Friday, February 8, 2013

27 Dresses: Crush the Varnished Bitches. Thanks!

It has been ages since I last watched a movie but yesterday I had the house for myself so I treated myself to  nice dinner (rice and eggs) and I immediately checked MBC2 and I found 27 dresses on.

It looks like I watched some of it before but I did not remember the details so I really enjoyed it. It is not deep , mind stimulating movie , but it is nice and enjoyable.

It made me think of three things:

1- I did not use to understand people who feel lonely, people who feel the need to find their partner. I always thought of them as shallow and not friends of their own selves. Now I know that I was mistaken and it is a matter of the ticking biological clock. When it ticks, it just ticks you off.

2- Saying No is an art. We should know when and how to say it. We should know how to say it with the least amount of sacrifices, but if they are unavoidable then so be it!

3- I want a guy just like Kevin. The way he urged her to bring the best in her , and to liberate her inner ideas. To be herself simply. The way he made her laugh and the way he made everything simple and treatable. I want that. (among other things)

But what I loved most is the scene when she humiliates her sister infront of everybody. I know it is mean , and that sisters should not be that mean to each other but I just love it when the floor is wiped with those varnished bitches, who know nothing in the world besides seducing men and acting like total tramps. Ughhhhhhhhh I wish I could take one down someday for a change.

Peace (ironic?!)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Stranded at the Entrance of My Own House

Samer always makes fun of me being so attached to the streets, so yesterday he said: how about you try going home? who knows, you might even like it.

So, today I finished wandering a bit earlier and I actually went home. I knocked and knocked but found no one, so I sat in the entrance and connected my mobile phone to our wireless network. I watched the first few minutes of an old episode of Scrubs , and then I said to myself: well no!! this needs potato chips and falafel.

So I went down to Abu Ramzi and Hamada and I treated myself to a cute banquet of unhealthy food :p

I went back and I watched Scrubs and it made me laugh  all over again. (This never gets old!). I enjoyed myself too much that when I saw our cars´ lights in the driveway I was a bit disappointed.