Monday, July 25, 2011

Vocab of the day: Anhedonic

an·he·do·ni·a (nh-dn-)
The absence of pleasure or the ability to experience it.

Some people in my life are just Ahedonic , and its fine with me. You can be whatever you want. I am not anyone's mother -that if mothers were entitled to have an opinion upon their children's life after a specific age- but it fills me with grief.

Why? Just answer me , Why? When God has given us all those gifts ,,, Gift of Health , of Family , of Love , of wealth and the most important of all: God has given us accomplishments -work, studies , etc- that give us a reason to wake up every morning.

So why, Just why , do people need to be that ahedonic? Why?

Ps: I love saying the word , it sounds so sophisticated.


Rain said...

yer7am jeddek

EvaLuna said...

oskoty wa7de anhedonic :eh: