Thursday, July 1, 2010

6 secrets about my life

I was tagged here: to write to write 6 secrets about my life ,,, I first wondered if I have any , and this is what I came up with:

1- I have had in my life more than a hundred crushes. I get the heart beating and I blush , butterflies race in my stomach and Adrenaline goes in my veins river like,, after a while it just fades ,,, it fades in a funny way that I doubt I was ever in love.

2- Everytime a guy comes close to me I automatically - almost subconsciously- compare him to Kazem Al-saher , therefor I can decide if he is worth it or not.

3- I once was depressed and on medications , I tried to kill myself by then but I was so religious that I could not go through with it ... I am so happy that I did not die that day , it would have been stupid and a great loss of such a wonderful life. Though , I know that I still lack a specific chemical substance in my system that causes me unexplainable deep and dark sensation of sadness.

4- I have intentionally sabotaged all my friendships. Whenever me and my friend get close enough to becoming ''best friends'' I turn into a true Bitch!! I think its some kind of fear of intimacy or whatever but I hope I can get over it.

5- I was an atheist for a while in my life. I do not regret it , it helped me get to where I am standing now. I believe I am the happiest woman ever existed because my relation with God is special.

6- I was once truly in love and it hurt me badly. When I see him my heart goes blank and I feel that nothing in life means anything. I wish I can format him and just live with the idea that he does not love me and thats it!

Thats all :)

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Rain said...

if these are secrets then why do i know all of them?hehe