Thursday, January 29, 2009

Memoirs of a Geisha

If I have a good reason to hate you then its this novel... Finishing the last pages your face kept showing in between the lines ... Where exactly do you wander that you always land on my Ideas?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daydreaming of Nipon ... Its getting nasty

My bestfriend told me a week ago that refering to myself as "Takwa-san" is so shcizophrenic.. so I thought to myself: Mmmm looks like my japanese daydreaming is not doing the job.. Maybe I need to move to second base trying to make it a little bit more true.

So.. I am googling for Japnaese courses in Japan ... If I keep my salary for the next 6 months I will have 1200 JD , If I get only 6 translation contracts I could have 3000 Jd (I am daydreaming on realistic basis, now thats really shcizophrenic^_^) and as I googled the courses I think I can afford a 12 weeks course in Japan.

Now am not daydreaming ... Japanese Language is casuing me deep frustration that accompanies me all week long , starting from each Thursady until the next one. I started learning Japanese in April 14th 2008 and uptil now I know nothing. I can read and write in Hiragana - with the speed of a drowzy snail - I know some vocabulary - I can count them If I concentrate- and the ugliest thing of all: Dictionaries are usless when it comes to japanese.

I cant look up words..every word has a bundle of diversed meanings , you just cant decide which one to go for!! The worst thing of all is the weird structure of phrases, I feel so sorrey when I keep repeating sentences that we call in spanish "Expresión fija" = fixed expression ... I feel like a parrot..

I am not the smartest creature on earth but when it comes to languages: "Its my game on my stadium" ... I managed to speak fluent spanish in the time of 45 days , I pronounce the gay vowels of french , I even pronounced the weirdest circassian letters that circassians themselves could not handle and I moved native russian speakers from my way in my third month of learning russian .. so what the hell is wrong with Japnaese!!!!

Ohh ... I feel like a nagging child but I have only one blog and the main picture on it is not for Alhambra palace in Granada , or the colorful breathtaknig domes of Moscow ... Its Fuji San and Sakura petals ... this isloated freaky island of Japan got me attached to it .. I belong there in a way or another so why cant I handle the language .. WHY?

Now ... Back to the daydream ...

I found this offer in a cute website called:

So I am a bit reluctant between the offer of Osaka and the offer of Okazaki...

I immedately got to click on the Osaka because I have always loved the city, but as I read through the offer of Okazaki I said to myself: What the Hck?! If Okazaki is situated in between Tokyo and Osaka then I would have the two Japans close: The fast-moving modern Japan , and the classic tranquil Japan.

Look at the details:

I thought a studio is good so I wont have to share bathroom with strangers. Its gonna cost me: 9,500 Yen a week which is: 114000 yen in 12 months. They say that the studios are owned by the school this is why Its just a few minutes walk to class.

If I go for the group tution for 12 weeks its gonna be: 305,700 yens

They will not pick us form the airport but the will send us a cab

A booking fee is purchsed : 10,000 yens

All in all its going to be: 114000 + 305,700 + 10,000 = 429,700 Yen.

It equals in Jordanian Dinar: 3387.3034 Jd ... Let sya : 3,400 JD.

Do I have to rob a bank?

I would happily do it if only this trip would take away this bad feeling that has been growing in the depth of my soul.

Whats so wrong with me?!! Its my skin ... I feel so liquid and that my body does not have borders.. I am leaking hacia the world (What does hacia mean in english?!) I am being bombarded by interruption , its my fault I know .. I need to show my vicious part more often its just thet I cant I dont know why.

I need to be on my own for a while .. try to see things through my own eyes and act mean when I feel like it. I want to be alone in a sttrange country , not a stranger in my own country.. Whats better than Japan for this?

Now .. some pics of my coming home:

That is it for now >> I might come back for feedback about other offers .

Sayounara ^_^

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

God damn it!!! God damn it!!!!

I have a list of damns which I wish to send to its destinations right away
Lets start with the f#$%^&*ing E-bay for its spooky advertisment that freaked my uncle away ... Why on Earth did he say he is gonna get it for me if he was going to freak out 3 weeks later and say: ohh.. the Ad. is way too glamorous that I cant believe its possible!!!
Why did not you share your fears 21 days before!!! come on man I am losing weight while waiting for my camera more than while dieting!!! God damn it I have had I have had I have had it... I am not Caprichosa but I want it so bad!!! Summer is on the way and It It arrives before the camera I will just have to wait for next year to take pictures of the clouds....
I want my Canon Xsi rebel ....Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa3
I want her I want her I want her >>>> Show mercy people ...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Yummy Japanese Branch

Well we held it in our coosy nice japanese office but it was nothinggggggggggggg japanese ^_^

Last week Japnese 102 class held their Real Japanese meal , my frineds Abeer-san and Eman-san suggested another meal where we serve Arabian food.

It was my 10th day of my diet (losing 4 Kgs so far and shaping up like Heaven) I took the day off.

The Cake to our Left was made by Fawz-san ... The other one is a marvelous thingy made by Tamara-san ... I ate 4 pieces .. later on I felt a little sick but it was worth it .. It rocked Arigatou gozaimasu :)

Another angel of Fawz-san's cake... Look at the cholcolate syrup ... Goddd It was delicious with that cinnamon flavour.. Fabulous.

Abeer-san : Brought Sheesh-Barak and Yalanji
Eman-san: Pasta salad and Horraa besbao
Mazen-san: Tabboleh
And Taymoor sensei's mother Sent us That Ohh-Myy-Godd Chesse-cake ... (you can see our lovely kekuchi sensei cutting the cheese cake in the picture below ).

You know.. It has been a long time since I last had decent food with unmeasured sugar amounts , thats why while I was bitting my cheese cake my head took a ride around the rooom: I was drowzy. My sight blurred for a little while... And although mom had always told us that we should not throw food and never leave anything in our dishes but I just had to leave it. Later on Abeer-san , Eman-san and Profesora Rinad kept asking me: Whats wrong with you !! you sure you are ok? Are you in love!!! And I was like : what the hell!! Its just sugar ^_^

The halirious joke

The menu in Katakana :-)

we wrote it on the board

I wrote kobbe (cheating from the book obviously)

I guess everyone enjoyed the branch especially Kikuchi Sensei who is leaving Jordan in a few months... I wish she liked it over here as much as we enjoyed her company, her sweetness and her Japanese of course.

Ja Mata

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friends am Proud I know

With this video am going to start a new trend: Whenever someone of my friends makes me proud ,am going to write about it ... call it bragging , showing off but its just something I have to do. And why not to brag when you feel blessed to know those whom you know?!

The star of this video is my russian-classmate Barina Abaza (the russian is the class not Barina)taking part (a very ince one indeed) in Adam of MBC 1 .

In this video she is performing "Kafa" dance along sides with Batter Abaza. Kafa is the first encounter beteween circassian guys and girls where decent body language takes the place of words and facial gestures. It depends on demostrating bravery and strength for guys , delicacy and softness for girls.

I could read on the lines of Barina's face chapters of a very deep and touchy caucasian story. I have seen the video like ten times now and I can never get enough...I believe that this is the dance that respects women the most , Where a man and a woman share equal parts of a dance while holding the especialty of each and holding respect to one another.

Barina am proud of you .. You got me there: The peak of a snowy mountain in Abkhazia where two lovers meet.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The trip home Ka33abi : )

Being "Amman Alone" today as my father was in Irbid I thought I might go back home on foot. I left office at 3,30 (I stayed an extra half hour if my manager would notice). Starting from second circle (Edwwar Ethani) I went on enjoying my winter hobby: Observing the clouds.

Clouds are really Hermosas in this time of the year, but I just stopped taking pictures of them because everytime I take a picture I hold a notion in my head and heart , when I go over the pictures I just cant recall the notion and it feels bad.

So I changed the way today (bad Idea) and instead of the traditional dowwar edakhlye way I went through Wadi Sakra. I just did it because am in the mood of trying new stuff these days. I just forgot all about gravity and that wadi sakra is not actually a "wadi" .. I was climbing all way long and it was a bit boring and dull.

I was boasting off with my new shoes and all of a sudden the right shoe started scratching my feet.. it really hurted especially when I encounter bored egyptian workers while fixing the damge of my foot... they start smiling and looking behind their backs (you know .. the stuff off lonely men) as if am making stops to I dont know what ..

and yeah I remember something really funny: I passed infront of "Uncle Sam's pub"... It had really old granbdpas drinking in full day light and when I passed three of them followed with their eyes untill I disapperaed.. not to mention my beauty(wearing the uggliest thing on earth , weighing more than 85 Kgm) : I was covered in mud!! God I really know what they were enjoying ..

So .... Lets add to the Zillion reasons Why I love Me Father a new reason: You need a man of your own to protect you from the men of others .. they are disgusting and yeah: Scary!!

All of a sudden am into gays!! They make no harm : )

Sooooooooooo.. These are the pictures I took in my way Home:

The Great Wall of Radisson-Sas:)
Its just wonderful..

A bit closer to Home : )
(The arrow is stupid .. it says I live in the Moon!!)

The view from inside the tunnel ...the pavement is horrible has wholes and ancient trash but I am a "Tunnels & Bridges" Fan

One shot of clouds ( could not hold myself:)
When I got tierd I stopped a taxi... He was the hell of a driver!!!!!
I wanna be like him one day ...

End of semester Haiku

Handing The Last test paper

Vast emptiness

Literal translation

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Knock it off!!!

I hate that "Ganbatte kudasai" smile... its unbelievably fake... I hate it I hate it I hate I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knock it off you #!&*%$#$

Look what I found...hehehe

Look : He is giving her a necklace similiar to mine.. heheh

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Wepsow my dearest Simaza for the lovely gift of today:)
Well this necklace is going to take a fixed place around my neck celebrating our friendship and the respect I hold deep in my heart toward circassian culture.
I told you once how much I love the view when a circassian male dancer is towering with his folded arm over the head of a female dancer ... Its the deepest display of love , respect and silent care. And now you have got it for me engraved in silver . Thank you
Wepsow lal 9obe7 ...heheheheheheheh

Happy Birthday Sony : )

Happy birthday to my W 850i Sonyerisson mobile. Today we finish two years of lovely clear music, good memory , enduring tough conditions , taking the best pictures , keeping the nicest memories , sending 14,824 msgs (according to: messages counter option) , talking for 50 hours 25 minutes (according to: call timers option) , enjoying the deep colours, the metal cold feeling and the everlasting walkman playlists that take me far far away.
Two years dangling from my neck , swinging infront of my heart : I love you and I appreciate all your effort and I look forward to having more years enjoying the warmth of your company.
Happy New Year

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That was a good day...I knew it!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tears for Rex Van de Kamp

While watching the first episode of the second season of "Desperate Houswives" the Funeral of Rex Van di Kamp forced me to cry over what I call "T.V lies" ... But I cried ... I cried and felt a corner of my heart cracking. The way his wife Bree tied his necktie for him for one last time scared the hell out of me ... Its the time when little details of your life come hitting your memory , tickling the inside of your ayes and forcing you to feel how vast and empty the world can be without "someone".
Husbands and Wives who share a "Life" with its ups and downs .. hopes and tears .. raising babies.. painting walls ... mowing lawns ... shopping... sewing loose buttons and pireced socks... smelling the odour of ones another skin first thing in the morning and observing the copy of the spouse that one turns to be after years of mutual copying procss..
When one of them departures this world its officially "Empty" and nothing else would ever refill the gap. I just want to know why this keeps happening to me, why whenever I decide to push you out of my skull you come running back in. Why is it too dramatic when it comes to the emptiness that your Idea causes in me? I wish that one day I would get to tie your nekutai or just get hit by car today where a sweet amnesia can take you away ... so far away that you would never get the chance to hurt me again.
listen to this song ... Sayonara

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Daydreaming of Nipon - yon

When I think of a Samurai I -indeliberately- get to Inhale and Exhale in Peace .. I get to feel that I dont have plastic bags behind my chest .. I really do have Lungs!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daydreaming of Nipon - san

Being thoroughly involved in the deep experience of reading the elegant written novel "Memories of a Geisha" The word "Obi" just pushes me to the deepest thinking.. It has music and embraces myestry because a geisha will not keep anything between her kimono and Obi unless its one of two things: Either too important or too intemate.

I wonder -Being the backpack Fan I am- : What is the only thing I would keep close to my body if I got to wear a respectable Obi.. would it be your picture? ...

Daydreaming of Nipon - ni

When my heart is cold these colors give me the warmth I lack.

Daydreaming of Nipon

Being so %^&*#@ busy with my scholarship application I felt - and for the very first time in my life- that I am way too tierd that my soul is dizzy. Whenever I get this feeling I think of Japan.. it really Helps.

The boy is cute..The kimonos are just breathtaking.