Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I have deactivate my facebook account. It has been a week already and I am feeling -surprisingly- relaxed.

The reasons why I deactivated my Facebook?

1- Lately I have been busy with my notifications more than I have been busy with my homework. It has been an actual obstacle preventing me from getting any work, reading , studying or translation done.

2- I read a lot of political stuff and I sensed myself being aggressive and mad all the time.

3- It was feeding on my curiosity. I have almost 600 friends , and its simply impossible to keep up with the news feed ,,, there has to be things that I DONT READ!

How I feel now?
I feel strong, its like I am detoxicating from an addictive habit and am happy that I simply did it , and stuck to it.
I feel - in the weirdest of all ways- confident and self sufficient. The act of checking notifications >>> checking if someone has said something TO me or ABOUT me is just degrading to the human race!!! Feeling this continuous urge to being heard and being the centre of the world at all times is just sick! (the first day I started checking my twitter but then I stopped ,, twitter is boring).

What do I miss?
I miss my friends of course, I feel like I cant see them and cant hear them at the same time.
I miss posting pictures that I take.
I miss stalking people.
I miss the REAL NEWS. It impossible to know the real political deal without Facebook and Internet journalism.

When am I coming back?
Soon. I am happy with the experience and its helping me through the era of midterms , but when the exams are over am going to come back with a moderated attitude Ensahalla!! no more checking 89 notifications or commenting too many things or posting many things on my wall ,,, Really!

Something I would like to mention
I got my book and I read in bed. I have not done that in ages because I have been staying up late on my desk facebooking all the way! Its really great to have time to read at home.

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