Saturday, November 28, 2009

Malaga: An almost perfect city!!!

Just back from Malaga ... so what is it with cities that have coast?!! Why I just cant be subjective with them?!! Malaga is just wonderful ... I meant to write a post about every trip I go to , and although this is my eighth trip here I have wrote only about the first trip ... I always come back with the head too high , so I cant write , and then when I can write the ideas would be long lost inside my head ...
Here I am jotting some thoughts about Malaga knowing that such a wonderful city will be treated unfairly with whatever words I get to use to describe her ... (Yes , I refer to cities as She's).

Alcazaba of Malaga,,, one last muslim castle that hung on the most after the conquest of Granada

Here we were climbing to a castle called Gibralfaro ,,, every time we have to climb something, this time a military muslim castle situated exactly on the peak of the highest mountain that overlooks the entire the whole shore!! God I was dying when I arrived up there
This is one of the photos I take thinking "Ok, I am gonna do my best but who cares: the view is too good to be captured!!"
Well ,, modestly speaking: I saw on souvenirs shop stnad actual POST CARDS which just look like this picture ,,,, Gaaaah .. Sometimes I think: yeah thats so good , some other times I think: Maybe its just so cleche that a fool with camera would have done the same ... what?

This is a Haiku moment .. there have been moments around here in Spain where I truly feel that my ancestors did not die ,, everything looks so familiar that I get the feeling that one of them might really cross the scene and pass by me ,,, they are so real ,,, I feel them all the time ,,,
They believed enough to make such a legacy , they had an ultimate trust in God that led them to all that glory and as soon as there relation with God withered , their legacy withered too ...

Plaza de torros ...
In this picture an idea pressed on my head "I want Mom!!" ... I have been here for 60 days an never said that phrase to myself ...
I dont miss her - I dont miss anyone or anything , its a decision- but I came to the conclusion that there is nothing real in my life but her... she is in me in each and every aspect of me - no matter how hard I try not to- and when my heart goes empty in front the vast sight of the sea no one deserves to pass my thoughts as much as her!!
Blowing my head off!!
Oh that was dull ... I hate modern art , I love a painting that has a chair , a window and little girl better !!!

Inside the Cathedral of Malaga ... Its my third cathedral in two months so I am getting a little bored especially that they have the same construction and style.

So I am new to Malaga , I dont know the rules of street shows , If we have to offer the guy some money or suppozed to just smile and leave ,,, this guy was standing holding the two canes who did not look like anything familiar at the time, he had a clowns red nose and gazing silent look,, when he saw people he left up the canes and the bubble formed as magic!! I was giggling so loud that he started laughing - I did not see it coming you know- ... our Guide was rushing through the city and if you spend more time looking at something you are risking getting lost in a big place,,, there were no ore soup on the bawl so he ran to bring some more from under a tree , everyone ran and when he left up his head and found that no one was left except for me...
Ask me why do I hate clowns? Because they make me so sad , so sorry , so bitter ... efffft

This old dude asked me to take a picture of him , he had this peace of cloth with him in a bag , he pulled it and put it on his head and then told me: I love to look like a muslim woman ... she has magic!! This is the second guy who uses the exact same words to describe muslim women!! What is it with spanish taste?
This street "Calle Marques de Larios" Is just amazing ,,, it was so festive and felt like christmas , there were people doing funny stuff on the sides , so interactive and entertaining... This clown teased me all the way , he insisted on playing with me - not knowing that clowns freak me out- so I played with him ,,, I walked the goofy walk and played mirror: I do whatever he does but to the opposite direction ,, I played the ball , i played the goofy look and when I was going to crack I went straight to his nose: pressed it as if it was a bell he cried out loud and went to the children crying telling them that I pressed his nose ...

He reminded of someone ... who?
I am stealing his heart ... I am well known for that you know

Writing my name forming a K ,,, still need a W and an A

Its just like a dream ,, like passing in the thoughts and memories of those who has been there before you... I am happy ,, I am going to write again ,, there is a device in my heart thats going back to life ... It IS

Hasta Prontoooooooooooooooo

Friday, November 27, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Daydreaming of Nipon: Many miles away

These last days I have spending much time with myself , it has been long since we last talked and bonded (me and me) I know how schizophrenic that may sound but still its good.
Today I was leaving with my friends but when we reached the gate of the residency I said "What the hell , the sun is wonderful right here and am not gonna waste it". So I went back to my room, brought my laptop and sat on the bridge and started reading an e-book (I am growing up see?).

As my back started to ache I went down to the lawn, lent against a tree trunk and put my feet on the residency's wall and kept reading... Each moment and the other a tree leaf would fall on me,, I thought its just like 5 cm per second,,, AHhhhhh how much I love those momentsm when an Idea springs in my head voluntarily and appears suddenly on my mind: I am gonna watch 5 cm per second.

So I closed the e-book file and opened the folder that reads: "5 cm per seconds". I never open that file until I am really craving for the movie. Today it just felt so right to re-watch for the fifth time!! ...

It was cold ,the wind was blowing the autumn leaves and there it was: my favorite movie ...
It was something around 12 o' clock , almost the same time as the Japanese festival started in Jordan. I could not help but regret it ... its one of the things that stand as a symbol of my Uni-life in Jordan University ...

I ended up -like always- crying like a sponge ...I guess I am Sumida , not Akari , at least not anytime soon ...

There is much I want to say ... maybe that I would prefer go on daydreaming about Nipon than
actually going there , is it true that dreams are safer when we still have them and that we lose them as turn real? ... I love Spain more than anyone can imagine , in my special way yeah but It already feels like home ... some cells in my brain start singing alone: Que viva Esapña ... but still there are those moments when it feels so ''earthy'' that it loses that aura of magic it once had ...

I guess being in Spain is like getting married to the love of your life ... eventually you will take turns to throw the trash, but there are gonna be those moments when you look at this persons eyes and feel that you own the world.


Monday, November 23, 2009

How do they come up with such ideas!!


A youtube channel done by an american guy who decided to live the experience of Ramadan as if he was a muslim , he did everything: Fasting , not cursing , not saying names , not getting mad , not touching girls and not drinking. He recorded his experience in a video diary of 13 videos ... Thats just creative , let alone the fact that he is eager to know about Islam that he is ready to be hungry for 30 days , He IS creative ...

If only we were intelligent enough we would have been able to share the bless of Islam with almost everybody , after the more is the merrier ;)

Why why we gotta die? Good question ^_^

Got no future
Great big past
Little bitty guy on the rim of my glass
Gotta meet the plane so I can get my monkey
Teach him to be cool
But a little bit funky
Got no credit
And I got no fear
And I got about a buck
So I can buy a beer
Gotta see a doctor ‘bout the words I've said
And I gotta get a bike
And I gotta paint it red

Oh no
We gotta go
We're not gonna live forever
Why? Why? We gotta die
You know that well be together
Hey hey we gotta say
I could never be a savior
You don’t have to be there
Cause I'm never never never
Comin’ home

Three feet deep in a slow motion wreck
I was walkin the walk
And I was talkin to the best
I was wrinkled and shriveled
And steppin’ outta line
Had the end against the middle and losin every time
I was famous and heinous and crippled and sad
Thought I was invincible the baddest of the bad
Then I woke up one morning
And I stepped out of bed
Had to get a bike
Had to paint it red

Oh no
We gotta go
Were not gonna live forever
Why? Why? We gotta die
You know that well be together
Hey hey we gotta say
I could never be a savior
I know that you’ll miss me
But I’m never never never
Comin’ home

Oh no
We gotta go
Were not gonna live forever
Why? Why? we gotta die
You know that well be together
Hey hey we gotta say
I could never be a savior
You don’t have to be there
Cause I’m never never never
Comin’ home

Staring in disbelief
Out at the gloom
I was forced with remorse to learn the bassoon
I got real good in about six years
Started playin’ out for a couple of beers
Then one day I was playin at the gig and in walked the monkey with a couple of funky friends
He came right over and said this is what you’ll do
You’re gonna get a bike
Your gonna paint it blue

Oh no
We gotta go
Were not gonna live forever
Why? Why? We gotta die
You know that well be together
Hey hey we gotta say
I could never be a savior
I know that you’ll miss me,
But I’m never never never
Comin’ home

Thursday, November 19, 2009

At last: One spanish Girl!!!

Today we went to a cultural exchange session with Spanish dudes learning English. It was sooo much fun , the group is funny , diversed and has great harmony. So the names (so I will be able to come and check everytime I feel I forgot one): FRom the left: Byka -she is english- Antonio -From Jaen- Farah - English too- Puri - Granadina- Javier - Granadino/Baza- Me - Irbid looool- Andres - Granadino , is he? I am not sure?!- Rafa -Granadino- and the other guy I dont know him! He came last thing so we did not get the time to know him.

So ....
There are a lot of points I wanna point out to my own attention:
1- I thought I can speak English with a british accent: I cant!

2- Spanish people irritate me with there accent in English .. I appreciate the hard work of this group because they irritate much less than others.

3- Andres looks like someone I know ... he caught me staring at him more than once!! It was not comfortable I know , but its crazy when you meet someone for the very first time and you get the feeling that he has been in your life once before!!

4- Javier has to get over his engineering diploma and go work as one of those three options: 1- TV show host or news reader. 2- Radio Host for a very sentimental show with too much music an poetry in it. 3- A poet or at least novelist.

5- I wonder if I get thrilled for anything as I do when I am wandering around a place with a person who already knows it!! This session included the biggest number of Granadinos I have seen at once ever since I arrived here , so the way they passed through the streets and reached the places was just awesome for me.

6- There is something that I did not like at the beginning about Spanish people: When they hang out, they change the place more than two or three times in one night. So we spent two hours in Teteria (we were sitting on the ground actually) and then one of them said something about getting bored , so for my "Made in Jordan" mentality I thought that he wants to go home. It turned out this means: "Lets move to the next level" so they stood up and we went to another place.

7- If one more person asks me about Gathafi I am gonna kill myself.
8- English people are more conservative than arabs. They dont open up as fast as Spanish people... God how fast they open up , they tell you the history of their life time before you even know it!!! I love them , there social walls are tooooooo low .. sometimes they make me uncomfortable but most of the time I feel like "What the hell! its not a free country , its a "What the hell" country... I just adore Spain!!
9- I felt like I am first stepping into the country!! It just hit me that all what I know about Spain is stuff I heard or saw on TV!! I found out that here its normal if you are 18 and still live with your parents , its ok if you dont have a girlfriend/boyfriend ,,, it does not get you socially rejected as I used to think.
10- Kissing is a Spanish wonder!! You know, even if Islam said its ok to kiss people - which is the case with girls- I still feel its tooooo weird to lean against someone you have known for like 7 seconds and kiss him / her!! I prefer to be eating something really greasy at that moment so no one will come near me ... I am narrow minded , well join the choir if you know the words , but Kisses are out of the question!!

I loved the whole thing but the thing I loved the most is Puri... finally I got to meet a spanish girl whom I would talk to and feel good about it. Can you believe it? 2 months and not even one single female friend!!!

Next week I will come back with more .. stay tuned ...
Hasta Luego :)

Volare : Italian song of Domenico Modugno

I feel like flying when I listen to this song ,,, enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

My blog: One year has passed , Many others to Come

Wow!! I cant say no more. I have always been the kind of person who would start a trend for a day or two then lose interest and move to another trend. I m too startled with what happened to this blog: It lived!! It really did , Today its a whole year since she started, 365 days no matter how unorganized and undisciplined I might be She LIVED!!

Maybe having her on the block made me able to keep a track of my other trends ... A whole year saved: Best singers , best actors, best songs , favorite books , nice memories , a bundle of pictures for each and everything , food plates that I love , words of friends and much much more.

In this year we lived some wonderful moments , the birth of my nephew , his first steps and pictures , the coming of Haiku Chan to my life , arriving to my childhood dream:Spain , the rise and the fall of a good love story... For all the nice moments I am grateful , and for all the pains I am even more grateful for I will never be the person whom I am meant to be unless I get the pains I am meant to live.

Thanks for my friends who read and commented and all thanks are due to Allah for giving me such a wonderful life ... Alhamdullialh ...

Surat Al-Fat.h for a many years to come under Gods eye.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flowers of Francisco: When things find you

God!!! Before I came here I had in my mind that I am not gonna get too involved with the city because I know its not more than 4 months , and who knows if i will ever be back. But the way things are happening around here are getting me way tooooooooooooo involved than I would ever imagine!!
Tonight we went out Lulu-san and I looking for Hotel Carmen. Lulu-san met a class of Spanish students who are taking an English course in the languages center, and they were looking for people who speak English so they will make cultural exchange sessions with them . The encounter place was Hotel Carmen and we did not know where that is , so - being suddenly too responsible- we decided to go find the place today better than getting lost tomorrow while people are waiting for us.
We found the hotel without any effort , it was right there close to our faculty in the center of
Granada , but there we saw a wide paved street for the use of pedestrians only, so we took it. There was a big map in a window , it looked like a commercial but it has a port on its side and it says something about entering half euro or a euro , so we were examining the thingy trying to know how it works when an old guy came to us and told us that this is a machine that prints maps , you tell it where are you going and it prints you the map!!!
Then he started one of the funniest yet weirdest conversations I have had around here, he asked us where are we from , and then asked are you Muslims? And he started telling us how he does not believe in any religion but he believes that the world has one and only Manager, and he has tried to know more about Islam but he was afraid that they will not accept him.
I was like: Who "THEY"!!! he said: muslims. I explained to him that no one on earth is qualified in any possible way to accept him or refuse him, and that the best thing about islam that a persons relation with God is direct , no one ever has the right to come between the two of you.
He asked me for a book about Islam so he may know better , I asked him where can I see him and he said that he has a carriage in which he sells flowers and he always stops in the same spot. Then he gave us flowers as a gift , he said the flowers name is Nargo and that she is the flower of Granada. His name is Franciso , 60 something years old with a very wide smile and good logic (Logic that led him to the fact that this world must have one God to run it)... We left him and went ,, accidentaly found Rio Genil (Genil river) , we spent there some nice time...
Butterfliesssssssssssssss in Stomach ...
How do things find me around you Granada!!!
Some pictures
The wonderful Rio Genil ...
Although this might sound stupid but I am saying it anyway: When I saw this picture on the memory card I could not help but think "Am I really Twenty years old?!!!!" I don't know why I thought about this now,, Ever since I turned 20 I have been having hard time imagining it, you know the number 20 has been to me -as I was growing- the time when a person is mature an holding the grip of everything ...
I Am 20 .. do i have to repeat this? I AM 20 but I am me!! you know what does "me" mean? , me is the only person whom I ever put up with , ever lived with , ever liked , ever fought with and ever learned to accept really and thoroughly!!
God , I am 20!!!!!!!
Goofing in the bus
I am proud of this picture ,,, oh !! if you cant know what I was photographing then you have to look in the mirror .. loool
The flowers of Francisco in Konya
The flowers on my table , and emm one more thing: These are juice bottles , nothing suspicious
Thanks Francisco ,,,, See you soon enshalla :)