Monday, November 12, 2012

My Imaginary Extra Excited Audience in Amman Amphitheater

My classmates Doaa , Manal and I wento today shopping for winter shoes and clothes. As we left El Tilliani street I suggested we go to the Roman Theater.

I just love it there, the presence of this huge historical figure amidst of all the earthy things that surround is just relieving. I dont know how to explain it, but the Roman Theater just says: You can be unique and alone, no worries.

I stood in the center. The theater is designed in a way that concentrates the sound waves in that spot, the echo is just amazing and suspiciously clear. So I stood there and I started singing. I sang a couple of songs of Fairuz. Doaa was sitting on the stairs and she applauded as each song ended.

An English tourist stood there listening and then she said "Such a Lovely Voice".

I just loved her remark, it reminded me of the days when I used to believe in the other. When the other was a kind person who only comes from a different background. I just hate how experience ruined this for me and brought me to think that the other is someone who cant even imagine the details of my existence, and thinks of me as a belly dancer printed on a post card.

What brought that up!! It was a lovely evening, and to add more spice to it, after I left the Theater's guard went to Manal and said  to her: your friend must become a singer, Haram if she wastes that potential. 

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