic ... "Purple Rain" with an inspiring funny playing on a little instrument that looked like guitar for me ;)

here I uploaded his voice :
and here is a copy of the original song:
No big differencr really ... Thanks a lot Abraham : )

Students of Level one singing jordanian song : "Hashmi Hashmi".

Students dancing a folklore dance "Dabke".

Aliet taught them ho to dance and they were Professional

I dont want to forget any of the sketches... I remeber the jordanian food sketch.. very funny one , the love song that scandalized the CIEE employee.. hehe .. I laughed so damn hard as he turned red , black and purple.

The whole cermony was very enjoyable , funny and emotional as all students are going back to America after 10 days. Through this post I want to tell them all that you have done us so proud with your arabic language level and with your intersest in our heritage and culture.

I believe that the warm feeling that we have joined in the few months they spent here in Jordan the best peace message. I believe that all human are brothers and sisters no matter what politicians might think.

I know I should be mixing a little more with foriegn students , its just that am a little shy ... I will get over it next times so I wont feel the grief am feeling now.

Come back for a visit ... you have our love ; )