Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Good-byes of a young bride

Today I had one of those simple encounters that leave the heart in a swirl of sadness.

I have that friend who is my age, but she graduated this semester , finishing her B.A in 3 years , stuffing her schedule with 21 accredited hours every semester , running from a class to class , getting lost between homeworks and assignments , stuffing her precious college years just for the sake of FINISHING and then getting married!!!

What is the story of her prince charming? He saw her in a wedding and he decided he wanna marry her! She was engaged starting from her freshman year and the rat race started ever since.

Yesterday it was her first visit to the uni after her graduation and she was saying good bye to her friends , because she is getting married and leaving Jordan for ever.

I asked her: are you happy? she said: yes , but it feels sad because I am going to leave my family and travel.

While I was thinking about posting this post I thought I was gonna write something clearer or stronger , but it looks like a standard conversation that happens everyday and no body notices.

This is terribly sad , a young girl with a future full of opportunities for being a native speaker of a very rare and important language ... she tosses all that through the window , leaves all whats familiar , says good bye to a bunch of true friends and goes after a man who just picked her because she is beautiful.

When she turned her back and went , a curtain fell on her inside my heart ... she is gone just like many many other brilliant women

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