Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Brother and I

I never really mentioned my brother. We have that type of relation where things are always fine ,,, you know "fine"not "bad" not "good"not even "ups and downs" its just fine.

Today ,Dad was out , mom asleep , my brothers wife at her sisters place , my nephew at his grandpas , and it was just us , my brother and I infront of the Tv eating pop corn and watching the world cup.

Its just simply great. Just like the good old days .

I am not that nostalgic about the old days, I love everyday as if its the only one I have , but when it comes to my brother I just miss the old days. When we used to play together , he would buy me things and tell me about his adventures.

It takes more time than I thought , to accept that he has another family now.Another house , he comes to visit and I am just supposed to cope ,,, why do I always have to?!

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