Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Players that are missed: Spices of a REAL World Cup

We are one football match away from the end of the world cup , and so far it had no Magic ,,,, it was just football.

I remember days of other championships that would fill the soul with some kind of a magical essence ,,, I am sorry but this time I did not exactly feel that.

Here are some names that I really miss ,,, i miss their abilities, their styles , their personalities and the variety they form being at once together:
Zaidan: The former French Captain ,,, the living legend of football
Sven Goran Eriksson: Former coach of England .... Classy
Louis Philip Scholari: Former coach of Brasil ... Kind
David Bechkam: Captain of the English team ,,, hardly found a picture of him with ACTUAL clothes on him , but he is a part of the game
Ronaldo >>>> Brasil >>>> Well here is an adjective for him: he is so Ronaldo!!!
And Ronaldinhio ,,,, The best smile on the dark face .,,, the pleasure of football on its best course

You are missed :)

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