Saturday, July 2, 2011

About Saudi Women Driving

I dont know if my words are gonna be any help , but I wish one Saudi woman would read this and feel that she is supported and not alone in this struggle.

The problem with the mere thought of Saudi women driving ,is that it forms a social change. ''Social Changes" are no joke , they are not easy and they need time , courage ,persistence and continuity.

The first woman who went to school or out to work was described as a slut, impolite and a threat to society. But time brought justice to those pioneer women.

Your struggle -dear sisters- reminded me of an anecdote. When I was in Granada-Spain I bought a bike and had it parked for more than 12 days. Each time I thought about taking it out to the street I got a panic attack , thinking of how people are gonna look at a Hijabi girl on a bike in a european city. I was worried that I might fall or simply not know how to balance myself on it.

But the moment I got out, and moved smoothly in the streets I experienced a type of happiness that no one would ever know but those who have experienced it.

I know that there is no comparison between my anecdote and your struggle , but I can imagine how brave you are to just shut all those voices inside your head and just drive , just like you do in Syria , Lebanon , Jordan and everywhere else.

I just have one advice: Do not waste your time explaining yourself. You are way much advanced than those who oppose you. I am not saying that as an insult , I am stating a fact: Your minds see a thing that they cant see now, so do it for them and: Ignore them. When the days come they will understand you , and by then you will be one step closer to being the free respectful example you are willing to be.

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