Friday, July 30, 2010

The problem with blogging, facebook and twitter

The problem is so simple: That I can be posting in any psychological circumstances and the words would just look like ''words'' , this is not easy at all , it breaks my heart actually.

I am actually writing this post after crying in the shower for an hour - never did that before- and now the words look innocent in the page as if they are telling any other normal story.

This is just pointless ,,, this is really sadder.

I was talking to my Mom and she was making some real questions about ''his'' situation and I ran out of answers. She was trying to convince me that its no big deal so I started yelling and asking her not to say that and things got out of my hand and I started crying and then I saw my aunt entering our front yard so I was like: We always have company , we dont even have the time to fight ,,, and I went to the shower and started crying.

I was so sad , hopeless , helpless but relieved , I always had hard time trying to cry ,,, I dont cry and when I do my tears fall cold!! this time they had little heat in them and I thought to myslef: Ok , maybe I started feeling things normally!!

It was not only about him , its about a rare weakness that I feel when I crave something and cant get it because I am too well raised to ask for it. I can write a thousand words blog entry but never get to describe those minutes under the cold water of our shower.

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