Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cheaters Must Be Sterilized .. Here, I said it!

Today I was attending students doing an exam in the university. It was a big exam with hundreds of students in every session. I had to seat them , check their identities and keep going around to make sure they dont cheat.

I dont know if it just me, or it is actually outrageous that university adults need someone to watch on them as they do an exam? How do they live with themselves as I come and pull the computer cases to the front , in a movement that says it clearly "I saw you looking at your partners screen , you tried to cheat and I am giving you a chance''.

Yet not only do I need to warn them , once or twice , I even take away their university IDs and tell them they are suspended from the exam and yet they dont shiver.

They dont feel the least amount of shame in front of  a room full of people. They dont feel guilty for raising the average on EVERYBODY. They know no shame ,,,,

Each time I do this job I just feel that this world is going to the ruins. Because in the time that cheating is considered a ''controversial'' topic where opinions are welcomed , then I think I dont want to live in this planet anymore!

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Haitham Jafar said...

gellet gatil!


seriously it IS a shame, may I raise 2 (additional) points:

1- not just bcoz they r on higher education, this should be installed during formative school years
- transpass education level/circle too

2- the type of assessments (allow) such cheating (too), structure of questions + relying on a routine setting (1st, 2nd, and final) exams mainly.