Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blogging Via Galaxy Note

I have always thought of blogging as a reflection moment, in which I get to think more about events,  moments, experiences and even songs and poems.

This is why I never believed in instant blogging, I always thought that it is not a mere act of "telling" but rather a pause to think, but after my masters year and the very few posts l managed to write throughout the year made me reconsider my blogging style.

As I am travelling soon my brother got me this very cool galaxy note ..I believe it is a turning point fr my reading behaviour, my level in Turkish and my blogging. 

Cross your fingers 

New Banner

Always new tracks, and always new destinations

My Voiceless Body

If I had heard this song a year ago I wouldn't have thought about it, not even for a moment. A while before now, I did not realize my body ...

Do you know how complicated that is? You think that you feel it and that you understand it, but then comes a moment when you realize that maybe your body has been voiceless ever since its formation started back in your mother's womb!

Maybe I had to be drastically in love to be able to appreciate such words, how simply she described her imperfect body, and how she listed in a neat human way what he can do with her body without sounding slutty at all.

She sounded in love, all proud and  arrogant but also willing to "entregar" herself to him.

Entregar has a couple of English translations but I did not like any of them, things like submitting and surrendering  and that was not what Rozalen talked about.

It is a vague carnal call that your body sends out for no specific reason, and with no sexual squeal in it... Just a signal, that I miss you know, and I would cross oceans just to pass my hand on your forehead, to leave my palm in yours or to press my shoulder on your shoulder and feel the heat.

Thanks to the one who gave my body a voice. And Thanks to Rozalen "Para los Dos"