Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fousey Tube: The Great coincidences of YouTube

This guy made my Day!! I was laughing all day -no exaggeration- I was really smiling to myself each time I thought of him!!

His name is Yousef Erakat , he is an American Palestinian who has the heck of a YouTube Channel ''Fousey Tube".

After watching and rewatching the videos over and over I felt so good about the cultural example he is presenting. People -anyone who sees the video- connects with him on a human level. People tend to like those who make them laugh , and that being a Palestinian is way too smart.

Jews have got the worlds compassion by presenting their stories in a smart way that made people sympathise with them , and see them as ''normal people'' rather than a ''mythical character''.

This is the face that Palestine needs to have. A country of normal people , who -while not being bombarded or held under curfews- are normal people , who eat , talk laugh , yell at each other and smother their children with love ,,, heheheeheh

Love you a LOT Yousef ,,, Keep it up :)

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