Friday, June 18, 2010

Algeria: OH MY GOD!!!

Tonight , we - The entire family - were gathered in the farm , and in the midst of the field my father installed the 25 year old TV on an Israeli channel that broadcasts World Cup for free , we muted the hebrew comment and my brother turned on the comment on the his cars radio from a Palestinian radio channel and opened all four doors of the car.

There was a delay , the comment would come a second after we know that a goal was NOT scored , but it was amazing ,,,, the entire family a gathered gasping as if they were one and only lung ...

Algeria played perfectly against England , we did not expect much from them , but they surprised us!! They gave the english a piece of their mind and they ROCKED!!

I was head over heals in love with the team ,, and although the game ended with a negative draw but they performed a very enjoyable game - well enjoyable for us , not for the english!- I just hope they will perform as nicely in the next game against USA.

I love you Algeria
You made us PROUD :)

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Dr.Mohammed said...

no my friend, Algeria didn't play very good , the issue is england didn't play well , and thats it!! :)