Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yesternight I had a dream ...

Yesternight I had a dream ...
I had an exam on Thursday - in real life- and although in the dream i was so sure that it was Wednesday, but I went anyway to the exam.

The buildings were nothing like university of Jordan , they were so geometrical and neat. All buildings looked the same and the computer lab looked like a science fiction movie.

I started writing the exam , and while I was half way through he came in and he head immediately to where I was sitting , he had a very firm look , and he pressed on his tooth and lips.

When he reached me he hit my hand with his!! He was so strong , so sure !!! The reluctance that one might have while hitting another did not exist at all , he was sur that it was my hand what he was looking for ... he stared at me for a second with his read eyes and then he asked for a pencil to check the absence list!!

That was a tricky moment in the dream ...
There is a set of feelings that it does not make sense to have actually felt them in a DREAM!! In a dream you cant smell , you cant feel liquids or tastes and: you cant feel skin. But I felt his hand , it was so dense , so thick , so present. His human warmness ,and his blood circulation behind the thin skin ,,, I felt it as if he was actually there,,,

I know I was hit , which is bad , but for some reason it felt so good in the dream ,,, I passed through that specific type of fear that I like ... The extreme respect that makes you give voluntarily an extra level of obedience ,,,, a fear that you dont practice in your heart but in your senses and mind.

It felt so good ,,, it felt perfect ,,, I cant explain that not even to myself ,,,, but maybe i was happy that at least I am seeing him after many days without having a glimpse of him ,,,,

His hand was there,,, the blood in his veins really passed above my skin ,,,,

Later, i gave him a pencil , he gave it back to me and I tried to write my name but I was too nervous that I misspelled it and then the pencils head broke!!

At the end of the dream I was hanging in the air from a swirl formed by a stair case , a girl was telling me that I can jump and that the place where I was hanging is not that high ,,, when I looked it was 4 floors high!!

I cant recall more form the dream but I was in no where when it ended , was I happy that it ended?

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