Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Dream of all Dreams

Last night I prayed Estikhara - which is a muslim prayer that a person does in order to decide on a matter that he is reluctant about- I was not sure about the matter I am consulting God about, but I just felt the need to talk to him about ''him''. So I prayed and slept and I dreamed of this:

I was in a shop with him and Dad . They did not talk to each other , they just directed the speech to me as it they were intentionally ignoring each other.

Dad gave me a thread and a needle. I kept them in a tissue and then he gave me a button that was wrapped in a lucid plastic bag and said that I can keep it. Then he left , i said something stupid to my dad - I did not want dad to know that i am going after him - i followed him and asked him not to be mad at dad , he may has not recognized you ,,, he said it was ok , smiled and then left.

When I woke up I looked up the meanings of the dream symbols from Ibn Sereen's book. It said that a button is marriage for the single dreamer , and it symblises the unity of a man and a woman.

I was shocked ,,, really shocked ,,, tomorrow I am asking a colleague who knows better in dreams interpretation ,,,, i just wanna make sure about this , its so big , so important and totally unexpected!!!

I cant deny that I am happy ,,, happy ,, happy ,, happy

I cant say much ,, i am afraid that if i say much i might regret my words , or they may make me feel sad later on ,,,,

Dear God , as always : I trust you :)

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