Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tv-Show Less!!

I first started watching "How I met Your Mother" when I was in Spain in 2009. I reached the end of the released episodes so I left the show and did not get back to watching it until there was a whole lot of new episodes.

Last week I finished the released episodes AGAIN and I was hanging there for a couple of days wondering: what shall I watch now?

So I went back in time and started watching a really old show, "Seinfeld" that was released in 1998 (the years I was born) and I really enjoyed it but I felt something that I have not felt in a long time while watching a show in English.

It is too American for me! Actually it is too New-Yorkian , because sometimes I find the audience of Jerry's show laughing , or the recorded laughter sound being played and I cant tell what is the funny part. It must be something that only people of that specific culture can understand.

And being as swamped with work as I am now, I have no nerves to sit and watch a show an research words and terms. I want something easy , and that would make me laugh. So now what?

I usually go on a website called watchseries. So today I noticed on its top ten shows a new show called Raising Hope. I watched the pilot episode and it is not bad. Maybe I will go on with it in both English and Spanish.

Ps: I still hope that I never discovered online streaming. It gives me much , but in exchange with a good portion of my life.

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