Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cool or Attention seekers? The band of the Mirador

This band was today in the resturant near Mirador De San Nicolas ,,, they were patying something and so they caused a lot of hassle around the place ,, they played a couple of songs , played , shouted and goofed around and they were the center of everybody's attention - let alone mine- .... I loved the thing that they added to the scenery I got to wonder - the same wonder I always had- are they really that thrilled or they are just seeking attention?

And they also got me thinking about another thing , now the most two good looking guys of them started checking me out after a while ... I know that in Granada I am not the issue , its my Hijab and my dress but I also thought about it: it happened a thousand times before that a guy checks me out and then I look exactly to the other direction , so they also leave. I dont know why do I act that way ,,, really why? do beautiful guys scare me? I guess I feel stupid , and I feel that I am expecting something from somebody -which drives me crazy- ... I hate expecting , it puts me in a vulnerable position ...

If I know a thing about myself then I know that I dont want anything serious with any man in the world at least for the two or three coming years , and am totally against flings or temporary relationships ,,, but still there is a thing about my flirting attitude that is still mysterious even for me..

I wish I can figure out before its too late

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