Saturday, October 23, 2010

Carmen de La Victoria: One closed door that is finally opened

Well there is not much to say about it, Carmen de La victoria is a building that belongs to University of Granada. I have always seen the closed door and never knew what was there inside , so today we rang the bell and they buzzed us in - who ''they''?- and as we wandered inside it looked like an entire maze to me , tiny stairways that lead to silent magical rooms of a very old building with complicated gardens ... there were tales and chairs , fountains , and then there was a guest house with a piano ... there were no body ,,, It was a but spooky just like everybody has disappeared until we found a guest that stays in the residency - inside the Carmen!!! I would pay a ridiculous amount of money to e living such beauty!!- and then we found a kitchen where they guy told us that there is a restaurant which is fully booked!!! and then I found a library with all the classics of Spanish literature ,,,Miguel de Unamuno Ramon Jimenez , Valle inclan ,,all the ooks that I always craved ,,,

If I ever go missing you just know where to find me ,,, Carmen de La Victoria :)

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