Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ayer tuve un sueño

Ayer tuve un sueño muy raro ... He visto señor Mudanza , Mamá , Samu y mí misma en un ascensor que de repente paró ... Samu intentó arreglarlo pero no podía luego Mudanza intentaba y por fin reía y dijo: se ha roto .
Yo tuve ganas de llorar en horror.. la cabeza puso caliente pero sentía bien por tenerle conmigo .. luego él quería ver algo que estaba a mi parte ... su cabeza estaba colocado debajo de mo cuello ... aunque es un sueño pero podía sentirle exactamente como se fuera verdad... y luego mi madre y él hicieron algo y movieron el ascensor.

Luego él está en nuestra casa y no hay nadie a partir de él y yo. Mudanza va dentro sin preguntarme para usar el baño privado de mis padres y cuando le seguí para decirle cual es el butón para encender la luz , pero cuando miré encontré que el ya había encendido la luz y ya estaba dentro. Su telefon sonaba y él salió del baño muy mojado y oarecería como estaba preparandose para hacer la oración , me preguntaba: ¿por qué no contestas al telefono? le traje una toalla u cuando la usaba he visto un anillo fino y bonito en su dedo!!!!

Él no reza en la vida real ... no deja nadie contestar a su telefono y lo más importante: no mueve tan comodo en su propia casa ni siqueira en las casa de los demas!! Que significa esto? cuando necisito entenderlo

Авраам Руссо: SHAGFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

очен красивый

My favorite song for this week: Авраам Руссо - Знаю

Ночь, эта ночь не согреет нас
Впереди пустота и страх
Я уже узнаю эту боль,
Когда умирает любовь
Тихо плачет моя душа
Вижу я, что ко мне пришла
Ты сегодня в последний раз
Знаю, скоро тебя потеряю,
Но сердце не хочет понять,
А мне его трудно унять
Знаю, напрасно себе обещаю,
Что счастье вернется опять
Тебе меня не надо ждать
Знаю, скоро тебя потеряю,
Но сердце не хочет понять,
А мне его трудно унять
Знаю, напрасно себе обещаю,
Что счастье вернется опять
Тебе меня не надо ждать
Ложь, твоя ложь как всегда мила
Она мне опять нужна
Я пытаюсь найти ответ,
Но вопросов давно уже нет
Тихо плачет моя душа,
Вижу я, что ко мне пришла
Ты сегодня в последний раз
Знаю, скоро тебя потеряю,
Но сердце не хочет понять,
А мне его трудно унять
Знаю, напрасно себе обещаю,
Что счастье вернется опять
Тебе меня не надо ждать
Знаю, скоро тебя потеряю,
Но сердце не хочет понять,
А мне его трудно унять
Знаю, напрасно себе обещаю,
Что счастье вернется опять Тебе меня не надо ждать

Its a very nice song with a very nice meaning . its about two loves who have to leave each other and he keeps telling her: Znayo which is " I know" .. I know that I have to leave you ... I know that our love is out of discussion ... I might come back with the exact translation ..


Monday, March 30, 2009

Desperate Houswives Revision :)

Yesterday I re'watched Episode one from season one , when I am actuallu in episode 15 from season 5!! I watched the whole show through internet and ejnoyed it to bits that I feel that the girls of the show are my friends and family. Watching the very first episode after 3 months of watching the show everynight I noticed the difference on the actors .. how they grew up and changed ... the show is written perfectly that characters develop in logical basis that gets you connected to them as if they are real people.

For my Friends:
Lynette Scavo
Bree Hodge
Susan Mayers
Gabrielle Solis
Kathreine Mayfair
And Ediee Brits ...

You are the best :)

who ever said that real people are more REAL than TV figures?!

More Pictures X-)

Kollayatna (Mashalla Jaish!!)
Runaway graduate..hehehe
(I want to run with my diploma before someone changes his mind... 84 out of 100 .. smart smart smart Desu
Together forever
(Or until I get the next one .. heheheh evil evil evil desu)
Arigatou Gozaimasu Hasna-san for taking the pics
you are the best:)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two Great days in a row: Too Much to handle

So I am officially a "Reveru ni" Graduate. (Watashi wa reveru ni owarimashita :) And we had a cutey cute graduation party in the japanese embassy (Notice something: I have never been to an embassy!! Oh yeah .. I went to the egyptian embassy a couple of times, but SECURITY thingies were not that bizzare.. heheheh they have a steel tray where they put pencils... )

It was so simple and right to the point so they were like "you came for diplomas? here they are" It was very nice ... Students of level 5 got their diplomas from the ambassador himself.

This new ambassador gets my "Coolest Perosn with a Position Ever" reward:
Then Kazuki-san showed us how to make sushi .. he was making rice balls with his own hands and he looked just like eating Mansaf ...hehe


After handing the diplomas we had a beautiful banquet , and putting aside that I hate eating in public gatherings it was a very nice meal with good new tastes.

Something delicious (I think it has mushroom and something :)

I liked the ceiling ... its as neat as the floor (My new shoes were squeeking as if I was in basketball court ... very embaressing especially when everyone is quiet)

My dish (See the sushi? I ate for the first time with the sea weed ... its not that bad .. I might like it one day:)

Something nice that I did not get any closer to :(

The story of the cheescake:

Once upon a time there was a cheescake , nice , stuffed and yummy in a table.

Kekuchi sensei sstarted cutting the cheesecake and with time pieces bacame smaller and smaller ....And even smaller ;p

And Takwa-san broke out with her share ... heheh .. yummy

End of story.

We watched a ver nice anime movie called Neko no Ongaeshi (The cats return) ... I believe in messages Gos send through movies ... I think "It does not matter anymore" ...

The pool:

It was freezing cold but still water has its Glory (I wonder if someone ever swims there:)

The nice lobby:

Someone who looks like Sayouri-san

Two wonderful FAT toys ... At Last someone appreciates fat people (Long live FAT Paeople:)

When I left that was the first cat I saw ... I was waiting for her to stand on two and strat talking to me ... loooool


Saturday, March 28, 2009

KUBAN Circassian Dance Troupe: The Best Day in My Life so far!!!

On Thursday night (March 26) I went to KUBAN Circassian Dance Troupe Party ( Al-ahli club) in International academy theater. I arrived like 5 minutes before they started ... the room was full in a way that freaked me out ( I naturally tend to freak out when I enter new places alone .. but I double freaked out because I guess I was the only non-circassian in the entire room ..loool).

I found an empty seat right in the middle of the room and as I sat my eyes landed on the bitch batool who once made fun of me because of my phone ringtone ( long story but she is an extreme bitch). I did not look for familiar faces .. I loved being alone (after sara could not get a ticket) and as they turned off the lights I streched my back and turned on all my senses.

A view of the theatre before turning off the lights

The room was in extreme darkness when suddenly the sound of "Bshena" cracked the blackness... in that exact moment something in my head said: "Its true!!" I could not believe that IT IS happening to me. For many years I have always cut concerts and parties commercials from newspapers but my family who does not like music always made a joke out of this deep longing to music I have. In that moment I did need to pinch me in order to make sure that I am there : I will see true dancers coming from behind the scenes in a minute ..

I know it sounds stupid but before anything started the sound of Bshena made me cry like a sponge ... A lifetime was layed infront of my eyes... I remebered when I was a child who watches circassian dancers on Jordan Television every morning and always thinks that circassian girls dont have feet and move on wheels. I was a minute away from making sure about a childhood fantasy ... how pure and wonderful was I ... What an everlasting moment was that !!

The light spot streched and the band was sitting in the back of the stage .. wearing wine-red circassian outfits and holding their instruments ... I remember seeing 3 Bshenas ... a Violin a pair of drums and the wooden fan that makes the cracking voice.

A short video was displayed to tell the story of how circassians were forced to leave home in Qafqasia and travel a long trip to where they are now, it also talked about the message of the nation being conveyed from old generations to new ones.

Shots from the video:

Then the show started ...I cant really write something different for every dance of the many dances that were presented but I hold every moment deep deep down in the memory of my heart. The Video camera I borrowed from Aliet went kapum after 15 seconds!! I did not get mad .. I just loved taping the whole thing using my eyes and head ...

Those photos can easily win the prize of "Worst photos ever taken by a sonyericsson w850i camera" because I was sitting far away and the strongest zoom could not help but to blur the picture even more .. hehehe

This picture shows Barina when she performed her song ... She was standing infront of at least 400 persons but sill singing with the calmness of a girl standing alone in her room. She looked like an extreme angel with the dress she was wearing , the lighting that soaked her , the gentle way in which she holds the microphone and the sweet way in which she pronounces the "linguistically impossible" circassian letters :p

She is a star ... a Big Big one indeed :)

This is the other song Barina performed accompanied with a wonderful pianist ...

This picture shows the last dance when dancers came wearing all colors symbolising all circassian tribes and they performed that unbelieveable show where they were rubber-like flexible... girls were gentle like spring breezes... Guys were flying in the air with their feet touching their shoulders from backwards ... at the end an old guy came out and danced with Barina symbolising the solidarity between old generation and new generation ...

They made a formation that I dont know what its called , but its something I have seen many times on Youtube and when they did it I was like "Oh dear God!!!!!" I saw it with my own eyes when they form a wall of bodies and they move like a fan that parts in more little groups ... wonderful .

Just like this video (the formation starts at 1:04 seconds)

The audience was a little noisy but having an entire circassian audience was so useful for the "clap" part .. there was harmony ... (I found out that I clap my hands like a boy!!)

All girls showed some feet except for Barina who danced like my extreme fantasy ... she was floating on the stage and not making any effort ...

At the end they made something Barina says its called "Jag" where boys and girls dance in pairs for a little while then they switch ... and with the great music the curtain was drown over a huge number of gifted wondeful and hard-working dancers.

I went down and hugged Barina and took this modest photo of her dress .

I waited for my Dad outside sitting on a chair like this one and reading a novel for Jesus Ferrero and enjoying the great feeling of such an overwhelming experience.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Japanese exam: にひんご の しけん level 2

Yesterday I had my japanese exam - level 2. The exam was written in a way just like the above picture...
For many years I have been known for my ability of manipulating the questions I dont know and answering them in a way that makes the teacher feel like I know what I am talking about.
Yesterdays exam was a ONE-WAY exam where every question is designed to check if you know one exact clear idea!! It was so smart and tricky for a jordanian educated student like myself. I survived 12 years of jordanian schools based on memorising and when I get an exam like that I have to waste like 15 minutes at least smiling at the paper and telling her: Are you kidding me?!!!

I did good and on saturday I will come back with graduation party feed-back:)

My heart is beating with enthusiasm

I found this video of young circassian dancers getting ready behind the scenes for their show on the stage. Those are ones of the hardest moments in a persons life .. moments of high expectationos , enthusiaism and fear of disappointment.

I watch this as I wait for Thursday to come. On Thursday Sara and I are going to attend "Al-Ahli Circassian Dance Troupe" KUBAN who are going to perform on the theater of the International Academy - Amman.

Its going to be my VERY first time to see circassian dance live ... Whenever I think of it it gives me the chills!!! Oh my God am really thrilled .. Barina is going to sing and Zena will dance ... They told me that there are 18 dancers whuch gurantees nice formations... Ya rab that my chair is close to the stage ... I have already borriwed Aliets video digital camera so I can keep those wonderful moments for ever ...

Allah ywafegkom my friends ... I will be there an hour early to make sure I see PERFECTLY :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mirando por los ojos de hombres estupidos

No sé que quiero decir .. estaba pensando todo el día de que cuando vengo a escribir todo va a arreglarse en mi cabeza... lo que pasa es que oigo muchas voces dentro de mi y mi voz propia esta hundiendose dentro de esa jaleo ..

Hoy Señor Fukuro (un nombre postizo) estaba a paso de darme un abrazo cuando estaba despidiendose... Él no vijará ni yo pero la situacion pareció como un gran *Adiós*...

Estabamos muy cercanos y un poco nerviosos y tenía la sensación que el estaba pidiendo ayuda .. pidiendo una mano que le ayude levantarse ...

Algunas veces me imagino que los otros me necesitaban para dar un signifcado a mi vida , pero estoy segura que el de hoy no era una de ellos .. fue una necesidad verdadera que luego me hizo sentir la culpa de ni poder ayudar en nada ni siquiera un solo abrazo..

Lo sé que no le amo porque somos distintos y parecidos de manera que nos hace los mejores amigos del alma .. quería ayudarle .. quería poner toda la intimidad de me corazon en mi voz como hizo él ... no sé que me pasa en situaciones como esta: cuando tengo muchísimas ganas de ayudar estos quien me importan pero mi voz ne se sale y mis ojos ponen una expresion absurda..

Señor fukuro ... mme importas y siento completamente lo que te está pasando .. de que eres una persona muy diferente , profunda y boinita pero atrapado en un lugar donde nadie te entiende y nadie sa valora el mundo que tienes dentro de ti ...

Señor fukuro ... si no teníamos las barreras que tenemos entre nosotros será segura que te abrazaría ... por esta entrada re estoy mandando todo lo que puedo ahora y rezo para que te encuntres lo que te merezca...

Señor Mudanza: He quitado tus fotos de mi cartera porque has agotado mi corazon ... no te retiro pero doy esa historia una oportunidad para pasar como las *historias* ... hoy cuando estaba enfrente de ti mientras tú tuviste los ojos cerrados yo tuvo un momento para ver tu cara cubierto con paz y trabquilidad . Una cara que quiero contemplar hasta el fin de mi vida... aunque todo esto : amor no es suficiente , hay un hueco en mi cabeza que todavía esta ambiguo y si no lo aclaro voy a pasar de mi corazon y sigo mi pebsamiento que luego me dará consuelo ... Te quiero tanto tanto tano pero respeto a mi mas.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I love this .. dont ask me why :p

This is Magic!!!!

How To make An Origami Crane... It will get your eyes WIDE OPEN!!!

Mothers Day

Is a Bad Idea ...
In a day like this one I thank God for being a muslim who has no holidays but two holidays that come after hard work: Siyam (fasting) in Rmadan. Hajj (peligrim) in Eid Al-adha.
I wonder if the founders of this day have thought of Orphan people , Mothers who have lost their sons , Women who cant have babies and those who come from seperated families. In a day like this one we celebrate biology which is nothing to be celebrated!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sony Alpha 350 ... am still considering

I was having this tiny nice chat with Joseph today as he recommended Sony Alpha 350 for me .. I was surfing about her and this is what I found :
I love the live view LCD .. it moves!!!
And 14.2 Megapixel is so cool

It looks good , and something like 300 JDs cheaper but it still feels weird that I am not getting a Canon ... not the rebel Xsi I was whining to get for the past 4 months ... How is it going to end?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shaving for a TREE!!!

What exactly were they thinking?