Friday, June 18, 2010

I say No

This morning we had a new tax imposed. A tax on Gasoline!!
They - I wonder who does this They refer to?!- lowered the prices because the international price of oil has dropped but they added the new tax , next we will be paying a water bill each month with a raise on the prices and there was something about electricity too!!

This year we had - I wonder who does this who refer to as well?!- the biggest bidet deficit in the history of the Kingdom of Jordan , and some dude from the government stated today in the paper that 500 millions will be recovered during the coming six months , I wonder how? Ooops I forgot how generous the Jordanian people are!!

This morning when we were heading to Irbid Dad was going 5 or 6 Km more than whats allowed and an officer waved for him to pull over , so Dad was so mad , the officer said: do you know that you were going so fast? Dad said: If you wanna give me a ticket go ahead , we are wasting our money on every aspect of this ugly daily life , this ticket would make no difference ,,, and for some reason the officer said: No ticket for you , just be careful next time!!

We - The people I mean - we feel for one another , we do what we can to ease the suffering of each other , but there is something missing in our culture "The art of saying NO" ... I believe in a day like this one all Jordanians should drop whatever they are doing and just go protest ,,, protest until their jaws drop saying NO!!!

No , I dont want to pay for the disaster you made , I dont!!!

I myself I dont know how to say no , I did not protest , but if the only way available is to say no in my blog - who nobody reads- well then: I SAY NO !!!

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